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How do cryptocurrency API services work?

I came across this site –

Has anyone else used an API aggregator to buy and sell crypto before?

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Polkadot Is Now In The Top 10 Cryptocurrency List

Polkadot used to be a very unknown cryptocurrency back then, but now it managed to climb up to the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. It has a market capitalization of $3.7 billion now and is ranked number 7. Polkadot’s (DOT) massive market cap rise can be attributed to its recent coin splitting that happened when a single DOT coin was divided into 100 new ones and this in turn increased coin supply.

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I will give you my cryptocurrency investor email list

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❕NEWS – Number of cryptocurrency users skyrockets to 101 Million |

This Statistics was made known by University of Cambridge after their 3rd Global cryptoasset benchmarking study.

As at 2018 , the total number stood at 35 million users but with the year 2020 , the statistics has skyrocket 3 times to reach 101 cryptocurrency users globally

Bitcoin Ripple Cryptocurrency

I have bitcoins in my blockchain wallet I want to exchange some of the bitcoins to XRP, since I can’t do it in my blockchain wallet. If anyone has XRP and would like to exchange it to BTC, let me know. Thanks

cryptography – How do I get started in Cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency trading is not easy, especially to beginners, not only security risks but also the volatility of the crypto market: the prices may soar or dropdown at ANY time! So, what makes a successful crypto trader?
First, always be in mind that there is a relationship between risk and reward. The greater the risk you take, the greater your reward will be if you come out on top.
Secondly, keep track of community discussion and news events since industry news and rumors has powerful effects price of cryptocurrencies. Being a crypto trader means to have active social accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter or Telegram ) in the Blockchain community in order to take advantage of the power of information.
Last but not at least, rely on technology! As mentioned at the beginning, crypto trading is much relating to the variety and volatility of the prices. Each crypto exchange has its value for specific cryptocurrencies, and this may be due to multiple reasons. The successful crypto trader is the one who takes advantage of the price difference by buying cheap cryptocurrency from one exchange and selling it with higher price on another IMMEDIATELY. A cryptocurrency arbitrage tool is exactly what you need. Thanks to the development of technology, there are so many Crypto Arbitrage tools that help investors profit from pricing discrepancies. Below is a list of the best Crypto Arbitrage tools that I have ever tried:

enter image description here

• Totally free

• Various integrated exchanges

• Easy to use

• Easily find the best exchange for your chosen token pairs

• Easy profit calculator for calculating profit if you don’t want to transfer coin too many times


• No suggestions for the best pair. Traders must look based on the token they know

• Only English supported

enter image description here

• There are other products to choose from besides Arbitrage

• Be able to be traded directly to the exchanges


• Expensive monthly fees

• Limited number of exchanges and trading pairs

Hopefully, 3 things above have given you a foundation for success as a cryptocurrency trader. Though, the most important thing, in my opinion, is to keep your self -control: to understand your feeling, especially your fear and greed. Remember that: bad trades are parts of the game; success simply means you win more than you lose.

After bitcoin, what is the next best cryptocurrency to invest on?

As you know, bitcoin is flying right now. No other cryto is even close to bitcoin. But, I am interested in investing in other crytocurrency not just bitcoin. So, I want to know the next best place where I can invest.

virtual machines – How to fix suspended WP VM due to engaging in cryptocurrency mining issue

I received below message from google and my website suddenly stopped working. I am new to GCP and thought it is safe to run website using GCP. Please help me to restore my website.

Thank you.


“Dear Developer,
We’ve detected that your Google Cloud Project New-AuricCleaning (id: new-auriccleaning) is engaging in cryptocurrency mining, resulting in the suspension of all project resources displaying this behavior.

This activity violates the Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service or the Terms of Service of the Google API you may be using.

We recommend that you review this activity to determine if it is intended. Cryptocurrency mining is often an indication of the use of fraudulent accounts and payment instruments, and we require verification in order to mine cryptocurrency on our platform.

Therefore if you wish to continue engaging in cryptocurrency mining, you must apply for an Invoiced Billing Account. Additional information is available in the Cloud Security Help Center.

To regain access to your suspended resources please submit an appeal:

Sign in to New-AuricCleaning (id: new-auriccleaning) as the project owner, click Request an appeal below, and fill in the following details:

Possible trigger of this activity
If the behavior is intentional, please provide the Invoiced Billing Account ID
If you believe the project may have been compromised by a third party, describe your concerns
Learn more about policy violations and appeals

If you need further help, reach out to the Google Cloud Platform Community Support Forum. If you have a support package, file a ticket through the Support Center.

You may have received an earlier warning about a possible suspension of resources if this violation wasn’t corrected. If you didn’t receive a warning before this suspension, it was because the project’s behavior was seriously impacting the service of other users.

Take time to review the following agreements to avoid policy violations in the future:

Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service
Acceptable Use Policy
Terms of Service – Google API Console “