How are search engines created on websites?

It depends on your web application.

Take WordPress as an example, the search function is integrated, you just need to enter the keyword you want to show and list the matching results.

Clicking on a result will redirect you to a single publication, which is what you meant when you open it is like XXX.

c # – How to manipulate properties of dynamically created controls

I am starting to work with dynamically created buttons, the code I have is the following:

                private void createbuttons ()
                int x = 5, y = 5;
                for (int i = 1; i < cantgenerar + 1; i++)
                    Button btn1 = new Button();
                    btn1.Height = 50;
                    btn1.Width = 50;
                    btn1.Location = new Point(x, y); //Posicion
                    y = y + 60;
                    //Acomodado de botones
                    if (y > 420) // If there are 7 buttons on the same line we increase the X position to create another line on the side and not leave the screen
                        y = 10;
                        x = x + 60;
                    btn1.Name = "c" + i.ToString ();
                    btn1.Text = "Btn" + i.ToString ();
                    Form1 frm1 = new Form1 ();
                    // Add handler to the button to do something
                    btn1.Click + = new EventHandler (Clicks);
                    // Add the button to the Form
                    Controls.Add (btn1);

private void Clicks (object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (((Button) sender) .Name == "c3")
                // hide this button

I would like to know how to change some property to a button, let's say I want to hide in that case the button called c3 when pressing it, or in some case change its text later, or change the background or some other properties. I would like to know how to do to achieve some of these actions.
Thanks in advance.

bittorrent – I created a torrent and added some crawlers. I shared it with some friends, but they can not download it even though I am sowing. That I have to do?

I have tried to restart the torrent, add crawlers, update them, click on Initial Seeding.

I have used both uTorrent and BitTorrent but the same problem occurs.

Once the loading began. I stopped him. Later, the same torrent would not work for someone else.

Why is not the symbol I have created showing up?

I'm doing a game of the old one and I wanted that in the placar of the person appeared X or ball but it is not appearing.

It is the trace of:

html: import of a table to Excel created by javascript

I'm trying to export different tables to excel and I managed to import everything I need except this table, which as far as I'm concerned is created through a javascript script. This must be done through macros due to credential problems.

I tried using a code similar to this: use Excel VBA to import a website table created by JavaScript

However, even if I select the kind of table I want to import, called id = "primaryProductivityList", it always seems to import the Menu that appears in id = "controlpanel" instaed of what I want. Even if I set the code ID to whatever, even one invented

I have tried all kinds of queries through Excel, even opening a web query manually from Excel, but the table does not appear. However, when you open it with the browser it appears.

Then I looked at a post, and the one that works best for me is the one below. However, you have the problem described.

Sub Dow_prod_data ()

Dim xmlHttp as object
Dim TR_col As Object, TR As Object
Dim TD_col As Object, TD As Object
Row faint along, cabbage along
Weak link as a chain
link = Sheet8.Range ("A14"). Value

Set xmlHttp = CreateObject ("MSXML2.XMLHTTP.6.0")
xmlHttp Open "GET", link, False
xmlHttp.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "text / xml"

Dim html as object
Set html = CreateObject ("htmlfile")
html.body.innerHTML = xmlHttp.ResponseText

Dim tbl as object
Set tbl = html.getElementById ("primaryProductivityList")

row = 1
col = 1

Set TR_col = html.getelementsbytagname ("TR")
For each TR in TR_col
Set TD_col = TR.getelementsbytagname ("TD")
For each TD in TD_col
Sheet10.Cells (row, col) = TD.innerText
col = col + 1
col = 1
row = row + 1
End Sub

What I would expect here is to export the "primarity productivity list table" but always export the drop-down menu in the control panel.

I can not give the link to the website because it is not accessible, but here is a screenshot of the code inspected with the table that I would like to import.

Thank you very much in advance!

sql server: Are the snapshot files created during MS SQL replication used only once?

The life cycle of snapshot files depends on several factors. First, if your publications have immediate_sync enabled, this means that new subscribers will use the existing snapshot to start the new subscription (as long as the snapshot is within the retention period).

This has additional impacts, since the commands in the distribution database are also retained during the retention period, which can cause an excessive growth of that database. The snapshot remains valid until the retention period expires at the time that the distribution cleanup job deletes it.

Secondly, if you have immediately deactivated_sync and reinitialize a subscription, a new snapshot must be generated for the reinitialization. You can reinitialize multiple subscriptions at once, but only if they are all marked to reinitialize previous to run the snapshot agent. Once the subscriptions marked for reinitialization have been reinitialized, the snapshot will not be valid for later use. At this point, it must be cleaned by the distribution cleaning job.

Third, if you make a mini-snapshot due to something like adding a single article to an existing publication (according to your described scenario), that mini-snapshot is only valid for subscribers that existed and synchronized / synchronized at the time in which a snapshot was generated. Any new or expired subscription would require a full snapshot to reinitialize.

In all stages, the distribution cleaning job should be clearing the expired or invalid snapshots, however, you can delete them manually if you wish.

rules: send an email to all users tagged with the same tag as a node when it is created

There are many similar questions here, but it's hard for me to realize this.

I have a taxonomy term reference field called field_category. This field is available in user / * / edit and in node / add.


What I would like to do is send an email when a node is created that has the same taxonomy terms that a user has specified in their profile.

I tried to wrap my head around the rules and display rules module, but all the settings I tried fail.

Can someone give me some address? Thank you!

Drupal 7.65

Rules: 7.x-2.12

Rules of views 7.x-1.0

The Ubuntu EFI start entry was created by itself, even if only Live-USB is started

On my laptop with Windows 10, (UEFI secure boot), I can boot from Ubuntu18: 04 live-USB, successfully. I do not really install Ubuntu (I choose "Try Ubuntu"). Still, when I reboot (after turning off and removing the USB correctly), I get the Windows start menu with Win-10 and Ubuntu as an option. This means that this EFI entry is being created on its own, even if it is just a live-cd session.

Every time, I have to manually delete the EFI boot entry.
How can I avoid this situation? Please help.

SharePoint server: the search application is created with a degraded partition

It helped me: run the PowerShell script, then re-create Search service application:

psconfig.exe -cmd helpcollections -installall -cmd secureresources -cmd services -install -cmd installfeatures -cmd applicationcontent -install -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force -wait

Or you can try to reset the index + full crawl of all my content sources, but this method did not help, however, everyone recommends it.

enter the description of the image here

How to open the file of the BibTeX database created by BibDesk Mac using Miktex Windows?

I am a beginner in LaTeX. I downloaded a BibTeX database file from a library database on Mac, I have no problem opening it in Mac's BibDesk, but I can not find a way to open it in MikTex on Windows, the next line appears in MikTex when I tried to open the file:

%% This bibTeX bibliography file was created using BibDesk.

and the format becomes the following:

@article {Borner: 2013aa,
Address = {U Bonn},
Address1 = {U Otago},
Address2 = {Goethe U Frankfurt},
Address3 = {U Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna},
Annote = {Accession number: 1403829; Keywords: Agricultural Economic; Dynamic; Ecological; Linear programming; Mathematical Programming; Optimal control; Improvement; Programming; Simulation; Type of publication: Journal article; Update code: 20131101},
Author = {Borner, Jan and Higgins, Steven I. and Scheiter, Simon and Kantelhardt, Jochen},
Date = {2013 ///},
Date of addition = {2019-01-18 14:32:15 +0000},
Modification date = {2019-01-18 14:32:15 +0000},

Is there any way to open the BibTex file in the same format as BibDesk using MikTex? Could someone please help?

Thank you very much in advance!