Dragging the fill handle in Microsoft Excel: a white gloved hand appears instead of a black cross (Mac, Mojave, Excel 16.28)

I want to "drag the fill handle" like this: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/copy-a-formula-by-dragging-the-fill-handle-in-excel-for- mac-dd928259-622b-473f-9a33-83aa1a63e218

But for some reason, when I place my cursor in the lower right corner, I often get a gloved hand cursor instead of the black cross that you would use to "drag the fill handle." This hand does not allow me to drag the fill controller. How can I prevent this hand from appearing when I try to do this?

I am using Excel 16.28 on a Mac with Mojave.

How to define a cross product of two orthogonal vectors?

t [s], n [s] and b [s] are three orthogonal vectors. I define a cross product Cross [t [s], n [s]] = b [s]. I want to calculate the cross product in the formula a2, I want a2 to have the same result as a3. How to achieve this?

Cross product of two unknown orthogonal vectors

Planning: Can I cross the US border? UU. overland without a US passport UU. If I am a naturalized US citizen. UU.

I know. UU. They cannot refuse entry to a US citizen. UU., Which, of course, can show that you are showing your certificate. That said, they are likely to have to verify it and that may take some time.

The United States Department of State says:

If you are a US citizen who crosses the United States from Mexico by land without a US passport, you may be slowing the lines and increasing your waiting time.

If your license is an enhanced security document (called RealID), you can also use it.

Please note that if you are not yet in Mexico, your guards have the right to refuse entry if you do not have a valid travel document (passport or passport card). Although that is unlikely since I have friends who cross only with their RealID all the time.

That same page that is linked says:

The Mexican government cannot allow US citizens who drive or walk to Mexico to enter the country at land border crossings if they do not have a US passport or passport card.

Given a 2-Sphere, how can I verify if two different geodesics cross each other?

Use of 3D shaped geometric algebra $ cong mathbb {R} 4,1,0
What is the simplest algorithm that returns true if two different geodesics in a Sphere 2 intersect (knowing that the two Great Circles intersect in two different locations)?

network – Prevention of cross attack of the basic directory in PHP

I have my Microcontroller connected to my network and I still receive this vulnerability warning from my security SW. I turned off my apache2 web server and fixed the port 80 problem, but I have no idea how to fix the remaining port problems (8080 and 8443 below). I need to correct these vulnerabilities without removing my SSH access. Is it easily solved by adjusting the permissions to the files or do I need to do something else? I don't know if they are related, but I just had to clarify it. My website code is written in HTML and PHP if that helps. It would be ideal to receive advice in PHP. Thanks in advance.


22 / tcp open ssh

8080 / tcp open http-proxy

The | http-passwd: directory path found.

The | Payload: "/../../../../../../../etc/passwd"

The | Printing of the first 250 bytes:

8443 / tcp open https-alt

The | http-passwd: directory path found.

The | Payload: "/../../../../../../../etc/passwd"

The | Printing of the first 250 bytes:

Cross Platform Decoding

To advance the coding language and improve the combination of the game device.

Here is a file extension with ".d"

Would you find any compiler to verify if it can run?

python: horizontal grouped bar chart after cross table

In a set of sports data, I use the name of the player and the number of times he has played to obtain the percentage of how much the player has won and lost from the moment he played. This is done this way:

df2 = (df('player').value_counts().rename_axis('player').to_frame('games')
                   .join(pd.crosstab(df('player'), df('games'), 

print (df2)
player  games  has won   lost
0   John      4     50.0   50.0
1   Jose      2    100.0    0.0
2   Adam      1      0.0  100.0

I need to make a graph like this, with the percentage of the 5 best winning players in descending order (:

horizontal plot of grouped bar

I did this picture as follows:

games = (5,7,2,9,34)
has_won = (0.1, 17.5, 40, 48, 52)
lost = (2, 8, 76, 1.5, 25)
index = ('player6', 'player9', 'player2',
         'player24', 'player7')
df = pd.DataFrame({'games': games,
                   'haswon': has_won, 'lost': lost}, index=index)
ax = df.plot.barh()

However, it is necessary to use

sort_values (by = 'has_won', ascending = False) (: 5)

before generating the graph, and I can't use the df2 columns (where I explained how the percentage is done) instead of the lists. I've been searching for hours and can't find anything.

Sharepoint Online cross site search schema.xml for field extension

I try to create a cross-site search field extension for Sharepoint Online.
The field extension works perfectly, as long as both lists are on the same website, but I need them to work between sites.
From my research I discovered that this is possible by changing the xml scheme of the field.
Multiple sources told me that I need to configure LookupWebID and LookupList. But it still seems that I have configured something wrong:
This is my current scheme:


The destination web guide is: 9c844c0e-183d-4f4a-8f2d-f0e662ce1e4a
and the guid of the list of objectives is: a83b0470-f97f-4a64-9aa2-931864743466

I also tried changing "LookupList" to "List" and "LookupField" to "ShowField", but that didn't work.
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

web server – apache cross platform error

Access to XMLHttpRequest at & # 39; http: // example: 8080 / * from origin & # 39; http: // example & # 39; has been blocked by CORS policy:

The response to the request for prior verification does not pass the access control verification: No
The heading & # 39; Access-Control-Allow-Origin & # 39; is present in the order

I am working through the Apache web server, every request I am redirecting to tomcat, but I could not find where to delete the 8080 in the response url, I want to handle it from the Apache web server.

tried with this but without results:

SetEnvIf Origin "^(.*.example:8080/ccms)$" ORIGIN_SUB_DOMAIN=$1
    Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "%{ORIGIN_SUB_DOMAIN}e" env=ORIGIN_SUB_DOMAIN
    Header set Access-Control-Allow-Methods: "*"
    Header set Access-Control-Allow-Headers: "Origin, X-Requested-With, Content-Type, Accept, Authorization"

could any body help