pathfinder 1e – Is there an action cost for a Kinetecist when using Metakinesis?

Then, the kinetecistas can use the metakinesis to affect their explosions as if they were using an associated metamagic feat. Metamagic feats sometimes modify the action required to use the associated spell (ie, standard action -> full round).

Does promoting metakinesis, for example, actually change the time it takes to use a kinetic explosion? Or is it still a standard action?

Programming – Counterintuitive remediation cost scale within the SEI CERT Coding Guidelines for priority

The SEI CERT coding guidelines assign a priority to each rule, formed from the product of three factors: severity, probability and cost of remediation. Each of these three factors is assigned a value of 1-3, and the highest priority formed by that product is 27.

While gravity and probability correspond to my intuition (assigning a 3 to very serious consequences and a 3 to a probable vulnerability), I find that the scale of value for remediation is counterintuitive. A remediation value of 3 is described as the most cheap rule to apply; allowing the use of automatic detection and automatic correction. However, this would correspond to a 27 (3x3x3): that is, the higher possible priority Surely the highest and most likely rule, which also has the highest cost to comply, must be assigned the highest priority? After all, the cost may correspond to the time when staffing levels are low.

The relevant section of the SEI CERT Coding Guidlines wiki is here.

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How much does it cost to repair a 70-200mm f / 2.8 drop lens?

I just dropped a 70-200 f2.8 lens and the images are pretty blurry and blurry. I'm very sad about that, since I borrowed it from one of my friends for the weekend.

The exterior of the lens is slightly damaged, but the glass looks good. There may be some calibration problems. I included some photos to prove the point. Basically, the images are really blurry at the edges, but the focus works.

What can I do in a situation like this? It is worth calibrating, and if so, how much does it cost?

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

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dnd 5e: Does UA Psionic Wizard's way of thinking allow you to ignore unconsumed material components at a cost?

UA Psionic Wizards gain a special ability called Form of Thought where they become beings of pure energy. Part of that ability is Psionic Spellcasting.

Way of thinking

Psionic spell casting.

When you cast a spell while in thought form, you
You can cast the spell psionically. If you do, the spell does not
they require verbal, somatic or material components that lack a gold cost.

What does this mean? Functionally, it has an arcane approach as a class characteristic, so the material component generally does not matter.

This means that you cannot cast spells like Glyph of Protection (200 gp of powder, consumed) for free. However, can you cast spells that do not consume materials such as Chromatic Orb (50gp, diamond)?

Otherwise, the "component without material" seems irrelevant since you already have your psionic approach to activate the ability.

API design: how much does it cost to make an API request in terms of money?

My manager asked me how much it costs (in money, currency, $) to make a REST API request from our client application to one of our services.

The average size of the payload is around 5 kb, and the client application makes about 750 million requests per week.

I don't even know where to start calculating this. Where I look What am I looking for? How do I prove the number?

Polynomial approximation (in $ L ^ 1 $ norm) at a minimum cost

Define the cost of a polynomial $ sum_ {i = 0} ^ N a_i x ^ n $ be be $ sum_ {i = 0} ^ N | a_i | $. Leave $ g: (0,1) a mathbb {R} $ be a function to be approximate – let's say, $ g (x) = 1 / x $ Yes $ e ^ {- 1} leq x leq 1 $, $ g (x) = 0 $ Yes $ 0 leq x <e ^ {1} $. (That function arises in practical contexts.) We are interested in polynomials $ P _ + $, $ P _- $ such that $ P _- (x) leq g (x) leq P _ + (x) $. We define the oppression $ epsilon (P) $ from $ P $ to be fair $ epsilon (P) = epsilon = int_0 ^ 1 | P (x) -g (x) | dx $.

By die $ epsilon> 0 $ Y $ N $ what are polynomials $ P _ + $, $ P _- $ sealing $ leq epsilon $ and minimum cost? What are those minimum costs? $ c _ + ( epsilon, N) $, $ c _- ( epsilon, N) $? What happens if we allow the degree $ N $ be arbitrary? (In other words, what are $ c _- ( epsilon) = inf_N c _- ( epsilon, N) $ Y $ c _ + ( epsilon) = inf_N c _ + ( epsilon, N) $?)

(Is there a simple way to see the correct order of magnitude of $ c _ + ( epsilon) $ Y $ c _- ( epsilon) $?)

(Additional question: what happens if you allow $ P _ + (x) $, $ P _- (x) $ be a linear combination of fractional powers $ x ^ r $, $ r geq 1 $?)

How much does a casino application cost? – Everything else


Hi, I have two years of experience in fashion design. I am a fashion and dress design enthusiast. I started my career as an associate fashion designer at Outdoor Outfits, Cambridge. Later, I quit my job and joined a startup called Label, where I played almost all job roles and learned a lot (I've been there for over a year).
I always aspired to start my own company and currently, I am seriously considering it.
Honestly speaking, I don't have any savings! Fortunately, I have received an optimal amount of my family's asset (it is not really an asset, but the source is somewhat connected to my family and unfortunately I cannot disclose it).
I know it would not be a good idea to start a new business when you have debts. I have a credit card debt. In addition, I have to pay my house and my car monthly. I am considering the debt consolidation procedure with the help of a nearby agency. The discussions are still going on, so after paying off my debts, I will start the boutique of my dreams.
I can only pay an opening cost of up to $ 45,000, I can't pay any risk or loss on this!
I have been reading threads in this forum for so long and, as a possible operator, I would like to hear about fault stories and tips to avoid it.
What was wrong or what were the mistakes that failed in the business?
Don't confuse me as a negative person, I have seen my father fighting for a loss of business and I don't want to repeat history.
I hope you read this. Thanks in advance for your attention and answers (if applicable).

. (tagsToTranslate) business

wild worlds – Powers with additional objectives: do I pay 1 power point for an additional objective or do I pay the cost per objective?

The "Savage Worlds Gentleman & # 39; s Edition (revised)" German, which is based on the English "Savage Worlds Deluxe", as far as I know, translates it as multiple objectives that require the corresponding multiple power points. Therefore, wounding on two goals costs 4PP to launch.

Unfortunately, it does not mention whether this also applies to the cost of energy maintenance. I would say yes, but that is a personal decision, not mentioned in RAW.

(Of course, I have no data in any way if the German translators asked the original authors about the meaning of the quoted phrase and if, therefore, its translation is based on the intention of the original author or its interpretation)

Confusingly, the SW: GER uses two different ways of expressing cost increases of power points of multiple objectives, and it is not clear whether those are qualitatively different or just stylistic variants.