Is there a website with up-to-date info on border checks in the EU due to Covid-19?

I will soon travel from France to Austria via Switzerland, and am unsure about the status of border controls. As a UK citizen, I am in principle permitted to travel to Austria (at the current date) as long as I can prove that my journey is “essential” and that I recently tested negative for coronavirus, unless I have a residency permit and am travelling via a ‘safe’ country.

But I am curious about whether anyone will anyone actually check my passport/details if I am traveling from one ‘safe’ Schengen country (Switzerland) to another (Austria) via night train, or whether all passengers must present proof of residency or other documentation. I did not have to give my nationality or passport number to the train company when making the bookings.

So my question: is there a site that I can refer to for up-to-date information about which borders within the EU (specifically the Schengen area) are subject to checks due to Covid-19? E.g. UK-France is possible subject to some paperwork, France-Switzerland appears to be fine, and Switzerland-Austria depends on residency status.

airlines – Can the “COVID-19 card” be pulled for a last-minute service reduction (EC261)?

Was due to fly PRN-DUS-MAN on 3 July, but the PRN-DUS flight was cancelled 3 days before, while it still ran on 1 and 4 July. In other words, the service was only reduced.

As I was re-routed and reached MAN 8 h 15 min past the original schedule, I’ve requested EC261 compensation.

I know airlines will just hold their ears and go “CORONA, CORONA, CORONA!!!”, and even users on Flyertalk have done this, but I know it’s not that simple. The specific cancellation must be beyond the control of the airline, and from what I can gather, a reduction of an up-and-running service, no matter how reasonable due to insufficient demand, is hardly beyond the carrier’s control.

So on what grounds could the airline claim this specific cancellation to be beyond their control?

What’s the longest time travelers have been stuck at some airport due to the covid-19 travel restrictions?

I read on Twitter that some Nigerian travelers were stuck for 4 months at BKK airport.

What’s the longest time travelers have been stuck at some airport due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions?

air travel – Do airlines still use the same info as on the IATA website during the COVID-19 pandemic, or do they have access to more up-to-date, exhaustive info?

Looking at the IATA website, some information is dangerously outdated. E.g. the current information for Hungry is very different from what mentions, and the later seems supported by the Hungarian official gazette.

Do airlines still use the same information as the information displayed on the IATA website during the COVID-19 pandemic, or do they have access to more up-to-date, exhaustive information, e.g. coming straight for government officials without any Timatic delay? If they do, can passengers have access to some/all of them so that they can better estimate their odds of reaching their destination and plan for traveling?

For the sake of the example, here is the current information from Hungry:

Published 22.06.2020

  1. Passengers are not allowed to enter Hungary.
  • This does not apply to nationals of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,
    Greece, Hungary, Ireland (Rep.), Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein,
    Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,
    Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and
    their family members.
  • This does not apply to nationals of Korea (Rep.) and Japan traveling on business.
  • This does not apply to passengers with a signed and stamped letter issued by the Deputy-Chief Officer of the National Police.
  1. Passenger with a signed and stamped letter issued by the Deputy-Chief Officer of the National Police are subject to 14 days


May I fly to this country? YES, WITH LIMITATIONS Hungary has divided
countries in three categories (green, yellow and red). For each
category, a different set of rules of entry, health and quarantine
applies. Travellers can enter Hungary without any restrictions from
countries belonging to the green category. Hungarian citiziens
arriving from yellow or red labelled countries are subject to
obligatory health checks. If the health examination reveals a
suspicion of infection, 14-day quarantine will be imposed by the
epidemiological authority. Quarantine is not required for Hungarian
citizens having performed a PCR test twice, with the second test been
taken at least 48 hours after the first one, and within 5 days prior
to entering Hungary, and both these tests certify a negative result
for SARS-CoV-2. Non-Hungarian citizens cannot enter Hungary from red
countries. Non Hungarian citizens arriving from yellow labelled
countries must undergo medical examinations. If the health examination
reveals a suspicion of infection, entry into the country is not
allowed. If no infection is suspected, the person shall be placed in
quarantine for 14 days by the epidemiological authority or, if
possible without risk, in official home quarantine. The updated list
of countries is available (in Hungarian) at the official gazette Air
passenger rights. Updated info on air travel regulations may be found
at the IATA website

Not to mention the countries for which IATA mentions:

Latest Updates currently under review

enter image description here

I’m assuming airlines have some information for these countries as well.

The effect of Covid-19 on your business |

Hello guys , how are you all doing ?
if you are a business owner like me I guess the covid 19 problem has affected your business somehow

I just want to ask you guys how this pandemic affected your business ?
and what is the solutions that you are taking to save your business ?

For me :
I have a cash on delivery business so when this pandemic happened my business stopped totally because I don’t have a car to deliver and also my city is quarantined so my solution for my business is I’m using a delivery compny that helps me to deliver my products to clients
yes the sells are low not like before the pandemic but I’m making those decision to not kill my brand

usa – US to Greece during Covid-19

It is not a matter of being allowed to enter. The airline will not allow you to board the flight in the first place, not even your US-TR flight. You must reschedule or cancel your trip.

Airline personnel do rudimentary document checks before you board, using a database called Timatic, which states directly

Passengers are not allowed to enter.

except EU nationals.

As you know, EU and Schengen countries, of which Greece is both, have banned entry from third-country nationals effective July 1, 2020, except for diplomats and other extremely narrow categories. You have not stated your citizenship, but if you are not a citizen or permanent resident of an EU country, or a spouse or child thereof, the airline will not take any chances.

As it happens, Turkey has re-opened to tourism, and has some comparable geography, climate, and classical sites, so you might consider that.

why the news media CONTINUES to make a huge deal out of this Covid19 virus, when 99.6 percent of people recover from it just like the flu?

Even the people who don’t die have compromised immune systems, heart and lung problems, and diminished breathing capacity. They have learned how to keep people alive, but hospitals are filling to capacity and beyond. The numbers of people admitted are skyrocketing, but the number of people being released is low.

BI/B2 Visa status covid-19

I have a Turist Visa, and got accepted to enter the USA for a vacation, march 10, i understand i get 6 months to stay, but my flights have been cancelled 4 times, so i assume my last day is september 10. My consulate here in the USA told me the country might open agust 15th, i have a flight schedule for august 18th. Im really not sure if this will be possible.
I dont intend to stay for an extra 6 monhts, i think that if its not august it would be September 15th. So what should i do, applying on line has been very dificult for me, i allways go back to basics. i think 1 or 2 months would be enough. But i dont know what to do
Thanks everyone

How has COVID-19 impacted religious visas for travel to the U.S.?

How has COVID-19 travel restrictions impacted religious visas for foreign religious workers to work in the U.S.? Has it become more difficult to get religious visas in the U.S.? Or do travel restrictions not correlate with ease of obtaining a religious visa?