Am I covered to drive my parents' car while visiting?

I will visit my parents in Ohio and plan to drive their car during the visit. Am I covered by your insurance to drive your car? If not, how can I get coverage for this? I have a Dutch driver's license.

What is the expectation of the number of times a cycle is completely covered?

Consider a loop with a length of 1, then randomly select a continuous part in this loop with a length of 0.5 and cover it. Repeat this process for k times until the loop is completely covered. Find the mathematical expectation of k.

My personal thoughts are as follows.

I have personally considered the question for quite some time. I tried to disagree the question considering the possibility that the cycle is completely covered with 1,2,3 times of coverage, thinking of adding them to obtain the expectation of k later. When k = 1 and k = 2, obviously the probability is 0, when k = 3 the possibility can be shown by an image. Take the starting point of the first covered line segment as the reference point and, respectively, take the second and third covered line segments as x and y in a coordinate plane. We can trace the image as shown below.

As we create all possibilities, we can have this image. The shaded area is expressed when x lands at these specific points, where y should be to meet the requirements. When calculating the area of ​​the shadow, we can conclude that when k = 3, the probability that the loop is completely covered is 0.25

But when I started with the condition of k = 4, it implies a larger plot dimension, which is much more difficult, and I became unable to think clearly about that problem. Can anyone provide a new perspective on this problem? Or is there an elegant solution?

Period of time covered by the Network tab of the Activity Monitor

I am monitoring the use of my network with Activity Monitor. This screenshot shows 1.22 GB of data received and 700 MB of data sent in the lower right:

Activity Monitor Network Tab

I have difficulty interpreting these numbers. In the image, I classified the applications by "bytes received" with a total of about 443 MB, as opposed to the total number of 1.22 GB received. That is a discrepancy of 800 MB.

This discrepancy could be explained if the totals refer to the period of time from the beginning and the numbers of the application for the period from the beginning of the application. But I couldn't confirm that either. This page suggests that the total numbers in the lower right begin with the start of the computer:

However, this restarts every time you restart your computer.

While this thread says they are reset when I start Activity Monitor:

the Network tab in the Activity Monitor behaves in the same way (the totals are from when it starts, not the application being watched)

Do the total and application numbers refer to the period of time since the computer was turned on or since I started Activity Monitor? If they are the same, what explains the 800 MB discrepancy in the data received?

WordPress site covered by LetEncrypt SSL but was hacked

Hello everyone,

I see a strange case that happens to one of my sites, which is under PHP 5.6 and runs WordPress and Wordfence.

The site is also under HTTPS, but today it was hacked and HTTPS is no longer forced, with the result that the non-HTTPS version is redirecting to a porn site.

I don't know what is happening, and my webhost (whose service has been steadily declining over the years, especially lately) has not yet responded. It is no longer the Steller support they used to have.

If someone wants to know what webhost I use, I can reveal …

However, my question is if anyone has any idea what type of hacking it is, is it WordPress or cPanel? Or what exactly is happening?

I was about to change PHP today, and this happens …..

How to know which method is not covered by the unit test?

I want to finish the Unit test for a contrib module and I want to know if there is a way to know the methods that do not have tests, in this way, I can identify the tests that I need to implement.

Is there any way to do this?

Bottom of the marker covered by the dock after MacBook is updated to Mojave

In my macbook, the dock is always at the bottom, since I never want to use the "hide and show automatically" option. In High Sierra, the presence of the pier would not interfere with the display of the marker. Even if there is a long list of entries on the scoreboard, the dock would not block it. However, after my macbook was updated to Mojave last night, the dock would block the bottom entries of the long list of bookmarks. Wondering if there is any solution for this …

graphics3d – The ListPlot3D label is covered by surface in a combined graphic

I'm trying to draw some points on the upper sheet of the hyperboloid. When I try to label them, the label is partially covered by the surface. You can see this in the following code.

  ParametricPlot3D[{Sinh[x] Sin[y]Sinh[x] Cos[y]Cosh[x]}, {x, 0,
1}, {y, -Pi, Pi}, PlotStyle -> {Opacity[1], Yellow}, Mesh -> {5, 10},
Tracing points -> {2, 100}],
ListPointPlot3D[{{Sinh[0.5] Sin[Pi/2]Sinh[0.5] Cos[Pi/2],
Pound[0.5]} -> Style["CS", 15]}]}]

The label is blocked by the surface.

How can I make the label appear in front of the surface? I tried to change the style[“CS”, 15] to text["C"{Sinh["C"{Sinh[“C”{Sinh[“C”{Sinh[0.5] Sin[Pi/2]Sinh[0.5] Cos[Pi/2],Pound[0.5]}]and it does not help

Thank you!

python: keys can not be sent to the web element covered by the information about tools

I try to fill the price to the input element.
I tried in many ways, but they failed and I realized that I could be covered by another element.
As I move the mouse pointer to the field, it automatically displays information about tools. And I also see that some lines of html code appear in the inspection box.
Image 1: my screen when I do not point my mouse towards that field.

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Image 2: my screen when I move the mouse pointer to that field

And here are some of my attempts:

price = browserdriver.find_element_by_xpath ("// *[@id='inputProductPrice']")
driver.execute_script (& # 39; arguments[0].innerHTML = "100000"; & # 39 ;, price)

Result: do nothing without error.


price = browserdriver.find_element_by_xpath ("// *[@id='inputProductPrice']")
browserdriver.execute_script ("$ (arguments[0]) .click (); "price)
price.send_keys ("10000")


price = WebDriverWait (browserdriver, 10) .until (EC.element_to_be_clickable ((By.XPATH, "// input[@id='inputProductPrice']"))) ()
price.send_keys ("10000")


price = browserdriver.find_element_by_xpath ("// *[@id='inputProductPrice']") ()
price.send_keys ("10000")


price = browserdriver.find_element_by_xpath ("// *[@id='inputProductPrice']")
actions.move_to_element (nhapgia) .click (nhapgia) .perform ()
price.send_keys ("10000")

Surely the xpath is correct and that element is on the screen because I can send keys to the similar field in that row (the field called "2" with the blue box highlighted in Image 1).


Please, help me overcome this restriction. Thank you

Fun zone covered low price

▲ Our History
Zhangjiagang Lianguan Recycling Science Technology Co., Ltd is located in the national civilized city: Zhangjiagang,
It is close to the golden channel of the Yangtze River, just 2 hours from Shanghai Pudong Airport by car. It covers an area of ​​80000 square meters, with a machinery workshop and a product workshop. It is a modernized manufacturing company with machinery, product and technology together.
Lianguan Recycling carried out the mission "to turn waste into a treasure and turn it into industrialization", vigorously develop the circular economy. We are dedicated to designing and developing and manufacturing high quality plastic recycling machinery. We have more than 60 years of experience and good engineers who will guarantee the quality for you;
Our main machinery products are listed below: 1- PET waste recycling line used to wash waste PET bottles in the complete line of clean PET flakes; 2- Waste plastic film, woven bags / jumbo bags Washing line recycling line; 3- The plastic crushing machinery includes single shaft crushing machine Double shaft crushing machine / four Double shaft single shaft crusher 4- Line of plastic granulators with different models of plastic cans, PP woven bags, Jumbo bags, textile PSF / POY waste and cloth, Nylon and for hard plastic PE, PP, PS, ABS, EPS, PET, plastic pelletizer line;
▲ Production team
▲ Our Certificate
Our service goal: more reasonable price, better service, better product; Take customers' needs as a guide, consider improving the efficiency of production and quality as a goal, constantly introduce advanced technology from your country and abroad and provide customers with more complete solutions.
We sincerely welcome international friends who come to visit us, guide us and cooperate with us.
Our progress and development, I hope we can testify with you.
▲ Our Service
Installation service
When the preparation conditions are over, our fast and professional team of after-sales service engineers will go to your factory to install the machine, deliver the operation manual and train your employee until they can operate the machine well.
The sample service
1. We can send you the video of the running machine.
2. We invite you to visit our factory and see the machine in operation.
Personalized service
1. We can design the machines according to your requirements (material condition, types of plastic bottle waste, etc.), at the same time, we will give you our professional suggestion, as you know, we have been in this industry for many years.
After-sales service
1. We will send the machine to you and send you the freight invoice on time to make sure you can get the machine quickly
2. When the preparation conditions are over, our fast and professional team of after-sales service engineers will go to your factory to install the machine.
Deliver the operation manual and train your employee until they can operate the machine properly.
3. We often ask for feedback and offer help to our customers whose machine has been used in their factory for some time.
4. We offer one year warranty
5. A well-trained and experienced staff should answer all your questions in English and Chinese.
6. 12 months warranty and lifetime technical support.
7. Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party.
8. Good after-sale service offered, please contact us if you have any questions.
▲ Quality control
We have a unique quality department, which guarantees that the material of the raw materials is good and that the machine works without problems.
If you want more information about the product, you can send us a question, we will solve any of your problems and we will send you a video in execution.
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Is the iPhone 5s covered by Apple's battery replacement program?

On Apple's service pricing page, he says he can replace batteries in the following iPhone models for £ 45:

iPhone SE

Iphone 6

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

and all other eligible models

Does the iPhone 5s fall under all other eligible modelsor is it too old?