customs and immigration – Future consequences related to a charge of criminal offence: Drinking and riding bicycle in Germany

I am a non-EU person and a few months earlier, I was accused of a criminal offence of drink and riding a bicycle (the event was only for 2-3 minutes, no one hurt, police caught me immediately). After some days of this charge, I have received a letter stating: if I agree to pay a fine all the legal proceeding against me will be discontinued without any further notification to me. And, there will be neither an entry in the federal central register nor in the registry of fitness to drive. I will be deemed to have no criminal record. I have fulfilled the obligations in a timely fashion.

At present, I am searching for a job and this week I have received a job offer from Finland. So to proceed further, I need to apply for Finish vias. In the vias form, there is a section of criminal history and certain questions were asked, for example,

  1. Have you ever been convicted of an offence and sentenced to punishment?’
  2. Do you consent to the Finnish migration authorities obtaining a criminal record extract or similar report from foreign authorities?

In my case, I could not able to make up my mind. What should I write in the form? Should I mentioned about the incident of drink and riding a bicycle or not (although in the letter it was mentioned that if I pay the fine then there will be no record against me)?

I will be grateful if anyone can give some information on this.


group dynamics – How to deal with a schism in the party, relating to criminal activity?

Myself and 5 friends (one of whom is DM) are playing Warhammer. Increasingly, 3 members want to engage in criminal activities like burglary and robbery, while myself and another party member are scrupulous, honest types, who refuse to turn into common criminals (this is from our character sheet backgrounds, not just our personal opinions).

What’s a good way to reconcile this difference? The way it’s going at the moment, it won’t be long before the 3 wannabe criminals just start leaving me and the other “good” guy alone to go off and burgle some noble’s mansion.

We are all good friends in real life, and are “mature” (late 40s/early 50s), and we can all take a fair bit of ribbing, abuse, joking etc – I don’t think anyone is close to storming out. The problem really is that we spend a lot of each session arguing about what to do.

customs and immigration – Can a H1B visa with a criminal record dismsissed case travel to the UK?

I have a criminal record dismissed case, wants to go to London and I’m trying to determine if that is actually a possibility.

The did had dismissed case with deferred prosecution with probation of 9 months for petty theft.The case got dismissed in 2017. Now, I have to travel to UK for 10 days for my abroad study from school.

The visitor visa have these following questions:

At any time have you ever had any of the following, in the UK or in another country?

A criminal conviction
A penalty for a driving offence, for example disqualification for speeding or no motor insurance
An arrest or charge for which you are currently on, or awaiting trial
A caution, warning, reprimand or other penalty
A civil court judgment against you, for example for non payment of debt, bankruptcy proceedings or anti-social behaviour
A civil penalty issued under UK immigration law

Should I mention in any of this options about my dismissed case? or is it fine to answer no since it was dismissed?

I did mention like this in my application will this be fine?

enter image description here
Thank you

Criminal Record and getting a Visa

Each country has different laws, rules, and regulations.

For Germany, then laws such as the residency act, talk about “serious criminal offences”. (

If you have been committed of a serious offence involving violence, drugs, or are a member of a terrorist organisation etc. then it is highly likely that you would be denied a work (and residency) visa.

However, for more minor crimes then they tend to be more open. Especially, if a significant period of time has passed since the crime with no other offences having taken place.

They will however judge it on a case-by-case basis, and there is no published list to state exactly what they will and will not allow.
Certainly, I would suggest that when you apply for a visa from your country that you are open and honest. If you try to hide it then this will count against you and decrease your chances significantly.

But that if this was a minor offence and you have kept out of trouble for 25 years, then you would stand a good chance of having a work visa approved in Germany. I have heard of cases where US citizens for examples have been convicted of misdemeanours in the past and received a work permit and are happily living in Germany.

why do all black looters matter protestors ignore the fact that George Fraud had a criminal history and wasn’t a clean cut person?

Miranda was a scumbag too, but thanks to his case, you now know that you have the right to say, “I want to speak to my attorney” and then clam up when you’re arrested.  

Excessive force, particularly when it’s lethal, is a problem when it comes to law enforcement.  It has been a problem for a long time, while society and the government has repeatedly looked the other way.  Police brutality is a major issue and it needs to be handled.

George Floyd didn’t deserve to die like that.  It’s that simple.  You’re just looking for any reason you can to justify murder.  If you or I or any civilian knelt on the neck of a man for nearly 9 minutes, while 2 other civilians held him down and a third stood by in order to intimidate anybody who might intervene, then there would have been arrests and murder charges filed almost immediately.  So how come civilians are held to a higher standard for restraint than supposedly trained professionals?  Let’s fix the system and make it better.

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This president did not create the virus. He ignored it, denied it, minimized it, joked about it, turned it into a weapon, politicized it, and exacerbated it. He is guilty of chaos, unnecessary illness and yes, even deaths preventable by that, and his supporters are, too. This is the human cost of MAGA's cult illusion and now we all pay equally. When you are no longer protected by the office, it is the goal of accountability … to vote for former justice.

Criminal case and civil case ..?

Hello friends,

Please tell me, the differences between a criminal case and a civil case …?

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[Politics] Open-ended question: Does the incompetent, imbecile and corrupt criminal deserve another 4 years to make the United States a third world country?

Will the Democratic candidate mention Trump's criminal history during this year's debates?

The answer is … NO … the reason is … Trump has no criminal record. Never accused, never arrested, never convicted. No criminal record. I don't defend Trump, his behavior drives me crazy … but he has no criminal record.

Do you agree that Trump's accusation is a policy-motivated trial and not a violation of criminal law?

No, they described several violations of the criminal law, you simply cannot be accused of them unless the Senate suddenly grows integrity enough to remove you from office.

But all dismissals have political motivations, it is the constitutional process to resolve conflicts between the legislative and executive branches of our government. That is why the political trial itself does not automatically take time in jail.

I don't think they are looking later than next November. In the future, each president will be able to use the same pranks that Trump is using, including a Democratic president. But only if you let him get away with it right now. Would you feel comfortable with Joe Biden pressing Poland to invent evidence he can use to frame the next Republican candidate? What if he is not dumb enough to publish the transcript of himself committing the crime, as Trump did? What if you want to declare a national emergency to fund a monument to yourself, or ask India to hack RNC servers for the dirt it can throw on the Internet?

Every new abuse of the executive power that is willing to succeed, is giving it to all future presidents, not just to victory. So think about it.