Bottom of the marker covered by the dock after MacBook is updated to Mojave

In my macbook, the dock is always at the bottom, since I never want to use the "hide and show automatically" option. In High Sierra, the presence of the pier would not interfere with the display of the marker. Even if there is a long list of entries on the scoreboard, the dock would not block it. However, after my macbook was updated to Mojave last night, the dock would block the bottom entries of the long list of bookmarks. Wondering if there is any solution for this …

graphics3d – The ListPlot3D label is covered by surface in a combined graphic

I'm trying to draw some points on the upper sheet of the hyperboloid. When I try to label them, the label is partially covered by the surface. You can see this in the following code.

  ParametricPlot3D[{Sinh[x] Sin[y]Sinh[x] Cos[y]Cosh[x]}, {x, 0,
1}, {y, -Pi, Pi}, PlotStyle -> {Opacity[1], Yellow}, Mesh -> {5, 10},
Tracing points -> {2, 100}],
ListPointPlot3D[{{Sinh[0.5] Sin[Pi/2]Sinh[0.5] Cos[Pi/2],
Pound[0.5]} -> Style["CS", 15]}]}]

The label is blocked by the surface.

How can I make the label appear in front of the surface? I tried to change the style[“CS”, 15] to text["C"{Sinh["C"{Sinh[“C”{Sinh[“C”{Sinh[0.5] Sin[Pi/2]Sinh[0.5] Cos[Pi/2],Pound[0.5]}]and it does not help

Thank you!

python: keys can not be sent to the web element covered by the information about tools

I try to fill the price to the input element.
I tried in many ways, but they failed and I realized that I could be covered by another element.
As I move the mouse pointer to the field, it automatically displays information about tools. And I also see that some lines of html code appear in the inspection box.
Image 1: my screen when I do not point my mouse towards that field.

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Image 2: my screen when I move the mouse pointer to that field

And here are some of my attempts:

price = browserdriver.find_element_by_xpath ("// *[@id='inputProductPrice']")
driver.execute_script (& # 39; arguments[0].innerHTML = "100000"; & # 39 ;, price)

Result: do nothing without error.


price = browserdriver.find_element_by_xpath ("// *[@id='inputProductPrice']")
browserdriver.execute_script ("$ (arguments[0]) .click (); "price)
price.send_keys ("10000")


price = WebDriverWait (browserdriver, 10) .until (EC.element_to_be_clickable ((By.XPATH, "// input[@id='inputProductPrice']"))) ()
price.send_keys ("10000")


price = browserdriver.find_element_by_xpath ("// *[@id='inputProductPrice']") ()
price.send_keys ("10000")


price = browserdriver.find_element_by_xpath ("// *[@id='inputProductPrice']")
actions.move_to_element (nhapgia) .click (nhapgia) .perform ()
price.send_keys ("10000")

Surely the xpath is correct and that element is on the screen because I can send keys to the similar field in that row (the field called "2" with the blue box highlighted in Image 1).


Please, help me overcome this restriction. Thank you

Fun zone covered low price

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Is the iPhone 5s covered by Apple's battery replacement program?

On Apple's service pricing page, he says he can replace batteries in the following iPhone models for £ 45:

iPhone SE

Iphone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

and all other eligible models

Does the iPhone 5s fall under all other eligible modelsor is it too old?

dnd 5e – How does the fight in an area covered by the Darkness spell?

This is due to two basic rules that affect how combat is resolved.

For the person out of the darkness:

  • They can not see the target (even if they know their location, what they do unless the target uses the Hide action), so they are disadvantaged in their attack rolls
  • Your target can not see them, so they have advantage in their attack rolls.

This is also symmetrical for the person who is inside the Darkness: they can not see anyone they attack, and no one they attack can not see them either.

The semantics of these rules is found in the Invisible attackers paragraph of the Making an attack Chapter 9 section of the Player's Manual:

Fighters often try to escape the warning of their enemies by hiding, casting the invisibility spell or lurking in the dark.

When you attack a target that you can not see, you have a disadvantage in the attack roll. This is true if you are guessing the location of the target or if you are targeting a creature that you can hear but can not see. If the target is not in the location you went to, you fail automatically, but the DM usually only says that the attack was not carried out, not if you guessed correctly the location of the target.

When a creature can not see you, you have an advantage in attack rolls against it.

If it is hidden, whether it does not see it or not, when it makes an attack, it gives away its location when the attack hits or fails.

Since Advantage and Disadvantage cancel each other, and do not consider the effects stacked (ie, 2 sources of Advantage + 1 source of Disadvantage does not result in a net benefit), Darkness almost always results in all the advantages + disadvantages being denied for all affected creatures.

There are three characteristics in the 5th D & D edition that alter this situation.

  • When the sorcerers of the Shadows cast the Darkness spelling using their own Sorcery Points, they are explicitly allowed to see through their own Darkness spell out
  • Any creature that has the characteristic. View of the devil (Most of the high CR demons, and the sorcerers who take the View of the devil Eldritch Invocation) can treat all Darkness, even the Dark Magical, as Dim Light (which has no effect on the Attack Rolls)
  • Any creature that has the characteristic. True sight (Some creatures, as well as anyone who has the True sight spell cast over them) can ignore Magical Darkness entirely, as if he were not there

In each of these situations, the Invisible attackers The rule comes into play, where creatures that have at least one of these characteristics will have an advantage over creatures that do not have them when attacking them, and said target creatures when they attack will have Disadvantage against their more intelligent assailants.

Well, to begin with, deny the advantage that your opponents could have. That is a good use.

Second, it makes it easy Hide. HideIng. Requires some kind of coverage, or some ability to prevent the enemy from seeing you. While that dagger is out, the creature that tries to evade the enemy can Hide as an action when they wish, and if their Dexterity (Stealth) roll is high enough, their location is unknown to their enemy (although it is known to be somewhere within Darkness bubble), which will make it much more difficult to hit them, even without Disadvantage in their attack rolls.

(Resolving the unknown location, mechanically, is a Fiat DM, in general, the DM causes the creatures to go to random points within the bubble, and if they are more than 5% of the creature, they are not. close enough to hit them, otherwise they use their action to use the Search for action, and if they roll high enough, they can know the location of their goal)

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[ Politics ] Open question: Now that we know for a fact that Barr lied and covered up for Trump, can we expect impeachment proceedings to start soon?

The American people are furious and demand a political trial. They want Trump to be retained.

dnd 5e – Is the cover behind the 5-foot-wide cover completely covered?

This is absolutely counterintuitive to me, when you can not mechanically hide behind 5 FOOT TREE against an attacker who does not move

What you have to understand is that the combat mechanisms are intended to function as abstractions of what really happens in combat. From the daytime point of view, the combatants are not literally in the place, waiting for the other combatants to finish their "turn" every six seconds. That is just an abstraction that we use to maintain tactical and strategic combat.

Or, put another way: if you are a creature that is benefiting from half the cover, the only way you can make an attack is if you physically withdraw from that deck. It may not require you to use the speed of movement (if, for example, you are looking around the corner) but, despite that, it is not as if a potential assailant specifically waited to perform the attack and then retire before try to make your attack. own attack in fact, they would probably use specifically the moment you leave the deck to attack.

To be clear, I'm not talking in terms of game mechanics.; in most conditions, it is not possible for a creature to make an attack during another person's turn, without using its Reaction or some other game mechanic clearly specified. I am speaking purely in terms of Diegetic Narrative, where "turns" do not exist and everything that characters do in combat occurs (relatively) simultaneously.

But, of course, that makes it more difficult, hence the mechanical advantage granted by having extra CA coverage, which makes it more difficult to get a successful shot. In this context, the + 2AC awarded by half coverage is the abstraction intended to explain the difficulty of timing a shot to line up when it leaves the coverage.

This is also true for other types of coverage: half of the cover is summarized by the fact that, because it is only half of the cover, it is possible that part of your body protrudes from the deck beyond your control, while with the 3/4 cover, maybe it's no longer a problem. Narratively, the way in which it justifies these abstractions is ultimately due to the DM, or for flavor purposes, to the players themselves.

Therefore, it may seem strange that a 5-foot tree can not completely block incoming attacks from hostile creatures, but once it follows how combat is abstracted around coverage and the use of obstacles in turn-based combat , I think it's more understandable why Mechanics work like them.

Urban landscape – Covered / city exhibition

It seems to me that the method of exposure of the brothers of the sky lacks 2 large levels … I returned from 2 weeks in Europe and measured mainly from the sky and most of my shots are underexposed …

Where should we measure ourselves when it is a cloudy day or when it is an urban landscape? Most of my buildings are underexposed if I measure myself from the sky, and if I measure myself from the buildings, I get a target for the sky.

Any advice from the brothers of heaven about this? 🙂