finder – Creating a keyboard shortcut to open a specific folder – Big Sur

I’m trying to create a keyboard shortcut using Automator to open a specific folder in finder.
The truth is, I have looked for an answer in here but they are from 9 years ago so there is no updated information about this.

I open Automator , select Quick Actions, and the action I choose is “open finder items” and that’s as far as I can get 😀

Appreciate your help!

Creating categories, pages and post on Dashboard

Why do i need to create categories, pages, and posts on WordPress dashboard if I have created the archive.php, singles.php, page.php, front-page.php, and index.php pages in the custom theme folder?

8 – Creating 2 forms to work together on the same page for the same query

I’m facing trouble coming up with the following approach:

I will have 3 separate forms acting on the same query from third party API’s.

On the front page there is a shorter quick-form that would lead to the page of the other 2 forms. In some cases the information from the first form is sufficient to query the information and the information will be queried.

In other cases additional input from the second form is required to make the query. The third form is for fine-tuning an existing query.

The first form isn’t an issue, it’s a separate block on the front page that will store the information internally for the second form to see with multiform functionalities and on submit redirect to the second forms page, where the form can process the information and see if a query can be made or will give results and go ahead with it, if not, then ask for further input.

The second and third form are on the same page, where the second form has necessary input fields for the query, which can also be changed to change the results, and the third form is just for fine-tuning this query like a filter or so.

Right now I’m stuck with the second 2 forms working together on the same page, being separate forms but altering the same query/information. And would appreciate all and any help with this approach that would be “the Drupal way”.

Better visualization:

Imagine a flight booking site: first form is your departure airport that takes you to the second 2 forms, where already a lot of flights from your airport can be displayed, second form takes in a destination, dates and passengers; the third form would let you fine-tune travel class, meals, airlines to avoid airlines preferred, how many layovers, how long layovers and so on..

All the information with each form is queried from different airline API’s and will have to be redone on every change.

python – Unzipping a zip file creating from windows zip (send to -> zip)

I am getting an error “NotImplementedError: That compression method is not supported” when using ZipFile to unpack a zip file. The zip file was creating using the normal Windows zip creator.

I am using the latest version of zip file. It shoul dbe able to handle a normal windows compression?

spells – Repercussions of creating Simulacra of Couatl, Astral Deva, or Dimensional Shambler

Suppose a character gets their hands on a wand of Simulacrum with only a single charge left. This character is wise enough to visit a library before using it so they know the full effects of the spell and the relevant errata/discussions about the design that will affect how the DM will interpret the effects (read: the player has talked with the DM). They have also gathered enough help and bonuses that they are confident they can use the wand successfully.

Rather than pursuing something grandiose such as infinite wishes from duplicating Solars or something else, this character wants reliable, free plane shift, so he is planning on creating a simulacrum of a Couatl, Astral Deva, or Dimensional Shambler. The mechanics of the plane shift spell-like-ability (such as its inaccuracy) are not important here. Rather the important question is, are there are there any consequences this character will face, either in the rules or general lore of the game, to prevent him from making such a “pet” and using its SLAs whenever he wants? Assuming the DM isn’t interested in completely shutting-down the possibility, is there anything I’m not thinking of that would make this unwise?

Creating a list of xy pairs

How do I create a list of $xy$ pairs of points where the $x$ points are evenly spaced between a given range with a specific step size, and the $y$ points are given by a function, but with some random noise added from a normal distribution with mean = 0 and standard deviation = 1 if I am given the function?

microsoft excel – Creating Bar Chart with Start time and End time

I want to create a bar chart from the following data which will look like the attached picture. The data will have a start time, end time, and a number value. Which will look something like this:

[Bar Graph][1]

Mainly, I want to create a timeline in the X-axis and I want to see from when to when the “number” is ranging. I tried to use the default bar graphs in excel but they are just showing each bar separately.

[normal bar chart][2]

I tried to search a lot about this but couldn’t get any direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

web api – Creating Shopify webhooks receiver in c#

web api – Creating Shopify webhooks receiver in c# – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

Creating automation script to turn on and off keyboard backlight for macos

i want my keyboard backlight to automatically turn on at 7pm and off at 7am, but i couldn’t found any options for that in settings of new macos.

so i thought creating a automation script might do the trick.
can anyone help me with that..


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