functional programming: user-defined function to parse multiple csvs, create variables, and count NA in R

I have about 100 data sets with different variables (and different numbers of variables) but each data set has a household ID (hh_ID) as identifier. Variables represent survey questions. Each csv represents a different type of survey. I want to write a custom function that counts the number of times a household was asked a question and the number of times a question was skipped (NA). The problem I have is changing the name of the variables and counting through csvs.

Let's say two dataframes look like this:

hh_ID <- c(1,1,2,2,2)
question1 <- c(NA,1,0,0,0)
question2 <- c(1,1,NA,0,0)
df1 <- data.frame(hh_ID, question1, question2)

hh_ID <- c(1,1,1,2,2)
question3 <- c(NA,NA,0,0,0)
question4 <- c(1,1,1,NA,NA)
df2 <- data.frame(hh_ID, question3, question4)

I need the final dataframe to make it look like this:

question1_count <- c(2,3)
question1_NAs   <- c(1,0)
question2_count <- c(2,3)
question2_NAs   <- c(0,1)
question3_count <- c(3,2)
question3_NAs   <- c(2,0)
question4_count <- c(3,2)
question4_NAs <- c(0,2)
finaldf <- data.frame(hh_ID,question1_count, question1_NAs,question2_count,question2_NAs,question3_count,question3_NAs, question4_count,question4_NAs) 

This is what I have so far:

# read in each dta file
filenames <- list.files(path=mydirectory, pattern=".*dta")
for (i in 1:length(filenames)){
assign(filenames(i), read_dta(paste("", filenames(i), sep=''))

variable_NA_count <- function(dataset, col_name){
temp <- dataset %>% group_by(hh_ID) %>% summarise(question_count = n()) 
temp1 <- aggregate(col_name ~ hh_ID, data=dataset, function(x) {sum(}, na.action = NULL)
final <- merge(temp, temp1, by = "hh_ID")

frequency <- function(dataset, col_name){
temp <- variable_NA_count(dataset, col_name)
temp <- temp %>% select(question1_count = question_count,
                        question1_NAs = col_name)}

The problem is that I want each variable name to end in "_count" and "_NAs" without explicitly typing "question1_count = question_count". I have hundreds of variables in csvs, so I need a function that reads every csv, reads each column name, count the number of times a household was asked a question and the number of times they did not respond. I have tried various ways such as paste function but still hitting a wall.

Thank you!

javascript – How do I create a real-time number generator?

I want to create a real time random number generator for my website and be able to put it on my html page like so:

A square that is centered in the middle of the website's page, and that random numbers, like 1 to 1,000,000,000,000, go through it, and that these numbers stay up and running without having to press a button. Did I understand?

If anyone knows please help me !!

views – Create a custom block programmatically in Drupal 8

I couldn't find a way to show view and restrict certain roles.

But I have managed to solve the problem in another way.

I created a script in Admin> Structure> Block> My_Block> Configure> PHP Visibility:

$hide_from_roles = array('administrator', 'sefii', 'membership');
 if (count(array_intersect($heh, $hide_from_roles)) > 0) {
    $match = FALSE;
return $match;

Create a web hosting business with the WHM option for members

Hi there.! I just want to ask if I need to if I am going to create a web hosting business with WHM option for clients. I already have a web server … | Read the rest of

18.04 – Is it possible to create a virtual television to transmit content from a phone?

I can use Smart View to stream content (don't stream my screen! I already use scrcpy for that) from my phone to my Samsung TV. Would it be possible to create a "virtual Samsung TV" within Ubuntu and stream content to it?

I want to play a slide show from my gallery to virtual TV and still be able to use my phone while the slide show is playing in the background just like normal TV.

Where and how to create po files for the US states? USA And Canada?

Therefore, my site supports 10 other languages ​​besides English. I am trying to convert all states in the US. USA And Canada in po files for each language translation. I found one that translates countries here: However, I can't seem to find a translation page like that to translate US states. USA And Canada to other languages.

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8 – Create cookie after downloading the file

I want to create a cookie after file download.

This is an extension of the existing module:

Every time you click on a download, a pop-up window opens.
It is fine for me to have the email address of the visitors once.
Direct download is then possible without displaying the popup again on other download pages.

This part of the code does not generate a cookie … why?

    $c_response = new SymfonyComponentHttpFoundationResponse();
    $c_response->headers->setCookie(new SymfonyComponentHttpFoundationCookie('foo', 'bar'));

    // Get cookie value
    $c_request  = new SymfonyComponentHttpFoundationRequest();
    $c_value = $c_request->cookies->get('foo');

    if($c_value) {
    } else {
        Drupal::logger('file_utility')->notice("cookie foo is empty");