sql server – Would like to see what Credit Card Numbers have changed

Using the following Select Statement, I see all active drivers with a Credit Card Number :

SELECT top 1000 *
FROM cashcard
WHERE crd_status = ‘A’

Based on that query, I get a table with a bunch of columns. The column I’m focused on is the first one titled “crd_cardnumber” which is a list of credit card numbers that are associated with people that are active in our database. This is connected to our inhouse database and we have an application that will run an automated query. I just need to create a select statement that will return “What has changed” in the “crd_cardnumber” column when I run it.

Can anyone help me out?

Thank you so much!

Magento 2 : How to refund as per payment method using credit memo?

Is their any way to refund online to payment method within credit memo ?

Please share your thoughts on this.

How to change footer credit text in Twenty Twenty One theme with a hook?

If I want to change the footer credits, I would usually copy the footer.php to a child theme and edit the following snippet:

<div class="powered-by">
        /* translators: %s: WordPress. */
        esc_html__( 'Powered by %s.', 'WordPress' ),
        '<a href="' . esc_url( __( 'https://wordpress.org/', 'WordPress' ) ) . '">WordPress</a>'

I’m trying to learn how to use hooks in WordPress and was wondering how I could do the same thing I did above but with the help of custom hooks in functions.php. What would be the right way to go about it?

Magento2: set credit card as default payment method

How to set default payment method as authorize.net credit card for that I have tired to override


below is the code

define(('Magento_Checkout/js/view/payment/default'), function(Component) {
    initObservable: function () {

but got stuck how to override the particular method

magento2 – Magento 2 : From where is the order data gets set for credit memo, before issuing credit memo?

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sensitive data exposure – Website showing entered credit card number as valid or invalid

I noticed on a website that when I entered my credit card number, the entry box was highlighted blue:

enter image description here

I then tried a dummy credit card number, which made the box highlight red, indicating that credit card number can not be used:

enter image description here

I then tried entering other credit card numbers from expired credit cards and the box highlighted blue again, so the page is checking if entered credit cards belong to an actual card.

Is this a secure practice? Because I could iterate all number combinations and discover which numbers belong to an existing credit card.

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magento2 – quote not get saved after changing grand total and remove store credit

I created an observer to change grand total and remove store credit from grand total, my observer is working fine and calculating customer balance and has the quote, however I cannot save the quote, I also tried $quote->collectTotals() but it gives me 502 Nginx error I am not sure how to make the quote understand to change the grand total, although I am setting the grand total I do not see it working on the page:
here is the events.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<config xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"
<event name="sales_quote_address_collect_totals_before">
    <observer name="customer_get_balance" instance="ImplantDirectStorecreditObserverGetCustomerBalance"/>

and here is part of observer execute function:

public function execute(EventObserver $observer)
        /* @var $customer MagentoCustomerApiDataCustomerInterface */
        $quote = $observer->getEvent()->getQuote();
        $customerId = $quote->getCustomer()->getId();
        $websiteId =$this->_storeManager->getStore()->getWebsiteId();
        $balanceModel = $this->_balanceFactory->create()->setCustomerId($customerId)->setWebsiteId($websiteId)->loadByCustomer();
        $amount = $balanceModel->getAmount();
        $grandTotal = $quote->getGrandTotal();

please explain what can I do to make Quote understand to use the new updated grand total
thank you

Why does Magento2 add 0.0001 in the credit memo refund processing?

I am talking about the file


here in codes

if ($desiredAmount < $this->priceCurrency->round($maxAllowedAmount) + 0.0001) { 


if ($desiredAmount > $maxAllowedAmount - 0.0001) {

why is there addition and subtraction of the amount 0.0001

Can’t this be done without this?

delta air lines – Showing credit card for international flight purchased with online travel agency

Yes. I do have knowledge about this since I fly Delta internationally a lot from the USA to Ghana and Delta always requests you show credit card for locations like Ghana with reputations for fraud.

If you buy it from the Delta website, it alerts you about the requirement and you have to click a check box in agreement before you can purchase the ticket so you’re aware.

If you bought it from Expedia however, it’s Expedia that makes the payment to Delta and thus you’re exempt from having to show the physical card.

If you’re still uncomfortable after my explanation, you can also go to a Delta office any day before the persons flight and show the card. I did that when I purchased tickets for others directly from the Delta website.