I am a naturalized British citizen and committed a crime of theft

Well, I naturalized as a British citizen and recently committed a huge crime of theft of my employer in the workplace and just abroad I feel so guilty now and I just want to return to the UK because I don't want to lose my British citizenship, so Many questions to ask.
Can I go back to the UK?
Have I lost my British citizenship?
Will I lose my British citizenship?
Will you arrest me at the airport?
What will be the sentence?

Liberals: every time you say Trump committed a crime, you lie. Unless you can read the mind of a Ukrainian president. So can you read minds?


What Zelensky says and what other 18 witnesses; Trump, Giuliani, Sondland, PARNAS and Mulvaney admitted … saying 2 different things.

🥴 I don't read minds. I follow the evidence that has already been provided.

To top it off, the Republican Party has sometimes mentioned that they are partial and partial.

So don't even go there, traitor of anti-American rats. 🥴

Rush Limbaugh: Trump "can fire any ambassador he wants. It's not a plot, it's not a crime, it's not a flawless crime." True or false?


Ambassador Yovanovitch says that President Trump is unnaturally reducing his career.

The previous government changed all the ambassadors to install those who sympathized with the new government since day 1. So he got a better deal from Trump than he could reasonably expect.

If she hadn't run through Ukraine speaking ill of the new president and allowed Ukrainian whistleblowers to travel to the United States to explain American corruption in Ukraine, she could still have a job now.

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats "don't have a crime. All they have is a lot of invented accusations. They have attempts to plant evidence." T or F?

Limbaugh has the idea that if you repeat a lie three times it becomes "true." There is massive evidence that Trump tried to extort money from Ukraine to announce a false investigation of Biden, and that Rudy went there to orchestrate it. If a Democratic president had done that, the Republicans would be asking for his execution!

The whole trick of Limbaugh is to reassure Republicans who want to think what they want to think and don't want the facts to get in the way. Limbaugh has NEVER allowed the facts to get in his way.

Limbaugh has gotten into a small problem by telling the caller that Republicans never really cared about the budget, that the entire speech about the budget of the Republic's candidates for 40 years has been false. IOW an admission that he has been lying for 40 years!

Security: Where can I find a detailed map of Lima that indicates the level of crime against non-Peruvians for each area, being the area as accurate as possible?

I am looking for a detailed map of Lima, Peru, indicating the level of crimes against non-Peruvian citizens for each area, the area being as accurate as possible.

The best I could find so far is http://www.newperuvian.com/most-dangerous-areas-of-lima-peru/ (mirror):

enter the description of the image here

But it only classifies the worst 12 areas (which are districts of Lima), and is no more accurate than the district level.

I would prefer a more detailed and complete map, such as https://www.neighborhoodscout.com/ca/san-francisco/crime (mirror):

enter the description of the image here

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If Marie Yovanovitch does not know of any bribery or crime committed by President Trump, why was she called to testify?


1] You can still be charged for things that are not crimes. I am not sure why conservatives continue to ignore this.

2] they are building a case in which Trump was executing a "shadow policy", possibly for his own personal benefit, out of sight of what are supposed to be co-equal branches of government. His claim is that she refused to accept it, and as a result it was eliminated and stained. She can certainly testify to that.

If quid pro quo is not an impeccable crime, why did Covfefe keep saying "no quid pro quo" ad naseum?

The constitution says that impeccable offenses are "misdemeanors and misdemeanors." Then, the president could be accused of speeding. It is a misdemeanor, but the Constitution does not detail the exact crimes, only the general statement. Congress would never accuse someone for a speeding ticket, but they could do it. ==== Personally, I think Trump has committed MORE than a misdemeanor and can be charged for his actions. — Simple rule to remember, Trump lies. If there is any doubt, remember that rule: Trump lies. There was a quid pro quo expected by Trump. He lies to hide it, and his brain-dead followers decided to believe his lies instead of the truth.

Why can't people understand that Trump was legally allowed to ask Ukraine to investigate Biden because Biden committed an international crime?

What crime did Biden commit?

What Biden did was to anger an Ukrainian prosecutor who was not doing his damn job, and was not doing his job not only in the eyes of Biden and the US. UU. He is not doing his job in the eyes of the European Union representing 28 countries and he was not doing his job in the eyes of the IMF!

The prosecutor even withdrew his claims long before Trump made his call to the president of Ukraine leaning on him to dig up the land of the Bidens for his own political benefit!

You're making yourself look like a real fucking jacka $$ asking this fucking idiot question! This is in the bag, silly idiot, Trump is as corrupt as he always has been, the honor of the office of the President of the United States made no difference in his character, did not suddenly change overnight when he made the oath of office, he is still the liar and scammer puppet that was self-service that was when he failed to fulfill several loans, when he had to declare multiple bankruptcy, when he hardened and scammed thousands of Americans from his earned money with so much effort in so many his silly scams!

And the sooner you cross it in your thick and silly skull, the better!

[ Politics ] Open question: Do liberals want to accuse Trump because Biden committed a crime? Does it make absolutely no sense?

[Politics] Open question: Do liberals want to accuse Trump because Biden committed a crime? Does it make absolutely no sense?