What is the hope of the cryptographic currencies giving you?

I think the day of the crypts is over and you can not make real money in the trade. What is giving you hope guys? Why do you keep hitting them?

Special earnings currencies Trading Ltd

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money: calculate the best exchange rate for a given currency based on the direct conversion versus the conversion of several currencies

Note: This response does not deal with commissions or exchange commissions, which is what the OP assumed. In the presence of change commissions or commissions, the answer will be different.

This answer will begin with Mathematics and point out some potential pitfalls that your question might have implied.

An easy way to see which exchange option is best is to ask, "How much can I get in JPY with a fixed amount of MUR?". In this case, 100 MUR sounds a good unit to use.

In option 1, assuming that 34.28 MUR will grant you 1 USD (see below a warning), and 1 USD will award you 106 JPY. This means that 34.28 MUR will give you 106 JPY, and therefore 100 MUR will get it (100 / 34.28) * 106 = 309.22 JPY.

In option 2, assuming that 31.2 MUR you will get 100 JPY, this means that 100 MUR will get it (100 / 31.2) * 100 = 320.51 JPY.

Therefore, option 2 is around 3.65% better. That is, you get 3.65 JPY more for every 100 JPY you exchange.

You have set the USD-MUR exchange rate as follows:

USD 1 -> MUR 34.28

That raised an eyebrow of mine. You mean you get 34.28 MUR for every USD you sell on the stock market, or do you have to pay 34.28 MUR for every USD you buy?

If it is the first case, you must be careful, since you are likely to pay more MUR than the quoted number to buy a currency (since the exchanges also need to earn money to live!). Although in this case the result does not change (option 2 will continue to be better), for the method to be generally applicable in the future, it must be taken into account.

How to calculate profits for merged mining currencies

I'm doing a mining profitability calculator for these currencies that use combined mining: BlakeCoin
However, I do not know how I would really calculate the profitability for that. I made a calculator for Sia, SiaPrime, SiaClassic and Hyperspace (these do not use combined mining): BlakeMining.com

The way I calculated the benefit of that was by doing

(hashrate / (difficulty / BlockTime)) * ((300000 - height - ((period / BlockTime) / 2)) * (period / BlockTime)) (Using JavaScript)

And that gave a precise result. I was thinking that maybe I could do the same, but then divide the result by the number of coins in the merged mining network. I do not know if that will give accurate results though. If you know how to calculate this or if there is an article / question answered about this, send a link.

-Thank you!

Bank of currencies – coins-bank.net – HYIPs

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Factors that cause the growth of the volume of currencies – Debates and help


The currency market is now considered to be the largest market in the world. The success of the market is due to the fact that it is the only asset in the world that has a complete market liquidity: money.

The currency market deals with currency trading. This involves buying one currency and exchanging it for another.

The value of the coins relative to each other is constantly fluctuating. It allows people to make a profit by buying a coin during a period of stability. Then they sell it if the value of the coin rises.

The dollar is often considered the most stable currency. However, this currency, once very considered, seems to be experiencing a downward trend.

More details: Factors that cause the growth of the volume of currencies.

Building a hosted payment processor for Bitcoin and other currencies.

I know there are many third party services like bitcoinPay, goURL that provides a white label solution for the payment processor based on cryptocurrencies.

I want to unearth more and I want to build a self-hosted payment gateway for bitcoin payment.

Unfortunately I have not found any useful blog, tutorial on this. How to start building it on popular platforms such as Node.js, PHP, etc.?

Is this item wrong / scammer? Is it possible for the miner to earn more by mining several different currencies at once through minergate?


He says they can exploit more efficiently by extracting several coins at once.

I can not believe that any group can overcome the "normal" group.

What is the history.

it's possible? Is this guy legitimate?

For the sake of simplicity, we have to choose the numbers from 0 to 7. Let's say that the hashing function is add 5 module 8. Of course, the "correct" point is 3. That's because 3 + 5 is 0 module 8

Let's say that the hash / signature or whatever the transaction is 1. Mining is finding an additional nonce, if it is added to 1, the hash to 0 (or below the difficulty). Something like that is correct. We tried and found that the extra nonce is 2.

Let's say we have 2 coins. Let's say that the starting point is 1 and 2 respectively. I wonder if it is possible to add extra nonce to 1, then try to find an extra nonce where the hash is 0. It turns out that if we add 1 to the extra nonce, we have the correct answer.

We just added all the extra nonce and got the nonce that hash to the correct number for 2 coins.

Is that possible?

My understanding of how mining works is quite unstable here.

Is my understanding correct?

Does the minero gate offer combine mining for currencies that do not support it?

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