2013 – How to create multiple fields with their datatypes using REST API?

According to MSDN, we can create field like below..

  url: "http://<site url>/_api/web/lists(guid'da58632f-faf0-4a78-8219-99c307747741')
  type: "POST",
  data: "{ '__metadata': { 'type': 'SP.Field' }, 'Title': 'Comments', 'FieldTypeKind': 3 }",
  headers: { 
    "X-RequestDigest": <form digest value>,
    "accept": "application/json; odata=verbose",
    "content-type": "application/json;odata=verbose",
    "content-length": <length of body data>
  success: successHandler,
  error: errorHandler

But question is how to create multiple fields with their datatypes. Like I want to create fields EmpName as Single line of text, Department as lookup, Profile as Hyperlink. How I can create metadata for all these fields?

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php mysql create an entry into a field. (INSERT INTO) WHILE logged in currentuser/session

I did the php registration system and it works

but i created extra fields in the DB so the user can add some data to the database.

All search results are only to add to database from scratch, not from CURRENT SESSION USER. or they are just how to make php user reg systems but no further PHP CURRENT SESSION user interaction with DB

DB structure is just like on that site, i posted above, but created a URL field so a user can save their favorite URL. DB = **users > username > URL **
once i get that working im going to figure out how a user can append to the field and keep adding URLs

i came up with this.. .

if (isset($_SESSION('loggedin')) && $_SESSION('loggedin') == true) {
echo "<a href="file.php?save=yes>Add to Favorites</a>";} 

     echo "got a save";
     userID = $_SESSION("username");
     echo $userID; //it does give the current username, meaning im logged in , session-start is on the header . 

     $URL = $_GET('URLforbookmark');
     $sql = "INSERT INTO users (URL, UserID)
     VALUES ('$URL', '$UserID')";
     if (mysqli_query($sql)) {
        echo "New record created successfully !";
     } else {
        echo "Error: " . $sql . "
" . mysqli_error($sql);

Feedback Error reads:
Error: INSERT INTO users (test, UserID) VALUES (‘theusersfavorurl’, ”)

thank you !

8 – How to create a payment method for an offline payment?

I am eating to set up an offline payment gateway.
What I need:
When a user selects an offline manual payment, completes it, the order needs to be updated to the status pending, but I get the status completed.

I couldn’t find any manuals or documentation on how to create my own offline payment module.

Sorry for englishю

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ubuntu 18.04 – OpenVidu/Kurento: Unable to create media pipeline for session

Our OV 2.17.0 on premises (Ubuntu 18 server) works well for a while (a day or two), then stop working. I can create a new session, etc using REST, but any attempt to join newly created session failed with the server event “unable to create media pipeline for session XXX”. Restart the server helps. Then it works for another 2 days and everything repeats.

I also see that all old sessions stay in memory (I have 10-11 sessions after the crash), although it’s obvious that at that moment no connections were made to them for hours. I expected based on the another thread in this forum, that old sessions should be auto-destroyed. Not sure if that connected to the issue I’m facing.

Please find the logs of both Kurento and OpenVidu here.

Logs were recorded after the moment when server was failed for a while, before the restart.

Create the sequence to take derivative

I have a function $f(x,g(x,y))$, where $f(cdot)$ is differentiable with respect to its first argument, and not differentiable with respective the second argument. However, I can create a sequence $(x_n,y_n)_{nge 1}$ such that $g(x_n,y_n) = c$ is a constant $c$ for all $n$, $x_nrightarrow x_0$ and $y_n rightarrow y_0$. Then, I define the partial derivative with respect to the first argument by
$$f_1(x_0,g(x_0,y_0)) = lim_{nrightarrow infty} frac{f(x_n,g(x_n,y_n)) – f(x_0,g(x_0,y_0))}{x_n-x_0} = lim_{nrightarrow infty} frac{f(x_n,c) – f(x_0,c)}{x_n-x_0}.$$

Is my argument valid?

views – Create dynamic rows and columns in html twig

I have the below code working on a twig file:

<div class="view-content">
        <div class="views-responsive-grid views-responsive-grid-horizontal views-columns-12 container-12">
           <div class="views-row views-row-1 views-row-first">
              <div class="grid-2 views-column-1">
                 <div class="views-field views-field-field-seal">
                    <div class="field-content"><a href="/link1" class="content-processed"><img src="/sites/default/files/mainimage1.png" width="121" height="121"></a></div>
              <div class="grid-2 views-column-2">
                 <div class="views-field views-field-field-seal">
                    <div class="field-content"><a href="/link2" class="content-processed"><img src="/sites/default/files/mainimage2.png" width="121" height="121"></a></div>

This code generates the output as below:

enter image description here

this means, it’s correctly generating 2 columns with images on one row. I want to convert this code dynamically using loop.

In the place of image I want to replace with {{ field.field_image.content }} and in place of the URL I want to replace with {{ field.field_url.content }}

I want to do this dynamically with twig but need help. Thanks

unity – How do I create a perfectly set up FBX file by script?

I have a huge FBX file which contains make animations.
I want to split these into different takes by using a C# script file.

It worked, but it happened often that I messed up the FBX file because my script was just not perfect yet.

What I did in such a case was to restore a backup manually.

However, after having to do that over 30 times already, I thought that I could simply copy the original FBX and its meta data and work with the copy.

This way I would not have to backup / restore the original fbx each time.

I would create the copy at the start of my script.

And then I would call my usual code like this:

ModelImporter nModelImporter = (ModelImporter)AssetImporter.GetAtPath(sCopyOfFBXFile);

if (nModelImporter == null)

To my surprise, the ModelImporter of the newly created copy is “Null”.

The next thing that came to my mind was that perhaps Unity misses the “.fbx.meta” file, so I copied the .meta file, too.

The problem would still persist: The ModelImporter was still Null.

The next thing I tried to call


Still didn’t help.

The solution was to stop the script after the creation of the Unity.

In other words: Unity needed some time on its own without the script still running.

Then Unity would work hard and show a progress bar which indicates that it’s now processing the newly created .fbx file.

Then I could run another script which would then do the ModelImporter work on the new copy.

However, I don’t want to wait that long until Unity has processed the copy, and I don’t want to use 2 steps for a process of which I feel could be done in a single script.

I wanted to provide Unity a perfect copy of which it would automatically know that it doesn’t have to do any more work on. I thought that providing the .meta file would do this job.

Does anybody know why that is not the case and what I would have to do in order to work without interrupting my script intentionally?

Thank you!

sharepoint online – How can I create different view based on Different Folder

Create three views like below:

Folder 1 View

Filter “Name” equal to “Folder1”

Folder 2 View

Filter “Name” equal to “Folder2”

Folder 3 View

Filter “Name” equal to “Folder3”

Filter condition should be like below for all the three views:

enter image description here

We can see that three views are created and based on the view selection folder is getting displayed in the content area:

enter image description here


  • The above UI based view creation can also be done thru the coding using camel query builder.