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referral request – What do Sylow 2 subgroups for Schur look like that covers groups of finite simple groups?

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How to remove Nikon strap rings with plastic covers?

I have done this on my D800, I guess they are exactly the same.

So first remove the plastic clips, just push them HARD onto the mounting post on the camera, they should just pop out.

Then remove the triangle rings, they are A LOT, so you may need a flat-head screwdriver to open the end, just twist them around like a keychain and they pop out.

I NEVER wear a strap, and these are very annoying jerking all the time …

video – How to embed covers in MP4 without errors?

I want to add artwork to my MP4 file. How do I do this successfully / without errors?
I have tried these methods with numerous MP4 files, none worked.
If you want to replicate the bugs / errors, here are the sample files that I used for this question.

I have tried the following:

  1. ffmpeg -i sample.mp4 -i sample.png -map 0 -map 1 -c copy -disposition:v:0 attached_pic sample_w_artwork.mp4

    as stated by Lukas

with this error:

(mp4 @ 0000019ee4852280) Could not find tag for codec h264 in stream #0, codec not currently supported in container
Could not write header for output file #0 (incorrect codec parameters ?): Invalid argument

ffmpeg 4.2.2 (Windows compilation from Zeranoe)

  1. atomicparsley sample.mp4 --artwork sample.png --overWrite

unsuccessfully; AtomicParsley

I get this message when I first run:

Started writing to temp file.
 Progress: =============================================>100%|
 Finished writing to temp file.

Running next time (umpteenth time) gives this:

Updating metadata...   completed.
  1. Add artwork via GUI Tag Editor using both available versions: i686-w64 and x86_64-w64

unsuccessfully; create a sample.mp4.bak file, even though the software says the operation was successful

I've also tried using MP4art as suggested by a comment on another issue in this regard. It didn't include a link, so I searched and found another problem about it. A comment also recommended MP4art, with a link being dead.

I think I have used some other methods as well, but I can't think of them at the moment. It will update if I remember correctly.

Any help is really appreciated.

dnd 5e: Is there a general rule that covers the interaction between death-causing effects at 0 hit points and death-preventing features at 0 hit points?

There are a host of questions on this site and online regarding the interaction between 0-hit point death-causing effects and 0-hit point death-preventing features.

Death-causing effects if you reduce a character to 0 hit points include:

  • Disintegrate spell (original): "If this damage reduces the target to 0 hit points, it disintegrates."
  • Disintegrate spell (PH Errata 2.0): "The target disintegrates if this damage leaves it with 0 hit points."
  • From the viewer Decay ray: "If this damage reduces the target to 0 hit points, his body becomes a pile of fine gray dust."
  • From the viewer Death ray: "The target dies if the beam reduces it to 0 hit points."
  • A published adventure * contains a large number of effects with language such as "If this damage reduces the creature's hit points to 0, it is crushed into a pulp."
  • Instant death: "When the damage reduces you to 0 hit points and there is remaining damage, you die if the remaining damage is equal to or greater than your maximum maximum point."

Effects that can prevent character death when a character drops to 0 hit points include (HT this question for some of these):

  • Half orc Relentless resistance: "When reduced to 0 hit points but not directly killed, it can drop to 1 hit point."
  • Of the barbarians Relentless anger: "If you drop to 0 hit points while you are furious and don't die directly, you can take a saving shot of the DC 10 Constitution. If you succeed, you drop to 1 hit point."
  • Druid Wild shape: "You automatically revert if you fall unconscious, drop to 0 hit points or die. (…) When you return to your normal form, you return to the number of hit points you had before transforming."
  • Death room spell: "The first time the target would drop to 0 hit points as a result of taking damage, the target instead drops to 1 hit point and the spell ends."
  • Polymorphic organism spell: "The transformation lasts for the duration, or until the target drops to 0 hit points or dies. (…) When it returns to its normal form, the creature returns to the number of hit points it had before transforming. "

The interaction between these effects has been a persistent question. Sage Advice used to have the following decision:

If the damage of disintegrate reduces an orc half to
0 hit points, can the unrelenting resistance prevent the orc
of turning to ashes?
Yes disintegrate reduces you to 0 hits
points, they kill you directly, while you turn to dust. If you are a
half orc, unrelenting resistance cannot save you.

What happens if a druid using Wild Shape comes down to
0 health points for disintegrate? Does the druid just go away?
beast shape?
The druid turns to dust, as the spell It disintegrates the instant you drop to 0 hit points.

But then the wording of the disintegrate the spell changed, and on Sage Advice 2.0, the following decision appeared:

(NEW) If damage from disintegrate halves
Orc at 0 hit points, can Relentless Endurance avoid the
orc from turning to ashes?
Yes. the disintegrate the spell spins
only dusty if spell damage leaves you with 0 hits
points. If you're a half orc, relentless resistance can change
0 in a 1 before the spell can disintegrate you.

(NEW) What if a druid using Wild Shape is
reduced to 0 hit points for disintegrating? The druid
just leave the beast shape?
The druid leaves beast form. How
As usual, any remaining damage is applied to the druid's normal hit points. If the excess damage leaves the druid with
0 hit points, the druid disintegrates.

The problem, as I see it, is a IF condition that generates two opposite effects. With the half orcs Relentless resistance it seems clear (er) that it will not protect yourself (due to the stipulation "and it doesn't kill you outright") while the issue of polymorphic organism and wild way It is logically mud.

The change in the wording of disintegrate seems to clarify polymorphic organism and wild way while giving the half-orc a free boost. But the language "reduces the target to 0 hit points" has another problem. As noted in an answer to this question, it has the strange effect that "the spell I would not do it disintegrate creatures that were already at 0 HP before being hit by the spell. "This also applies to disintegrated ray, death rayFalling stone blocks that crush creatures into a pulp, or whatever effect the phrase "reduce the target to 0 hit points" has.

Also, and this is not so much a question of rules as a question of metarules, I find it irritating that the viewer decay ray it would work so differently from the disintegrate spell (assuming the old Sage Advice answer applies, since the wording has decay ray has not changed). While there is nothing that requires logical consistency in a fantasy game, there are benefits (in terms of clarity of the rules and a sense of justice for the player) by having effects that use pretty much the same name and work the same way.

So the question is if there is a general rule that can govern the interaction between these effects, or if it can only be resolved on a case-by-case basis.

* Doesn't say which one due to possible spoilers, but it's a hardcover published by WotC.

Algorithms: the smallest set of balls at a hamming distance that covers all strings of $ n $ -bit

Suppose we define a set $ S = {x mid0 leq x leq 2 ^ n-1 } $. Please note that all items in $ S $ can be represented with a $ n $bit binary string. Now consider subset $ S_i $ such that

$$ S_i = {y in S mid d (y, y_i) leq t }, $$

where $ y_i $ is he $ i $th element of $ S $ and $ d (y_j, y_i) $ is the Hamming distance between the binary representation of $ y_j $ and $ y_i $ and $ t <n $. Obviously, $ S_i subset S $.

Consider the family $ { Phi = {S_0, S_1, ldots, S_ {2 ^ n-1} }} $. Find $ { phi subset Phi} $ with the least cardinality, so that the union of all the elements in $ phi $ equals the original set $ S $ (note that each element of $ phi $ is a subset of $ S $)

I couldn't solve it. However, I think it is possible to find $ phi $ with an efficient algorithm instead of using an exhaustive search.

Edit: an example

Assume $ n = 3 $ and $ t = 1 $

Then $ S = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 } $

So, $ S_0 = {y | d (y, 0) ≤ 1; and in S } = {0, 1, 2, 4 } $

Similary, $ S_1 = {0, 1, 3, 5 } $; $ S_2 = {0, 2, 3, 6 } $; $ S_3 = {1, 2, 3, 7 } $; $ S_4 = {0, 4, 5, 6 } $; $ S_5 = {1, 4, 5, 7 } $; $ S_6 = {3, 4, 6, 7 } $; $ S_7 = {3, 5, 6, 7 } $;

So, $ Phi = {S_0, S_1, S_2, S_3, S_4, S_5, S_6, S_7 } $;
Now, in this case, the $ phi = {S_2, S_5 } $ as $ S_2 cup S_5 = S $

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Color management: how can I verify the amount of sRGB and AdobeRGB that my monitor covers in percentage?

I have read countless reviews like this one in which the reviewers, after carefully calibrating the tested monitor, can calculate the amount of sRGB or AdobeRGB that the screen is capable of covering, which is shown in a percentage value.

I know there are several ways to see the difference graphically (if there is any!) Between a certain color space and that of the monitor, but it seems that I cannot find anywhere software that tells me in percentage of much of sRGB / AdobeRGB / etc. My screen is able to cover.

Does anyone know of a software that, given the calibrated ICC profile of my monitor and a color space, will tell me in percentage how much my monitor covers?

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