Design – Options to create an image library for products

I am not even sure how to ask this question.


I am building a platform for them to use product companies that will take online orders from their customers. It's a fairly simple concept, but the hard part will be importing your inventory. Let's say the business sells wine. Well, importing your wine list is one thing, but how should I manage to choose which wine image to display for each product?

It seems absurd to force them to choose an image for each product. Not only do I think the business owner shouldn't have to choose an image, but I don't trust him to choose a "good" image. If I let you choose an image, that will open the floodgates so that images of terrible quality are all over my SAAS.

SAAS is run within a specific industry, that is, wine sellers. Then, in a perfect world, the business owner will load their products through a spreadsheet of some kind, and the system will be smart enough to associate product images with products.


What are some options to build an image library for something like the wine industry? The obvious answer is that we begin to manually choose the images of the most common wine products and then increase the list as companies insert products without images. I am a developer, so doing anything manually grinds my gears. Any ideas on some other strategies?

c – Please, it is for tomorrow How to generate passwords for each name entered and how to create a function to show the next password to be called?

The program is based on automatically generated passwords for each registered user, such as responding to a bank that generates a password and shows the next password to be called … Follow the code below.


struct NO{  
 char dados(100);  
 int senha;  
 struct NO *prox;  
typedef struct NO no;  

int tam;  

int menu(void);  
void inicia(no *FILA);  
void opcao(no *FILA, int op);  
void exibe(no *FILA);  
void exibeSenha(no *FILA);  
void libera(no *FILA);  
void adiciona(no *FILA);  
no *exclui(no *FILA);  

int main(void)  
 no *FILA = (no*) malloc(sizeof(no));  
  printf("Sem memoria disponivel!n");  
 int opt;  


 return 0;  

void inicia(no *FILA)  
 FILA->prox = NULL;  

int menu(void)  
 int opt;  

 printf("nnEscolha a opcaon");  
 printf("0. Sairn");  
 printf("1. Cadastrar novo clienten");  
 printf("2. Exibir lista de clientesn");  
 printf("3, Proxinha senha a ser chamadan");  
 printf("4. Excluir cliente/senhann");  
 printf("Opcao: "); scanf("%d", &opt);  

 return opt;  

void opcao(no *FILA, int op)  
 no *tmp;  
  case 0:  

  case 1:  

  case 2:  

  case 3:  

  case 4:  
   tmp= exclui(FILA);  

   printf("Comando invalidonn");  

int vazia(no *FILA)   
 if(FILA->prox == NULL)  
  return 1;  
  return 0;  

no *aloca()  
 no *novo=(no *) malloc(sizeof(no));  
  printf("Sem memoria disponivel!n");  
  printf("nNovo elemento: "); scanf("%s", &novo->dados);  
  return novo;  

void exibe(no *FILA)  

  printf("FILA vazia!nn");  
  return ;  
 no *tmp;  
 tmp = FILA->prox;     
 while( tmp != NULL){  

  printf("%s - ", tmp->dados);  
  tmp = tmp->prox;  


void exibeSenha (no *FILA) {  
    if(vazia(FILA)) {  
        printf("Sem nenhuma senha cadastrada. Fila vazia!n");  
        return ;  


void libera(no *FILA)  
  no *proxNO,  

  atual = FILA->prox;  
  while(atual != NULL){  
   proxNO = atual->prox;  
   atual = proxNO;  

void adiciona(no *FILA)  
 no *novo=aloca();  
 novo->prox = NULL;  

  no *tmp = FILA->prox;  

  while(tmp->prox != NULL)  
   tmp = tmp->prox;  

  tmp->prox = novo;  

no *exclui(no *FILA)  
 no *ultimo;  
 if(FILA->prox == NULL){  
  printf("FILA ja vaziann");  
  return NULL;  
  no *ultimo = FILA->prox;  

  while(ultimo->prox != NULL){  
   ultimo = ultimo->prox;  

  ultimo->prox = NULL;  
  return ultimo;  

Write a macro to create a new tab and name that tab based on a cell value in Google Sheets

I would like to have a Macro that generates a new tab and name that tab based on a cell value.

There is a tab called 'Dashboard'! in which the user enters information in the assigned cells. Next, I would like there to be a button on which the user clicks, on which the information on the 'Dashboard'! it is copied to a new leaf. That new sheet must receive the name that the user has entered in the cell B2 (the name of the day) and cell phone C2 (the date of that day), followed by the word "Training".

I have successfully recorded a Macro that does most of this, but naming the new tab based on a cell value seems impossible. I have manually changed the name of the tab, which is perfectly displayed in the Macro. However, I don't know how to make this name. & # 39; dynamic & # 39;.

Thanks in advance for any help, sorry in advance if this question is redundant and / or is improperly worded.

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An easy way to create a "add comment" widget for a special post?

Is there an easy way to create a "add comment" widget for a special post?
With that, a user can add a comment directly from the home page to this post.
Please help

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OCTAVE / MATLAB Create script with vectors and use a colon

I need to do a script in Octave where I am given vec1 and num and I need to produce vec2.
Vec1 is a vector of floating point numbers and num is a single floating point number.
I need to produce a vector identical to vec1 but all odd elements are replaced with the num value and store this result in vec2.

For example:
vec1 = (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10); num = -1;

This should produce
vec2 = -1 2 -1 4 -1 6 -1 8 -1 10

What I did was:
size = length (vec1);
vec1 (vec (1): 2: vec1 (size)) = num;
vec2 = vec1

But in the grades, he says I have an octave error but I'm not sure why.

java – Create a recycler matrix See list

Suppose I have a recyclerView in which I only have two textViews in each view, how can I make two arrays to store the textViews values ​​from the top of the list to the bottom?enter the description of the image here

For example, in this recycler when I press the cofirm delivary button I get a matrix that has the values ​​1049.0 and 2098.0 and another matrix that has the values ​​1 and 2

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