and 2e – How do cross dragons inherit movement, RM, and special defenses?

Draconomicon from 1990 has some guidelines for cross dragons that seem useful for 3.5 / 5e. However, as far as I can tell, the rules for ground speed / flight / (swimming), magic resistance and elemental immunity (which I have seen involved are related to the type of breathing, but it is easier to find exceptions than a confirmation on this). Perhaps counts as an "innate ability"?) Seems to be absent from its guidelines.

So what determines what those values ​​should be?

dg. differential geometry: congruence transformation and cross product

Leave $ mathcal {T} $ be a consistency transformation in $ mathbb {R} ^ 3 $(that is to say. $ forall X, Y in mathbb {R} ^ 3 $, $ d ( mathcal {T} (X), mathcal {T} (Y)) = d (X, Y) $), then there is $ T in O (3) $ Y $ boldsymbol {b} in mathbb {R} ^ 3 $ such that

$$ mathcal {T} (X) = TX + boldsymbol {b}, quad forall X in mathbb {R} ^ 3. $$

Leave $ wedge $ denote the cross product operation, and leave $ boldsymbol {v} = (v_1, v_2, v_3) ^ T, boldsymbol {w} = (w_1, w_2, w_3) ^ T in mathbb {R} ^ 3 $, then

$$ boldsymbol {v} wedge boldsymbol {w} = left | begin {array} {ccc} v_1 & v_2 & v_3 \ w_1 & w_3 & w_3 \ boldsymbol {e} _1 & boldsymbol {e} _2 & boldsymbol {e} _3 end {array} right | $$

Here is the question:

What is the relationship between $ ( mathcal {T} boldsymbol {v}) wedge ( mathcal {T} boldsymbol {w}) $ Y $ mathcal {T} ( boldsymbol {v} wedge boldsymbol {w}) $?

web app: is there any way to access the content of a cross domain iframe?

I discovered that a subdomain of a site filters all cookies on the site due to incorrect error handling. Now, I found out that this site has no X-Frame options header. So I put this subdomain in the iframe tag and it starts working. However, is there any way to access the content it contains? Or some other way to exploit this as an account acquisition?

Why is AG distributed over normal AG preferred for the failover scenario of the cross data center?

I have two WSFC nodes and I am currently working on a DR solution with an availability group. I already read the Microsoft document on distributed AG. So, my question is what are the benefits of using distributed AG compared to normal AG? Can we simply extend WSFC through the data center and make this happen with normal AG?

Cross mark on a visa stamp – Bahamas

I applied for a visa to visit the Bahamas from India and today I just received my passport. I see two stamps in my passport: a 3-month Bahamas visit visa stamp and another stamp (same visa) with a cross-shaped mark.

Is it just because it wasn't sealed properly? Will this create a problem during immigration?

enter the description of the image here

sound: the subwoofer in the Ubuntu configuration has a red cross, it is not detected

I have a 5.1 configuration installed on my system that works fine on Windows. The system is connected analogically to a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium series. Still ubuntu seems unable to detect the subwoofer in the configuration. The 5 satellites are detected successfully. When I click on settings and there in Sound => Output device => Test, the Subwoofer appears with a red cross at the top.

(Ubuntu 19.10)


The interesting thing is that when I change to 7.1 the side speakers are normally shown in "Test" even if they do not exist, while the existing subwoofer is still shown with a red cross.

sql server: "No column name was specified for the column …" when the CROSS APPLY results were aliased

I have this table:

enter the description of the image here

from where I create this Vista:

enter the description of the image here

This view is CardId Let me JOIN against Card table with what I can retrieve the Count from anyone CardId. Here is my SQL:

    si.CardId SourceCardId,
    ti.CardId TargetCardId,
    (SELECT TOP 1 r.Name
     FROM dbo.Relationship r
     WHERE r.Id = rac.RelationshipId) (Name),
    Count(*) (Count)
FROM dbo.Relationship_AcquiredCard rac
JOIN dbo.AcquiredCard sac ON rac.SourceAcquiredCardId = sac.Id
JOIN dbo.AcquiredCard tac ON rac.TargetAcquiredCardId = tac.Id
JOIN dbo.CardInstance si ON sac.CardInstanceId = si.Id
JOIN dbo.CardInstance ti ON tac.CardInstanceId = ti.Id
GROUP BY si.CardId, ti.CardId, rac.RelationshipId
-- you can probably ignore everything above
    (values (X.TargetCardId),
    ) as whatdoesthisdo(CardId) -- wat?

That makes whatdoesthisdo do? I have the CROSS APPLY of this answer If I treat aliases in the usual way, I get this error:

enter the description of the image here

Thank you!

[ Politics ] Open question: Why did a conservative cross the street?

to reach the WASP nest

What is your answer?

worksheet function – EXCEL: Can I cross out the text of a complete row if a certain cell has value?

At work, I need to keep track of the days earned by the days worked on the weekend.

This is what the current Excel file looks like:

Image of the Excel file I am working with

Currently, column D is using the conditional format to track how close I am to lose the rest day, since it must be used within 120 days of winning the day.

When the value in D reaches 0, I would like each of the cells in the row with text to cross out the formatted text.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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