Exchanges – Access currencies stored in Cryptobridge?

I just discovered, though too late, that Cryptobridge has closed.

Now, there is much to say about this particularly dubious movement, but I will not and will keep it simple:

How can I access the coins stored in the Cryptobridge wallet?

I saved the .bin file and can access my Bitshares account through OpenLedger, but the only currency that appears is Bitshares. Bitcoin is just one of the coins that are / were stored in that wallet.

I have searched and some forums say that it is possible by logging in to another exchange. Well, that is what I have done and that clearly did not work.

I hope this simple question has a simple answer, even if that answer is: "You can't."

Price volatility: can stable currencies be considered real cryptocurrencies?

Facebook issued the Libra, Venezuela issued Petro, China issued DCEP. Can they be considered real cryptocurrencies? They are centralized, backed by other currencies, etc., so they don't seem to me cryptocurrencies.

Can anyone give me an idea? I would really appreciate your help.

probability: expected value of the problem of currency exchange for a large number of currencies

The following is a modified Jane Street interview question.

Question: Given $ 100 Fair currencies For each head obtained, we get $ $ 1 $. If we can flip any amount of coins once, what is the expected value of the game?

By "flipping any amount of coins once," I mean we can flip those coins that do not queue. For example, if we have $ 4 $ coins and we get $ HTHT $, then we can flip the second and fourth currency again to increase our profits.

I know how to solve the problem for $ 4 $ fair coins:

Without turning back, the expected value of the game is $ $ 2. $
With re-flipping, we can calculate the additional gain as follows:

$$ frac {1} {16} times 0 + frac {4} {16} times 0.5 + frac {6} {16} times 1 + frac {4} {16} times 1.5 + frac {1} {16} times 2 = 1. $$

Then, the expected value with re-flip for $ 4 $ fair coins is $ $ 3 $.

I can do the above calculations in my head and get the answer without using pencil and papers.
However, if they give me $ 100 coins, so I can't calculate the additional gain in my head since it's quite tedious.

I wonder if there is a shorter way to solve the $ 100 problem of coins without using pen and paper.

Duplicate website in subdomains of countries with different prices and currencies Is it good for SEO?

I have an online courses website.

I designed my website in 5 subdomains for different countries for price change, currency exchange and tax change. The content is the same in the subdomains.

Will it affect SEO or not?

trade – Why are prices different in different fiat currencies in the same market?

What I noticed is that prices in different fiat currencies in the same market for the same cryptocurrency are different. But what are the reasons behind that? Does it have something to do with the fiat currency market volume? What variables do I need to know to predict the price difference?

Few examples:

1) Cexio.

BTC / USD: 6286 USD (~ 4749 GBP)

BTC / GBP: 4787 GBP (~ 6336 USD)

The price in GBP tends to be higher (currently + 0.8%).

2) Kraken.

BTC / USD: 6263 USD (~ 4732 GBP)

BTC / GBP: 4743 GBP (~ 6277 USD)

The price in GBP tends to be higher (currently + 0.2%).

BTC / USD: 6263 USD (703.5k JPY)

BTC / JPY: 697.2k JPY (6206 USD)

The price in JPY tends to be lower (currently -0.9%).

BTC / USD: 6269 USD (~ 5363 EUR)

BTC / EUR: 5373 EUR (~ 6280 USD)

Currently the price is higher in EUR (+ 0.2%). But it changes from time to time. Sometimes the price is higher in USD. Why?

In what currencies can I pay the visa upon arrival from Mauritania when entering by land?

I am currently in Agadirm Morocco and I plan to enter Mauritania by bus. Opinions about Visa availability on arrival at the border differ, but I have not found someone who has returned there so far. Online I can find visa prices on arrival of 55 euros / 65 dollars.

Does anyone know if they also accept Moroccan dirham?

Coins – What is the list of privacy currencies available today?

The popular privacy currency I know is Monero.

"Monero (XMR) is a private, secure and untraceable cryptocurrency that was launched on April 18, 2014. With Monero, it is said that you have full control of your funds and privacy, no one else can see balances or transactions No one else's".

Source :

It is the ideal time to buy because it is bear market

Historical business data: what are the other digital currencies like Bitcoin?

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currencies – zipmex: Crypto Exchange

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United States: daily tips to hotel staff in currencies (US)

The fairly typical label among those who tip the cleaning service usually tips every day the service is provided. It can be done by different people on different days, so it makes sense to tip at the time the work is done. However, I am sure it will be appreciated.

In any case, I don't think it's intrinsically rude to leave an appropriate tip with coins, but given the low value of the coins that are typically used in the US. UU. (25 cents are usually the largest coins in normal use) and the typical amount of advice for cleaning, would need a lot of at least 8-12 + coins. Therefore, a better approach would generally be to tip $ 1 bills. The reception should gladly make changes to make it easier for you to tip your staff. If I travel internationally and end up with coins that I don't want to take home, I can leave them as part of a tip on the last day.

Anyway, you can leave the money on the edge of the desk on top of a note that says "thank you", to make it clear that it is a tip and express your appreciation.

Unless you leave the room in an exceptionally messy state, I don't think you should apologize for it. They have seen much worse. I would not leave a complicated note explaining that "they can" take the coins as a sign of gratitude; Just leave a tip and your gratitude will be evident.