Best cost/effective SSD server for Web Hosting

So what would you say is the most cost effective provider with a SSD Dedicated Server? I want it to maintain small business webpages in a WH… | Read the rest of

Cost-Effective Database Architecture for 2000-3000 concurrent users | AWM Cloud

We have conducted the exam of 2000 concurrent users this week. And it went smoothly.

Our Architecture was, we used an AWS AutoScaling setup with 5 servers running at the start (each has 2CPU, 8GB RAM). Traffic is equally distributed using AWS Load Balancer. For AWS RDS DB we did one change we migrate our DB from m5.large (2CPU, 8GB) to r5.2xlarge (8CPU. 64GB RAM). Also, we have Redis for cashing and performance.

This is the one solution but at the time it’s been costly when we upgrade our RDS DB. So now we are in process of cost-effective Database architecture that can handle 2000-3000 concurrent requests. So for our next exam of such load, we will keep everything the same but we will look for cost-effective Database architecture.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

amazon aws – Backend with Python and Postgres, how to choose a cost-effective deployment platform?

I decided to make my first app (possibly with a web interface at some point) and its development is almost complete. However, I’m having a hard time understanding what is the best platform to deploy the backend to.

My backend is written in Python and uses as storage a PostgreSQL database, both with their respective Docker containers.

Here are the platforms I found so far:

  • Amazon AWS services is a mess, there are so many choices with different name and I don’t really understand what I need if I want a hosting to deploy Docker containers for my app.
  • Heroku seems a bit more straightforward, I suppose I could start buying a dyno for the Python backend and the separate Postgres storage.
  • Digital Ocean seems also to offer some products, such as Droplets or App Platform, but I’m not sure which one is the best.

I’ve no prior experience on the matter, so I have a lot of doubts:

  • Do I need a separate hosting for the Python backend and Postgres? Or can I deploy both of the containers on the same hosting? Is it better to keep them separated to be more fault tolerant?
  • What is the best platform to choose without spending too much? How much bandwidth/storage/RAM do I need? How should I know?

I don’t have much budget, I would like not to spend too much (my idea was 50€ max but that seems unlikely) while still offering a good service. Also I would like to release the app for free, but at this point I might be forced to add some monetization system (ads or premium features for instance) in order to at least cover maintenance costs.

I would really appreciate if anyone can give me a nudge in the right direction.

❓ASK – Traditional marketing or internet marketing. Which is cost-effective? |

The situation now is that many more people use the internet to earn money, be it with digital platforms like YouTube or those that pay for tasks and clicks; or by advertising physical products on Amazon or EBAY.

If your business is small and you operate from home, social networks can be helpful as a tool for dissemination. If your company is large or medium, you have a store and you manage inventory because you must mix traditional marketing with the internet. It is not a bad idea to hire a community manager to help you find potential clients.

germany – What’s the most cost-effective transit pass for the Basel area (including RVL)?

In the Basel area one can buy a TriRegion Mini pass for €9.10 which covers some of Basel as well as the RVL zones 1, 2, 3, and 8 in Germany. I’m looking for a transit pass I can buy that would be good for at least a couple of weeks and would cover a similar or larger area, e.g. as far as Pratteln, Rheinfelden, and perhaps also Kaiseraugst.

A group pass might be worth considering, as I’d be taking two kids along, one of whom is elementary school age, and the other of whom is 15 (and thus considered an adult, at least by Deutsche Bahn).

Is there a longer-term pass for Basel that can cover these conditions?

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What is
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[FREE] Cost-effective niche PLR ​​items – Weight loss PLR items (47KB Notepad files only) |

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    (FREE) Cost effective PLR ​​niche items – PLR weight loss items (47KB Notepad files only)
    Profitable niche PLR ​​items – Weight loss PLR items

    to download

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    good PLR = good money potential

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    Great information, thanks for sharing

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    great to share …. thank you very much!

Cost-effective DTG shirt business for sale


I am looking to sell my DTG shirt business, currently making a profit of around $ 500 per month. After a year of running it, I currently don't have the time to make this business explode. So, instead of saving it for me, I prefer to sell it to someone who can take it to the next level.

If you are someone who might be interested or know someone who is, do not hesitate to contact me for more information or serious offers. Looking for sellers in the United States only. Thank you!

Why are you selling this site?

I no longer have time to devote to this business.

How do you monetize?
Through paid advertising.

Does this site come with any social media account?
I currently have a Facebook and Instagram page with few or no followers. Both pages can be filled with content easily and used to generate traffic.

How long does this site take to run?
Around 10-15 hours a week. This takes into account printing, packaging, response to customer service, listing of new products and design research.

What challenges exist to run this site?
None so far. I recommend keeping a paid designer on deck so you can continually publish new products weekly.

Established Cost-effective Recipes DROPSHIP BUSINESS Website AUTOUPDATING

Recipes are automatically imported every 24 hours, then labels are added and assigned to a directory. Your only job is to monetize the website.

Novice or not, this is the perfect niche to enter and earn money online.

There are numerous ways in which the website can generate revenue. I will travel the main roads here.

For each recipe you publish, you must link the ingredients and the cooking equipment used to your own pages on your site. For example, you can add cooking pans and link them with your partner ID.

Create a separate page for a blender that reviews the blender you use. In addition, for each or most of the ingredients, having your own page that details your health benefits, origins or other interesting information is beneficial for site visitors.

Then, from each of those pages, you can (and should) run a geographic targeting script that determines the visitor's country. You can then link the visitor to the appropriate Amazon website for your country:,,, etc.

And, if you become an associate (or affiliate) for those Amazon sites, you will get commissions for any purchase made.

In addition to doing the above, you can really get this idea of ​​making money from the park by performing some of the following tasks:

1) Share social photos: Including your original photos on social sites to share photos like Flickr and Pinterest can attract traffic from different sources. Embed the photos of those sites in yours to increase page load times and reduce bandwidth usage.

2) Share social videos: In the same way as with photos, creating unique videos and posting them on social video sites like YouTube can increase exposure and generate more traffic. In addition, embedding videos in recipe pages increases the value of the page from the perspectives of visitors and search engines.

3) Creation of the recipe book: You could benefit greatly by adding your recipes to a separate document as you go.

If you have the time and common sense, it would be valuable to include each recipe in your own document, including the links, and export it as a PDF file.

You can do this using free tools. Writer allows you to create PDF files and retain hyperlinks. Most "free" software will not allow you to keep hyperlinks intact in the exported PDF unless you pay for an update, but OpenOffice does.

Each of these unique recipe brochures that you would share on PDF sharing sites such as Scribd and SlideShare.

In addition, I would add related recipes to a larger PDF book. Then, you can sell the book after including "x" the amount of recipes, or "bribing" people to include it in your mailing list, or simply share it as you did with individual recipe brochures.

Then, of course, create a brochure with all your recipes, and share it, give it to subscribers or sell it. You can post it on Clickbank, for example, and let other people sell it for you and give them commissions for doing so.

4) Improve recipe publications: In addition to embedding multimedia content in posts (your unique Flickr or Pinterest photos, and unique YouTube videos) you can also write an article for each post.

Instead of just including: Equipment list, ingredient list and procedure, also write something about the recipe. It can be anything, including: the nutritional value of the main ingredients, reviews of family members about the taste, their motivation to create the recipe, a vivid description of the taste, smell and texture, and how it feels in the mouth, and so on.

Just focus on creating unique valuable content always. By content I mean: the recipe itself (cite inspiration if relevant), written content and multimedia content.

Monetization for website

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Incent – 3 by 1 digital combo (Allrecipes, Better Homes, Family Circle) iOS – US $ 13.00 CPAMiscSmashLoud23 Feb 2017

Amazon affiliate monetization

TABLE 1 – Standard program flat rate rates for specific product categories

Product category Fixed standard program rates Amazon gift cards, wine 0.00% Videogame and videogame consoles 1.00% Televisions, Digital videogames 2.00% PC, PC, DVD and Blu-Ray components 2.50% Toys 3.00% Amazon Fire Tablet Devices , dashboard buttons, Amazon Kindle devices 4.00% Physical books, health and personal care, sports, cooking, automotive, baby products 4.50% Digital music, groceries, physical music, handmade, digital videos 5.00% outdoors, tools 5.50% Headphones, beauty, musical instruments, commercial and industrial supplies 6.00% Clothing, Amazon Element Smart TV (with Fire TV), Amazon Fire TV devices, jewelry, luggage, shoes, bags and accessories, watches, Amazon Echo7 devices. 00% Furniture, home, home improvement, lawn and garden, pet products, pantry8.00% Amazon Fashion Women, Men & Kids Private Label, Luxury Beauty, Amazon Coins10.00% All others categories 4.00%

You could receive a 4.50% commission from Amazon for each Kitchen product sold on its website.