Bitcoin Core – What are the protocols in Crypto? What are the token protocols?

The bitcoin code creates a network, which follows a consensus protocol.

The bitcoin code can be branched and the parameters can be modified to create similar but separate and distinct networks (such as dogecoin, litecoin, etc.). Each network will maintain its own chain of blocks.

In cryptocurrency, the word & # 39; symbolic & # 39; it is generally used to describe a special type of non-fungible cryptocurrency asset. Essentially it is like a special piece of assigned 'cryptocurrency', which can be tracked specifically on the network. A token does not have its own chain of blocks, it exists in a chain of primary cryptocurrency blocks. As an example, the ethereum network hosts many tokens, such as TRX, REP or BAT. The bitcoin network can also support tokens, through the OMNI protocol.

Tokens follow the protocol rules of their main chain, but they may also have additional token-specific rules programmed.

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