Memory leak in Creative Cloud.exe

I have a problem that I’m unsuccessfully trying to resolve with Adobe support (Seniors and Leads) for over a month now.

On a DELL Presicion desktop workstation, after installing the current version of Creative Cloud on a freshly installed Windows 10 with current updates, Creative Cloud.exe starts and within tens of seconds, eats all 16GB of my RAM. To the point that applications crash and even graphical drivers need reloading. All I can do is to shoot down the process before the system becomes unresponsive.

Yes, we tried installing CC in several ways, both with the online-dowloading installer as well as with the offline installer.

I had a clue that this could be tied to my system being 7 years old, although it would be a surprise considering that it was still powerful enough and was running CC for years. After a month spent on support calls from Adobe without any result, I finally got a new Precision today. Note that this is an ISV-certified workstation designed to work with Adobe products. You guessed right – on a fresh installation of Windows, completely the same problem.

Did anyone else had a problem like this? I really don’t know what else to do… needless to say that having this problem for over a month has an impact on me being able to do my job.

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privacy: is Adobe Creative Cloud uploading files from hard drive without my permission?

I tried to uninstall InDesign from my Windows 10 computer. To uninstall / update any of the Adobe programs, you must first update to the latest version of Creative Cloud, which is a hub that manages all your programs (PS, Illustrator, AfterEffects, etc. ). Once the update was complete, I uninstalled InDesign, but noticed that there was a small progress indicator in the upper right corner.

When I opened it, I saw that it said "File sync" was in progress. I thought "What file sync? I never asked to sync any files!"

enter the image description here

I immediately stopped syncing. Clicking on the settings icon, it turns out I was automatically syncing files from all my C:/Users/(UserName)/Documents/ folder, without asking permission to do this! (Since then I have created a void /Adobe subfolder so you don't have anything to load).

enter the image description here

I think I stopped him before he could load anything. Has Adobe been automatically uploading files from its users? /Documents folder without your consent, or am I exaggerating? If so, is there a way to blacklist all Internet access to all Adobe products? I don't want the next update to reset these permissions, and having to worry about automatic syncing in future releases!

What are some creative ways to re-link (SEO)?

Hello friends,

What are some creative ways to re-link (SEO)?

3 creative ways brands have self-isolating entertainment

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced brands to postpone or cancel events in person for the foreseeable future, so marketers are adapting their experiential strategy to connect with people in isolation.


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