Can I have my immigration at a different port of entry in the current crisis under the Schengen D visa?

I have a Dutch MVV valid for 90 days and I have few repatriation flights from India to Paris or Frankfurt. Is it possible for me to complete my immigration in Frankfurt / Paris and then self-check in for a new flight or train to the Netherlands?

Could someone let me know if it is possible to have my immigration port of arrival at a different destination in the Schengen area other than the Netherlands?

The commercial software provider that has managed to stay profitable amid the global crisis

The world has fallen into a pandemonium state following the Covid-19 outbreak. World stock exchanges consistently record declines after declines with little hope of seeing any stability soon. Analysts predict that the effects of this pandemic on the global economy will be like nothing seen before. The pandemic has caused unimaginable losses for investors and companies alike.

In March 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (^ DJI) recorded its worst decline in history. Even during the Great Depression things were not that bad for the Dow. It is safe to say that no one, not even experienced analysts and investors, anticipated the level of crisis we are witnessing today.

The Covid-19 outbreak, if nothing else, has shown us how volatile financial markets can be and how quickly our investments can become 'sour'. Many investors are struggling to find alternative investment vehicles that can lower risk and remain profitable in these uncertain times. With the crisis in the financial markets, it may seem impossible to seek / desire such investment solutions. However, there is a company that offers exactly this; 8puz.

8topuz is an award-winning company from FinTech, which provides AI-based risk-regulated trading (bot) software. This software takes advantage of the FX market and works with only a few currency pairs.

8topuz, pronounced "octopuz", provides investors with access to a type of system that could only be possible if an army of high-quality risk managers assembled for that purpose.

Is that how it works

The technology behind 8topuz enables investors to take advantage of an automated AI risk management system, designed to consistently produce an audited ROI of 3-4% per month in the most efficient way possible. This means that inexperienced operators could benefit from this AI system that is based on machine-learned risk management algorithms.

The risk management attribute is highly adaptable to fluctuations and has the added option of human intervention for luxury. This means that the automated trading system can be overridden in anomalous situations.

How are the returns?

The unique approach practiced by 8topuz has placed them ahead of the stock markets and other financial markets, in terms of profitability, in recent years. While stocks generally return, on average, 8-12% per year, 8topuz produces returns of 24-48% per year.

To make it even better, its software has managed to stay consistent with monthly earnings since the beginning of the year, regardless of the volatility and crisis surrounding the current financial sector. Below is a table that juxtaposes 8puz performance with the S&P 500 and DJIA from January to March 2020:

January 2020 February 2020 March 2020 Total
8puz 3.62% 1.35% 4.97% 9.94%
S&P 500 -0.04% -7.92% -13% -20.96%
DJIA -0.9% -10.07% -13.74% -24.80%

8topuz offers stability in a currently gutted market with ridiculous volatility. In addition to recording consistent high returns, this provider of automated trading systems stands as a more stable investment option. Since December 2016, for example, 8topuz has registered just one losing month compared to the S&P 500, which has had a total of 11 losing months since the same period. 8topuz's ability to assess and adapt to market conditions that may be unprecedented or unusual is one of its key functionalities in delivering consistent returns to its investors. 8topuz is, without a doubt, unique in these markets.


Would we be better off if Republicans spent half their energy trying to tackle crises than they spend to convince us that there is no crisis?

Keep in mind that there are four phases, it doesn't end. until they get a vaccine and even then the black plague still exists. In the truest sense, it will never go away [that's why the vaccine] and even that isn't expected until December or January.

"As states rush to reopen the economy, scientists warn there could be a second wave of coronavirus infections. It's not a hoax, it's science …"

and phase 3 of 4, it's & # 39; documented science & # 39;

Coronavirus 2020 – Financial Market Crisis Deciphered – Cryptocurrency Corner

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<p>The world has seen several pandemics over the years. However, this particular one, Corona Virus 2020, comes at a time of high levels of travel and international trade. Globalization has brought people closer and has also made financial markets more interdependent. These two factors have contributed to making <strong>Corona Virus 2020</strong> The latest trigger for the current financial market crisis.
<p>The Corona Virus 2020 was first detected in China, in Hubei province, in December 2019. It quickly spread to other countries that brought the local epidemic to a global pandemic. While the Chinese government acted relatively quickly, blocking the population of In Hubei province, Western governments were more reluctant to do so.
<p>The doubt was probably due to the consequences of a partial or total closure of economic activity. Media pressure in many cases is what forced several governments to take tough measures to combat the spread of the Corona 2020 virus. Of course, consequences are on the way. Economic activity has slowed in all countries where the local government took unprecedented steps in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus. The restriction that governments have enacted has led to a large reduction in economic activity and, consequently, to a financial market crisis.
<p>Political leaders are trying to balance the need to protect lives and the need to protect economic activity. People cannot live well without work, however there would be many deaths if steps are not taken to prevent the spread of the virus. Some countries declared a state of emergency even with a few deaths, such as Portugal or Taiwan, while others such as Sweden have decided to remain open and allow economic activity to continue. The United States is somewhere in the middle, while some areas like New York or California are closed, other parts of the country are still dedicated to their daily affairs.
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covid 19 – Moving within the EU during this crisis

Can a Romanian citizen move from Romania to Croatia during this pandemic?

My girlfriend would come live with me and stay until the end of the general closing.

Croatia has laws that people coming from non-critical countries will be advised to isolate themselves, and there are quarantines for people from critical places, but that was before the tighter shutdown while travel was still possible.

What would be the way to come? What type of paperwork would be necessary on both sides?

Isn't it funny that in the midst of a health crisis, no one is looking at the "incredible health system" of the United States?

And isn't it strange? There are not dozens and dozens of wealthy and foreign dignitaries who fly to the United States to heal. And our border crossings with Canada are not awash with Canadians coming to the US. USA Looking for attention. Gee, I wonder why is that? Most is spent on medical care of any nation on Earth, by far for mediocre results, at best …

If the Cuban missile crisis had happened under Obama, would Obama have let the Soviets install missiles in Florida?

That's very funny, as Obama took the rightists to see Russia in a whole new light.

All I can say is that the Republican Party certainly did not have its usual anti-Russian tendencies when they were in Syria under Obama's mandate.

Let me explain, the Republican Party would have encouraged the Soviet Union if that meant it harmed Obama's legacy.

Sources]: Tom Nook did not exist when the Cuban missile crisis occurred. But if it did, I would bet that both parties would not have been immune to its stunning charm.

Trump was quick to comment on Bernie Sanders who dropped out of the presidential race. Shouldn't you be managing the virus crisis?

Of course he was quick to comment, silly. Old Bernie was a fan favorite on the far left. That deserves a comment or two.

With Bernie and most other far-left nut jobs out of the question, Trump worries more and more. With Biden at the helm, it means Democrats chase voters in the middle. Those are the voters who decide the outcome of each election.

Just as Trump pleased the Wall Street gang and the Guns & Jesus crowd, Bernie was pleased with the dyed-hair feminists and the I'm a Victim crowd. That's not a smart campaign strategy, because it completely ignores the average reasonable voter. Double campaigning makes no sense, because it only attracts the support of staunch supporters. Hardcore fans have already made up their minds, so there is no need to convince them how to vote.

However, it pays to compete for the average swing voter. They are the vast majority and maintain a balance of power. Undecided voters do not give loyalty to a candidate or party, they expect it of them. They will vote for whoever offers them the best deal, and their votes are absolutely for sale.

Starting a crisis, is it a good idea?

Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, I am starting my company is sublimation of shirts and rates. I plan to start with the purchase of equipment and rent the locar, create the website and others. Any advice for this type of business? I am from Spain .

[ Politics ] Open-ended question: As we approach the peak of the coronavirus crisis, how does the Dow Jones compare when Trump took office?

[Politics] Open-ended question: As we approach the peak of the coronavirus crisis, how does the Dow Jones compare to when Trump took office?