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Inspired – Multipurpose corporate and creative WordPress theme

Inspired is a powerful WordPress theme for multiple boot purposes. Buy a theme … and you can make some great websites, no matter what kind of business it is. So what are you waiting for if Inspired can handle all design needs for multiple projects?

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What are some creative ways for wedding invitations?

What are some creative ways for wedding invitations?

dnd 5e – Creative and standard methods to get rid of fog

Tomorrow I have to play a game with Drow, which will use the Darkness and Faerie Fire spells, so I spent a lot of time concentrating on the invisible Combat rules. When I read the rpg.stackexchange, I realized that Fog Cloud would be a good solution if the PC started to be sacrificed, to normalize the advantage / disadvantage situation before I got it wrong and got a TPK. But I'm not up to date with all 5e spells, how many work against Fog?

  • Also, if someone thinks that you could help clarify this question, feel free to edit it, I would appreciate it.

Creative animations

Name of the site: Creative animations.
Site information: Creative Animations is a graphic design board for people who need everything from banners, logos, avatars, affiliate badges, forum markers / buttons, signatures and much more. We have a good team of designers ready to help those who need graphics.

There is no adult content on the board at all …

NIFT (UG) and its preparation in two weeks

What is NIFT?

Aspiring fashion designers intend to enter NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology). There are 16 NIFTs throughout India. These institutes offer B.Des programs for 4 years and M.Des programs for 2 years through various specializations, including Fashion Design and Fashion Technology.

There are two stages of the examination:

Stage 1 – Written test NIFT (GAT + CAT)

Stage 2 – NIFT Situation Test

What happens on the NIFT written exam?

The GAT (General Ability Test) has a defined curriculum that consists of quantitative ability, communicative ability, English, analytical ability, general knowledge and current issues. The GAT tests candidates for their logical, analytical, awareness and communication abilities. It is after the GAT that the CAT is carried out.

Sections Number of questions

Understanding English 25
Quantitative capacity 20
Communication capacity 25
Analytical capacity 15
General knowledge and news 15

The Creative Skill Test (CAT) varies every year. It is unconventional and tests the candidate's artistic and creative abilities. Applicants must show a good understanding of colors, creativity and the ability to communicate through the sketch.

Only after the candidate has passed the written test, they are allowed to write the situation test. In general, for each available seat, 5 applicants will be called for the situation test.

What happens in the NIFT Situation Test?

In the situation test, the candidate will be given material and topics. They have to use the material to come up with something that suits the subject.

The situation test is configured to see how the candidate can think and make optimal use of the materials provided. After doing so, the candidate must also provide a report explaining their project, the report must be in English.

How to prepare for the NIFT exam (written exam) in 2 weeks

With the main focus that the board exams would have given you, you may not have had time to prepare for the tickets.

Now that you are focusing on NIFT, you should make sure to cover all aspects of CAT and GAT. You need to do a lot in 2 weeks, so every day counts.



Focus less on Mathematics and English, as you will be aware of the basics you covered in the lower classes
Take time to reason, solve riddles and current issues
Try as many simulations as you can


Make sure it is thorough with your drawing techniques – draw / paint / doodle
Get professional comments on your drawings: this will help you have a better perspective of your work

With 2 weeks to go, DQ Edge will be a good choice because it has an intuitive interface that will tell you what to study.

The following tips help you decipher the NIFT in 2 weeks:

1) Check the study material in DQ Edge: there are only two weeks left to use the NIFT study material available in DQ Edge, start with a simulated test. Once you have finished, the platform will tell you what to study next. Simply follow this and you will find that your qualifications will improve by 45%. Dq Edge would have helped to broaden the focus to relevant issues.

2) Attend online marathon classes: you do not have the luxury of time and it's better not to lose any of that on trips. Take marathon classes at home. DQ Labs conducts online seminars for those who need to review everything in hour 11.

3) Program defined: the time restriction is unimaginable, so there is a lot of pressure. The only way to overcome this is by planning a strict calendar and its compliance. There are students who devote 12 hours a day to study. Assign hours of the day to different topics and parts that will appear for the exam. Become a point to review what you have studied during the day, review is essential.

4) Read current issues: current affairs are as important as static gk. Browse all the events that happened last year. Meetings, sports, prizes, appointments, heads of offices and obituaries. You will find that the success of the Competition, the Manorama yearbook, Lead Lead's competition website provides reliable information as they have reliable sources. Review all of them over and over again, since this is a theoretical knowledge that you are expected to retain.

5) Keep up with fashion: get to know the designers and their designs better; This applies to both Bollywood and Hollywood. You will discover that the most important fashion bloggers / stylists are the base of the industry, follow them to keep up with the trends.

6) For the drawing: the creative aptitude test examines your creativity and gets a perspective of many drawings. Understand the concepts of art, and do not take this part lightly, it represents 50% of the exam. When taking a break from the study, take the time to draw and work with colors, have the experts review it and tell you how you can improve if you can. The mentors of the DQ laboratories have graduated from prestigious institutes such as IIT, NIFT and NID, and will have constructive criticism to offer.

6) Practice paper simulations: paper simulations are very important, once the student finds that all the topics are manageable, they must make a point to try the paper simulations. The simulated papers help the student to prepare mentally for the exam, helping them to deal with the time restriction. Training centers such as DQ laboratories collect details from previous documents and structure similar documents for students to practice. DQ edge is an online platform offering simulated documents and questions from previous years. The test platform analyzes the user's strengths and weaknesses in doing so, so they offer problems that they can work on.

7) Pay attention to the details: it is important to have a careful eye on the details in the exams, so that your work stands out among the tens of thousands who must devote time to include creative details in their project. The examiners reward with the corresponding score. Work on your shading and drawing skills, explore what you do not feel comfortable with or are not good at improving it.

8) Be versatile: the courses offered by universities have many practical projects, these projects test your material handling skills, to see if you can think about your feet. To be versatile you must work with different materials such as paper, clay and origami. DQ Labs takes materials management classes providing and encouraging students to work with different materials and tools. Mentors ensure that this session is interactive and productive; The test of situation.

9) SWOT – This is a study method that is highly recommended. Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. You do not have much time left to quickly analyze what your strengths and weaknesses are and work accordingly. This is where DQ Edge is useful, the online test platform very quickly analyzes your strength and weakness, tells you where you can work and, therefore, gives you a good advantage.

10) Do not stress: make it a point to stay calm, be stressful without need can eat your time. So always work intelligently and do not stress. Follow a strict schedule and take small breaks to better retain knowledge. The exam is easy to decipher if one is prepared and level, talk to the people who have deciphered the exam in their free time, be sure to get their opinion.

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