Why do I have to have a curfew at 22? ?

Although he can pay for some things, I think if he sat down and added what he pays, he would realize that he still depends on him for most of the things provided to him, like the roof over his head, hot water for bathing, as well as the water itself, the electricity, the mortgage or rent payment, and most of the food you eat. Also, other things that might apply to you would be a cell phone, internet, cable TV, use of the washer and dryer, the detergent you use, an occasional driving car, insurance, and maintenance on that car. The point is, if you don't need or don't have any of these things, then you should be living alone. If you do, then be an adult and recognize that you must appreciate and respect your father and the rules in your home. The real question is whether it was worth the extra hour and a half considering what kind of reception you received once you got home. Your father is not being too protective, he is just being a responsible father. I think if you ever have children, you will understand better where it comes from. Realize that you are blessed to have such a parent instead of one who doesn't care about you at all like some people your age do.

Does the COVID-19 Metro Manila curfew from 03/15/2020 to 04/14/2020 prevent travelers from going to the airport during curfew hours?

Does the Metro Manila COVID-19 curfew from 03-15-2020 to 04/14/2014 (8pm to 5am) prevent commuters from going to the airport during curfew hours?