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What are the actual reward limits not found? Disbursement of goat farming Yangon, Myanmar

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What are the health care costs for New Zealand visitors hiring COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a disease rather than an accident, so it is not covered under the New Zealand ACC scheme.

What are the out-of-pocket costs for New Zealand visitors who suspect they might be infected and those who get treatment if necessary?

New Zealand visitors are not eligible for publicly funded health services, and apart from Australia and the United Kingdom, no other country has reciprocal health agreements with New Zealand.

Health: What are the rules about health care costs for US visitors. UU. Who get Coronavirus?

What would be the situation for a visitor if he hired Covid-19 and required hospitalization while in the United States?

  • Would it be classified as an emergency or secondary care? I know. UU. Do you provide emergency care for free?

  • Do the charges vary, p. by state or hospital?

This was my question: Is it safe for an ESTA exemption visitor to return to Japan until the crown virus has been contained?, Which made me wonder about the financial risks of extending a visit, given that many insurance policies Trip limits the duration of each trip For example, I have an annual travel policy but coverage is limited to 45 days. It also excludes any epidemic or pandemic.

When Obama was president, the Democrats gave him credit for gas prices. Why does nobody thank Trump when it costs $ 1.85 / gal?

They are called liberal media by reason.

Everything you will get from them is wonderful evil democrat / republican, regardless of what happens.

Do you remember the employment numbers? Under Obama, blacks (who loved the guy) had the highest unemployment ever recorded. Now under Trump they have the lowest of all.

Do you think you will hear that in the so-called "main news" media? No way.

database – Cosmos DB Costs

I will be grateful if you can help me understand the cost of US $ 2.5 per day that is costing me in cosmos db.
Total Request: 15,080
Throughput Billing: US $ 2.50
Time: 24 hours

The configuration of cosmos is:
– 400 Throughput Database (RU / s)
– Collection of 400 Throughput (RU / s)
– A 1K json is sent every 5 seconds for writing.
– It's only in one region.
– 600 MB of current storage.

I have tried to calculate with microsoft tools and I cannot reach the value of US $ 2.50

Please support me the cost is getting very high.


API design: How to calculate the costs of a local API request in terms of money?

Assuming you have a client application that runs on thousands of clients, you make 750 million requests in total of 5 KB each. Let's say that for us to have numbers, it has 25,000 customer devices that make 30,000 requests per week of 5KB each. Change if the numbers are different.

The first cost is the cost to customers, which is a bit complicated. Transfer 150 MB per client per week, or approximately 650 MB per client per month. Ask the appropriate department what your customers pay for mobile data bandwidth. However, my ISP had two offers of data: one not enough for me, another 2 1/2 times more than I needed. I took the biggest one, so for me 650 MB per customer would cost zero. Being forced to move from the smallest to the largest business would cost me £ 3 per month. With 25,000 customers, that's between £ 0 and £ 75,000 per month.

Then, your company pays about 16 TB of bandwidth per month to the server. Someone in your company pays the bill and knows how much this costs.

And then there is the cost of the server. Ask your IT technicians how many servers run the server code for this application. It has approximately 3,000 requests per second for ten hours a day, so there could be several. Then verify who in the company estimates the monthly cost of a server and will get their numbers.

Of course, I would divide 750,000,000 applications per week to get the cost per application, which will be very low. I think your question really wants to know "how much are we sure if we reduce the number of requests by 10%," or "how much does it cost to distribute this to another 25,000 users," which will be much larger numbers.

dnd 3.5e: are the special skills with the costs listed multiplied by 1.5?

I understand that you can basically "combine" magic items, but the second one costs 1.5 times more. then a invisibility ring at 20,000 gp can be modified to also act as a +1 protection ring for an additional 3000 gp. Alternatively, a +1 protection ring at 2000 gp it can be modified to also give invisibility to an additional 30,000 gp.

But what about the effects that specific prices have? If you have an old plain masterpiece full plate armor would add acid resistance they cost the indicated price of 18,000 gp, or, because the armor is a groove for the body, an inflation of 27,000 gp? What if you add that and then you want to add electricity resistance? Since the armor already has a skill, is it considered an additional skill and therefore costs 27,000 gp? Would you change the answer if it were a +2 full plate or a +2 dish full of invulnerability?

web hosting – Azure – Subscription end date for free products for 12 months and costs that also appear for free products

I signed up for Azure Portal and received a $ 200 credit for the first 30 days and some free products for 12 months, my free subscription ended after 30 days and I upgraded to the subscription Pay what you consume, now as Azure said that even after 30 days of free subscription, I have access to some free products for 12 months.

I want to know when my 12 month period will expire, since it doesn't
Remember my registration date.

And the other thing I want to know is that even when I'm trying to use a product (mentioned for free for 12 months), it shows me its prices.
As stated at here,
I have

COMPUTE Windows virtual machines (VM B1S) for 750 hours free for the first 12 months

but even when I try to use it, it shows me its monthly cost.

Game design: how to prevent manufacturing costs and sales prices from converging on economies?

There is a pattern in player-driven economies, where production (or processing) costs and sale prices of items converge at a point where the profit margin becomes tiny or even negative. Some examples I can think of are World of Warcraft and Eve Online, but I'm sure you can also recognize this pattern in other games (mainly MMO).

A simple example:
Reagent costs for a potion of life are 1.0 gold in total.
The manufacturing process requires only a few seconds.
Putting an item in the auction house costs 0.1 gold.
The price of the auction house ranges from ~ 1.1 gold.
The total expected benefit is around ~ 0.0 gold.
The player invested 200 gold to achieve the manufacturing skill necessary to produce it.

In EVE Online, players are forced to have great production and marketing skills to have any earnings at all. For newcomers it is almost impossible to carry out any activity related to production that is worthwhile or remotely.

Why is this a problem?
It makes processing more expensive than beneficial in most cases. However, players should be encouraged to do crafts as a secondary activity, and not be financially punished for practicing it.

So, a solution that comes to my mind is to create a better elaboration system (but how?). However, the fundamental issue could be the natural effects of market economies. It is not unknown for the real economy to follow the same pattern. It is a pricing mechanism to avoid excessive saturation and challenge business sustainability: if your product costs more than your production, that business is not sustainable; And if there is too much competition, you should set your prices too low to keep up.

Let's continue with WoW and EVE Online as basic reference examples.
The questions are:

  • Is this a problem that deserves to be solved? Can it be fixed on a large scale?
  • How can you solve it, or at least reduce that price pattern?
  • Is there any way that this solution remains based on the free market and directed by the players?

Avoid layer servers at all costs!

I had with them four VPS. Suddenly, everyone showed network problems. I tried mtr from outside your network, and I got this:
Start: 20 … | Read the rest of