❕NEWS – Indian tech advises government to reconsider crypto | Proxies123.com

However an Indian billionaire who is actually the founder of Infosys, has advised the Indian government to actually consider accepting cryptocurrency. His proposal is that cryptocurrency can actually be very valuable to the Indian economy and will help to boost the economy as well. In order to control cryptocurrency usage however it should be treated as an asset and as a result it can therefore be treated in a similar way to precious metals and gold that is bought within the country.

❕NEWS – Crypto acceptance is increasing at lightening speed | Proxies123.com

Daily we read about new online services that are accepting crypto as payment method, about nations that make progressive moves to push the acceptance in their country and also about good, traditional business that more and more offering crypto as payment method to their customers.

The crypto dictionary of CryptWerk offers more and more offline locations that are accepting crypto, looking at BTC, there are more than 1100 brick and mortar businesses, Ethereum acceptance is in 264 places and for Doge are 100 locations listed. The growth rate of acceptance is remarkable and let us hope for a very bullish future of overall crypto markets.

Which are industries that still need to fill the gap? Where in your idea needs to be more acceptance for crypto?

❕NEWS – Indian Crypto Market Gains The Attention Of Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges | Proxies123.com

The interest of the Indian government in cryptocurrency Investments has really paved way for India as big Exchange platforms such as Kucoin, Kraken, coinbase, bitfinex etc are considering entering India considering that about 15 million crypto investors in India holding over 100 billion rupees about $1.37 billion.

Recall Coinbase had already declared her intention to have a background office in India.

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This isn’t your normal web directory! Crypto Web Directory was created to provide a one-stop shop for anyone in need of a specific cryptocurrency resource. The website has 50 specific categories and subcategories which helps visitors quickly (and easily) find whatever it is they might be looking for in the cryptosphere. That’s why I consider it more of a catalog as opposed to a website directory. If you currently run a crypto project, then we likely have a category that is geared towards exactly what it is you offer (blog, exchange, token, wallet, mining pool, faucet, blockchain explorer..etc). Anyone interested in getting additional exposure for their cryptocurreny website (along with a great backlink) should consider purchasing a listing before the price goes up!

What makes this directory different than others?
The common web directory is generic, unresponsive and will often have a 500 character limit for your website description. Crypto Web Directory is the complete opposite. This directory is focused specifically on the cryptocurrency industry and category-specific niches within the industry. The site is also responsive and best of all, we have no character limit on your description. Listings in this directory receive their own blog post which is more of a business listing than just a website listing. You’re allowed to write as long of a website description as you would like. Want to make it 500 characters? That’s fine. Want to make it 500 words like Google would prefer? That’s fine too! You control the website description and it can be as long as you want.

What’s the costs to get a website listed?
There is a one-time listing fee of $25 USD. This covers the listing of one website into one subcategory, along with a featured image, relevant tags, one dofollow backlink, and website description. As a bonus, all new listings are also tweeted to our Twitter followers at no additional cost.

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What payment methods are accepted?
I accept PayPal and most coins (BTC/ETH/DOGE/TRX/XRM/XMR), but if you have other altcoins I could be willing to accept those as well.

How long will my link be active for?
You pay a one-time price (listed above) which includes a permanent link. That means your backlink will remain up for the lifetime of the website!

If you have any additional questions feel free to respond here or Contact Me directly from the website.

❕NEWS – The USA and Russia Ranked First In Crypto Money Laundering | Proxies123.com

The United States and Russia lead the way when it comes to the total volume of cryptocurrencies laundered in 2020, according to data provided in a Chainalysis report. The report also reports that 55 percent of all crypto funds laundered last year were linked to only 270 addresses.
Do you think the laws on money laundering should be passed quickly?

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❕NEWS – Do you invested in crypto HYIP? | Proxies123.com

Crypto HYIPs are not other than the hyips which deals only in cryptos. All the transaction here are done in cryptos.

But one things is thag, crypto HyIPs pays more than staking coins. So its a better option to invest rather than staking. But also you need to be alert while investing in right Hyip as there are so many scam in the market.