Does India use all the visas available for developed countries?

Does India use all the visas available for developed countries? Essentially looking at the breakdown of employment visas

What will happen to all whites after becoming a minority in all western countries, in Europe, North America and Australia?

It will not happen in Europe or Australia. European governments are already taking steps to curb and reverse the trend, and that will accelerate in the near future.

In North America, Canada and the USA. UU. They will separate in several different countries, and whites will be the majority in their own places.

So, the answer to your question is that nothing bad will happen at all. Recent trends have been based on brainwashing against whites and propaganda that are losing their power.


International travel: which countries have strict regulations for traveling with vapers and / or vaping juices / liquids?

I have an important question and I expected to find help from the community here. Any help is really appreciated!

So, I am aware that the regulations for traveling with vape products vary dramatically from one country to another, but which countries specifically have the strictest regulations for vape products? In other words, where should travelers not bring any vaporizer?

I help manage an online vaping shop called and recently our clients have asked us this question several times, so I thought it would be useful to put this information in our blog and share it with our readers.

I am up to date with regulations in some countries and have done a lot of independent research, but I hope to learn real answers from people who live in these different countries or who are from these countries.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much.

Why are white countries richer and more successful than non-white countries? United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand?

Stop being a racist white boy.

many degenerate whites think they are superior because they are white, even though they are degenerates of the white race LOL

@John, you hinted that Europe was a country and was correcting the fact that you are stupid and ignorant

Why do you claim to be intelligent and superior for being white if you don't even know that Europe is a continent?

Why are you racist even though you are a degenerate loser?


The best independent countries for immigration?

I am working as a search engine specialist and I have few own online resources. Originally from Eastern Europe, I spent the last 5 years living a digital nomadic lifestyle. Which countries are good for digital nomads who want to settle down and apply for residence or even citizenship? What benefits will I get with the right to vote?

air travel – Which non-EU / EFTA countries offer EC261 compensation?

The EU website states that EC261 compensation is only offered if:

  • the trip starts in the EU / EFTA, or

  • the trip ends in the EU / EFTA and takes place in an EU / EFTA airline.

However, in practice, several countries have begun offering EC261 compensation regardless of EC261 standards.

List all countries that offer this as a reference.

Passports: is it permissible / advisable to travel through Schengen countries with only your residence permit?

Is it allowed to travel through Schengen countries with only your residence permit?

More specifically, I plan to travel from Austria to Italy (by train) and then back to Austria (by plane) after a couple of days. I will take my Austrian residence permit (valid until February 2020) However, I cannot carry my passport (nationality: India) since it is with the United Kingdom embassy for a visa application for my next visit. I have a letter from TLS (the company that handles the UK visa applications) that says I sent them my passport.

Is it permissible / advisable to continue with my travel plan to Italy and return to Austria only with my residence permit, TLS letter and a photocopy of my passport? Thank you.

How many countries have you visited?

How many and which countries have you visited?

privacy – United States HIPAA and New Zealand HISO from outside these countries

We are developing a software product to store and manage health records in Australia, with the software product mainly directed towards Australian health organizations. This requires that we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, among other things.

I have two questions that are not immediately clear to me:

  1. This is a SaaS product, where end users register themselves. If someone from the United States or New Zealand registers and we end up accidentally storing patient data residing in these companies, are we violating any rules? Or is it the best practice to ensure that this is not possible?
  2. If we wish to voluntarily engage with clients from these countries, should we also comply with their local codes of health practices? That is to say. If we wish to address additional clients in New Zealand or the United States, is it now a requirement that we comply with HIPAA, HISO (and all other mandatory requirements) even though we are a company incorporated in Australia? – Mainly objective in the Group of Asian Countries – UPDATE Rate 11/08/2019 |

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