concurrency – What are some of the easier and more cost effective ways to test/reproduce the Failures of systems

What are some of the easier and more cost effective ways to test/reproduce the Failures of systems such as Race conditions, message passing failures, message passing problems. Should I do some integration testing or mocking. Please offer your solutions.

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web development – Custom print cost calculator for printing business

First of all, I am not a web developer. I manage a small printing business. I manage our company’s website and our company’s social media profiles, as well as our Google Ads campaigns.

Our website was built using Google sites. I know it isn’t the best website builder, but all we needed was a website with a couple of pages that showcase our work, so our customers can inform themselves about what we do and what services we offer. And it has actually been working better that you’d initially think. I have had quite a few customers compliment us on how nice our website was.

However, I’d like to expand to something completely different that most of the website building platforms in the market don’t seem to offer; calculating the cost of e.g. printing a .pdf file online and then giving the customer to pay for that service.

Take for example:

You can upload your .pdf file, and their website calculates the cost based on the number of pages on that file, taking into account input from the user, things like whether it will be a full colour or B&W print, if they want it to be spiral bound, etc.

Is there any platform, like e.g Shopify or Woocommerce, or some extension for one of those platforms, that allow you to do something like that, even without all the features that I mentioned earlier? Anything that doesn’t require extensive coding knowledge goes. I would really like to make this happen myself, so I can have full control over it throughout its lifespan.

Thanks in advance.

how do you cost assest?

When you’re figuring out how to price your services how do you do a cost assessment?
Like do you factor in how much power the server is us… | Read the rest of

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dnd 5e – How much gold and how much time does fitted mithril or adamantine armor cost?


Both mithral armor and adamantine armor are listed as uncommon magic items. In the guidance on crafting a magic item in the Dungeon Master’s Guide (p. 128-129), uncommon magic items have a range of value of 101-500 gp.

Obviously, mithral plate is not worth less than mundane plate armor, so at my tables we have always just added 500 gp to whatever the value of the mundane version of the armor is to get the value of the mithral or adamantine versions. This has always been well-received by players I’ve played with, and is consistent with the accepted answer to the related question What would be the price of Adamantine Plate armor?


Time is going to be largely up to the DM. There is some guidance in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything concerning crafting magic items (p. 128-129); the suggested crafting time for uncommon magic items is two weeks (and 200 gp of other expenses).

Bringing it together

If I’m running the game, I’ll let you buy mithral plate armor or adamantine plate armor for 2000 gp. But if you want to craft it yourself, or that is the avenue your DM has determined for you to take, I would suggest following the guidance on crafting an item in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (p. 129):

An item invariably requires an exotic material to complete it. This material can range from the skin of a yeti to a vial of water taken from a whirlpool on the Elemental Plane of Water. Finding that material should take place as part of an adventure.

I will work the mithral or adamantine raw materials into the adventure or allow the player to purchase 500 gp worth of it, then allow the player to craft the mithral or adamantine variant of an existing armor during two weeks of downtime.

Minimum cost of wood for woodworking project problem

This is a fun one, I really can’t wrap my head around it. It’s like an n-sum problem combined w/ a knapsack problem and I cant seem to find a solution.

I’m currently building a cabinet, and had just enough wood that if I calculated my cuts right, I would’ve had enough, if I had even cut one certain length from one board instead of another, Id have needed an extra length of wood and would have to go back to the store. And it made me start thinking about if there is a non brute force solution for calculating the minimum amount of wood lengths I needed.

Then started to think about it further, given a bin of infinite lengths of wood in various lengths. Ie: infinite 96″, infinite 72″, etc, and a cost for each. What would be the minimum cost of wood I’d need to buy.

So the problem would be like, given lengths of wood that have a certain price:

{ cost: 3, length: 96 },
{ cost: 2, length: 72 },
{ cost: 4, length: 144}

And a list of cuts (lengths) needed,

( 24, 24, 24, 24, 48, 48, 48, 48, 36, 36, 36, 36 ) 

What would be the cheapest combination of wood pieces I could buy and still have enough wood.
(Lets assume that we do not have to take into account the amount of wood lost during a cut due to the width of the blade)

dnd 5e – How much gold and how much time does fitted mithril or adamantine armor cost in D&D 5e?

I’m looking for the most widely accepted rules for buying mithril and adamantine armor, including chain, splint, half and full plate. How much gold and how much time for a merchant to craft does each piece of armor listed (8 total) cost, baseline? Non official rules are allowed as long as they are widely used. I’ve scoured many sources like the DMG, in addition to the other official 5e sources, and popular homebrews like Sane Magic Prices.

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If i make a game in Unity where a player can host their own servers, will it still cost me more money?

I know that with Unity’s networking system, you will have to pay Unity if you have more than X players on your servers at the same time. I believe this is because that Unity is hosting the servers, and it costs them internet service? But if the players are hosting their own servers, this wouldn’t cost Unity any internet. Is it possible to host your own servers using Unity networking, and if so, will it still cost extra money? thanks. :]