Creating a brand new application for an existing website

Good morning, my name is Jackson.
I am trying to create an app for an existing website that has login page. I am trying to develop it in such a way that a user can login using the app. And also i want to create the app, not converting the website to app. Please i need your help on this.

Thank you for your time.

Creating a Entity Relationship

I need to create an ER-MODEL (Entity-Relationship-Model) managing Projects in a company. Therefore, the following data needs to be stored as the following:

Data about the employees: Surname, name and title

Data about the customer: name, phone number, branch, status, E-Mail

Data, that needs to be noted down when contacting the customer: date, description, name of the employee that conducted the interview, duration of the interview (in minutes), type of contact (or contact mode)

Data for categorizing the customer: type of contact (contact mode) e.g. by phone, mail, meeting

Data to differentiate the customer in different branches: e.g. automotive, steel, groceries

Data about the appointments with the customer: topic, date, time, customer, employee and details

Furthermore, I should avoid redundancy, depict primary and foreign keys and consider the third normal form

Please find my first try attached. I am not sure if I can do the ER Model like this. I would be very thankful if you could give me some advice how to make it better, or how to redraw the ER Model.


Creating a link to download a file

I have observed that my uploaded pdf files are stored in this directory in my web server:-
I want to create a download link to a pdf file say example.pdf.
Can I assign the link address in this way:-
Is this safe? I am new to drupal, please help.

web hosting – What’s the effect of creating multiple sites in the same host server?

I have two sites with a different domain that both refer to the same server IP!

Now I am trying to write articles in the fist site and create related backlinks for the second site and vise-versa.

Is there any effect to do that? If YES, what should I do?

Creating a top-hat distributed random number generator

enter image description here

I have this Fortran code which generates a flat distribution as it produces a single random number centered on 0.
The function GRNDM (Geant 4 random number generator) produces equally distributed random numbers between the values of 0 and 1. RDUMMY is the name of the vector filled with the random number and the argument “1” states the length of the vector: i.e. GRNDM here will produce a single random number between 0 and 1. The second line then produces random numbers in the interval (μ−σ2,μ+σ2).

I was wondering if there was a way of changing it to produce random numbers with a top hat distribution?

Creating responsive 3 x 3 gallery box

Hello I am trying to create a flex grid which has 3 by 3 image gallery which is responsive,

Currently this is going on a wordpress page and this is the code to my image using openseadragon.
So I need this image:

<div id=”materials-0158″ class=”suarrmaterials-zoomable-image” style=”height:460px; width:310px;” data-image=”2020/05/DSC_0158-1.jpg”></div>

to appear three times next to each other and three on the bottom, I will update the images and add more image boxes once i get the correct layout.

Thank you.


python – Creating nested list comprehension of files starting with specific string

I have a directory with ‘sets’ of files that start with a state name followed by 4 or 5 digits (typically indicating year). Each ‘file set’ contains 3 files a .txt, a .png, and a .jpg.

Example of files in directory:


Based on a users input I am trying to write some code that can put each of these file sets into a list of lists. Ultimately I would like to iterate over the list of lists. That said, I am not married to any one data type if a dictionary or something else may be more efficient.

I would like the user to be able to enter either:

  • The state name i.e. ‘California’ – to get all files from California
  • The state name + year i.e. ‘California1998’ to get all files from California 1998
import os
import regex

directory = #path to directory
input = 'California1998'

# Does input match proper format? If not error.
mm = regex.match('^((a-z)+)((0-9){4,5})|^((a-z)+)', input)
dir = str(os.listdir(directory))
    state =
    number =
    state_num = state + number
    fileset = regex.findall(state_num, dir)
    state =
    fileset = regex.findall(state + r'(0-9){4,5}', dir)
    print('Put some error message here')

# Does input exist? If not error.
if len(fileset) > 0:
    fileset = tuple(set(sorted(fileset)))
    print('Put some error message here')

# Get list of lists
state_num_files = ((file.path
    for file in os.scandir(directory)
    for state_num in fileset)
return state_num_files

Above is the code I have thus far. It first uses regex.match to check the input, then regex.findall to find all matching state + years. I then create a sorted() set() from this list, which is converted into a tuple() called fileset. The last bit of code is a nested list comprehension that produces the list of lists by iterating through all files in the directory and iterating through all the state + years in fileset.

It certainly works, but seems repetitive and slower than it needs to be. My goal is to increase efficiency and remove any unnecessary iteration.

Thoughts on improvements:

  • Possibly replace each regex.findall with a nested list comprehension? and thus remove the state_num_files nested comprehension at the end of script?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

magento 1.9 – Creating XML RPC method in customer module

I am creating a rpc method in the local customer module. But I am getting invalid path error. After hours of debugging also I am not able to figure out the missing portion. I was able to create in my local sales module but somehow its failing here.

In local/Mycompany/Customer/etc/api.xml :

        <customer translate="title" module="mycompany_customer">
            <title>Customer API</title>
                <setCustomerWhatsappStatus translate="title" module="customer">
                    <title>Set whatsapp status for customer</title>
            <faults module="mycompany_sales">
                    <message>Invalid data given. Details in error message.</message>
            <customer translate="title" module="mycompany_customer">
                <setCustomerWhatsappStatus translate="title" module="mycompany_customer">
                    <title>Set whatsapp status for customer</title>

And in my local/Mycompany/Customer/Model/Customer/Api.php :


class Mycompany_Customer_Model_Customer_Api extends Mage_Customer_Model_Customer_Api
    public function setMethod($phone) {

And I am calling this method with dbaux_customer_customer.setCustomerWhatsappStatus but get Invalid Path error meaning that its not able to reach the method mentioned.

Please let me know if I missed something.

Creating runtime mesh colliders in Unreal Engine 4

I want to create several mesh colliders in game at runtime. By mesh colliders I mean “complex collision”. I do not want these meshes to be rendered. I also want these meshes to be stored in single actor for easy handling. Is there any existing class or plugin that does this. I have checked procedural mesh component and runtime mesh component but they dont seem to have what I want !!!

html5 – What are the different ways to creating template for a website from scratch?

I would like to know the different ways we can create template for a website because many times the pre-made templates available online don’t fit to the requirements of everybody.

The style I want for my website isn’t available online, so please tell the ways to create template.

  1. Are there any softwares that are used to create them where you can just drag and drop the elements?

  2. Or we can create it with coding? ( By coding I mean HTML + CSS) (if anything else is required then correct me!)