How can you create a roulette with javascript from scratch?

Honestly, if the bootcamp is not teaching you how to do this, what is the point of being there? Hardcore or not, you do not say "go do this" without some kind of training first. Are you expected to know this first?

That said, what would you need to do a real-life roulette? A spinning wheel, a ball and spaces in the wheel for that ball to fall when the wheel falls (or however it works). So in javascript, you would make animations for the wheel spin. And he would have a ball to land (his statement) and numbers that were selected and a method to choose those numbers.

So, what would you need to do animations, choose a number and return it?

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java – Create tree of nodes from the list of routes

I have this list of roads:

Final static private list paths = Arrays.asList (
"asset / css / custom.css",
"asset / css / default.css",
"assets / js / main.js",
"asset / js / old / main-old.js",
"fuentes / poppins.woff",

What do I need to create a search tree, like this one:

enter the description of the image here

and this is what I have now:

public void testCreateTree () {
Node root = new Node ("ROOT", null, Node.NODE_TYPE.ROOT);
paths.forEach (path -> {
final node[] currentNode = {root};
if (! path.contains ("/")) {// root files
current node[0].addChild (new node (path, currentNode)[0], Node.NODE_TYPE.FILE));
} else {
Chain folders = DirectoryRegex.matchFolders (path); // eg matches / returns "root /"
String fileName = DirectoryRegex.matchFile (path); // eg match / return index.html
Rope[] folderArrays = folder.split ("/");
Arrays.asList (folderArrays) .forEach (folder -> {
Node node = new node ("ROOT", null, Node.NODE_TYPE.ROOT);
node.setNodeName (folder);
node.setNodeType (Node.NODE_TYPE.FOLDER);
node.setParent (currentNode[0]);
// check if the child exists
Node existingNode = currentNode[0].getChild (folder, Node.NODE_TYPE.FOLDER);
if (existingNode == null) {
existingNode = node;
current node[0].addChild (node);
current node[0] = existingNode;
current node[0].addChild (new node (filename, current name)[0], Node.NODE_TYPE.FILE));

String print = root.printNodeJSON (). ToString ();
Console.log (print);

the class is this

Public class node {
public NODE_TYPE getNodeType () {
return nodeType;

public void setNodeType (NODE_TYPE nodeType) {
this.nodeType = nodeType;

public node getParent () {
returned father

public void setParent (main node) {
this.parent = father;

Public list getChildren () {
if (children == null) {
children = new LinkedList <> ();
I return children;

public void setChildren (List children) {
this.children = children;

public void addChild (Node son) {
getChildren (). add (child);

Public node getChild (String nodeName, NODE_TYPE nodeType) {
final node[] child = {null};
getChildren (). forEach (node ​​-> {
if (node.getNodeName (). equals (nodeName) && node.getNodeType (). equals (nodeType)) {
boy[0] = node;
child back[0];

Public string getNodeName () {
return nodeName;

public void setNodeName (String nodeName) {
this.nodeName = nodeName;

Private node () {}

Public node (String nodeName, Node parent, NODE_TYPE nodeType) {
setNodeName (nodeName);
setNodeType (nodeType);
setParent (father);

public enumeration NODE_TYPE {FILE, FOLDER, ROOT}
node type NODE_TYPE private;
Father Private node;
Private list children;
private string nodeName;

Public string printNode () {
Final chain[] s = {"["};

s[0] = s[0] + "Node name:" + nodeName + ",";
if (nodeType! = null) {
s[0] = s[0] + "Node type:" + nodeType.toString () + ",";
if (getParent ()! = null) {
s[0] = s[0] + "Father Node: [ name = " + getParent().getNodeName() + ", type = " + getParent().getNodeType() + " ]";
s[0] = s[0] + "Children node:[";
getChildren (). forEach (child -> {
s[0] = "["+s["+s["+s["+s[0] + child.printNode () + "]";
s[0] = s[0] + "]";

s[0] = s[0] + "]";

public JSONObject printNodeJSON () {
JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject ();
jsonObject.put ("nodeName", nodeName);
jsonObject.put ("nodeType", nodeType! = null? nodeType.toString (): null);
jsonObject.put ("parent", getParent ()! = null? getParent (). printNodeJSONWithoutChildren (): null);
JSONArray children = new JSONArray ();
getChildren (). forEach (child -> {
children.put (child.printNodeJSON ());
jsonObject.put ("children", children);
return jsonObject;

public JSONObject printNodeJSONWithoutChildren () {
JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject ();
jsonObject.put ("nodeName", nodeName);
jsonObject.put ("nodeType", nodeType! = null? nodeType.toString (): null);
jsonObject.put ("parent", getParent ()! = null? getParent (). printNodeJSONWithoutChildren (): null);
// JSONArray children = new JSONArray ();
// getChildren (). forEach (child -> {
// children.put (child.printNodeJSON ());
// jsonObject.put ("children", children);
return jsonObject;


The code works fine, but I want to know the most efficient way to do it.

Shortcode – How to create custom variables in wordpress

I made a wordpress faucet site using some add-ons, and I'd like to do it a little better. I would like to make a reference link, so when it is Address
, I would like the part of Your address to change from user to user, so I would put the user's litecoin address in the profile on the referral link, instead of saying their address. How can I do this?

What happens if I create configurations in simple product?

What will happen if I create configurations within a simple product? Will the simple product change to a configurable product by itself?

topic development – How do I create a WordPress demo site with limited administrator access?

I would think that I would have to give the user the ability to create posts / pages and save the customizer settings to get an idea of ​​the subject.

I would like to create a new user role "administrator" that has all the permissions of an administrator, except the creation / deletion of users. This way you can not stay out of your site. Then I would create a function by hooking it into the wp_logout Action hitch to remove all posts / pages, and set the customizer settings to the default, when the user logs off.

dnd 5e – Is it possible to create an armor from the skin of the monster with the resistances of that monster?

Does the armor made of a monster with resistance maintain the resistance?

For example, a PC kills some Gricks and causes their skin to become leather with their Leather Worker kit.

Grick's statblock says he has

Resistance to damage: blows, punctures and blows in non-magical attacks

Is it possible to create a lightweight armor with that resistance of the tanned Grick leather?

If so, how do you calculate how complicated that process would be and how much it would cost in time and resources?

Create a transaction from a coin wallet (UTXOs) with the bcoin library

I have a multisig configuration, where the signature is made through external HSMs.
I am using Bcoin and his wallet to receive funds.
What I am trying to do is create a transaction and sign it with the HSM.
There are 2 approaches:

  1. Manually create the transaction using MTX.
  2. Use the wallet to create the transaction.

Method # 1 solves my problem. The code is even shown here.
However, this method has a great disadvantage. It requires that I create the Coins. That means I need to manually create the VOuts and VIns. Which means that I need to get my UTXO set and choose the ones I need for the transaction. This is very tedious and prone to errors.

Method # 2 solves this problem. When using the wallet, createTx () will create the transaction for you, choosing the VOuts and the VIns of the UTXO set for that portfolio. However, the problem with this approach is that createTX () sign the transaction I do not want this since the signature must be done by other sources.

So, is there any way to get the raw transaction of a wallet without it being signed?
MTX has the method toRaw () what the raw transaction gives. Is there any way to get the wallet to create the transaction, or at least create the VOut / Vin sets?

Thank you.

Is it possible to create custom themes in SP2019?

In SP Online we can create custom themes using the theme generator and we can use the PS commands to push the theme and apply. But what about 2019? Here also in the same way? If yes, how to promote the personalized theme that was generated in the modern sites of SP 2019? I can not find any API to do this.