algorithms – Minimizing cost of a given sequence by partitoning

Given a sequence of positive integers of size N(let) divide it into at most K(K > N/C) disjoint parts/subsequences in order to minimize the “cost” of the entire sequence.

Partitions cannot overlap, for example (1,2,3,4,5) can be divided into (1,2), (3,4) and (5) but not (1,3) and (2,4,5).

The cost of a subsequence is computed as the number of repeated integers in it. The cost of the entire sequence is computed as the sum of costs of all the subsequences and a fixed positive integer cost C times the number of partitions/divisions of the original sequence.

How should I go about determining the position and number of partitions to minimize the total cost?

Some more examples:

The given list = (1,2,3,1) Without any partitions, its cost will be 2 + C, as 1 occurs two times and the original sequence is counted as one partition.

(1,1,2,1,2) Without any partitions, its cost will be 5, as 1 occurs three times and 2 occurs two times. If we divided the subsequence like so (1,1,2),(1,2) then the cost becomes 2 + 2*C, where C is the cost of partitioning.

I have actually solved the problem for the case of C = 1, but am having problems generalizing it to higher values of C.

For C = 1 it makes sense to partition the sequence while traversing it from one direction as soon as a repetition occurs as the cost of a single repetition is 2 whereas the cost of partitioning is 1.

I’m trying to solve it in nlog(n) complexity ideally or at most a fast n^2.

block – I want to start Bitcoin Mining but I dont know what the cost to profit ratio would be

So I am rocking a Ryzen 5 2600x, Rx 570 4gb, and 16gb ram 3000mhz

I am going to be soloing but i was wondering if i would be able to make profit

I am quite new to this so i just had a couple questions

Would i be able to make anything with my current setup?

is it worth going into a mining pool?

If i were to get a dedicated machine like a ASIC, would i make profit being Solo or in a Group?

How long would it take for me to mine 1 confirmation solo with a ASIC vs my pc and how long would it take for me to mine 1 block with an ASIC vs my pc, solo?|

Any and all answers appreciated considering im new to this


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Given N intervals and each interval has a cost, how’d you find the maximum sum of any two non overlapping intervals in (NlogN) given 2<=N<=100000

This was asked by Amazon in their campus dive.

air travel – In general, and very roughly, how much would it cost all in all in USD for a one-two-week trip to an exotic location such as Thailand for one person?

I’ve numerous times wanted to “quickly look up” what it would cost for me to finally go on that vacation I’ve never had in my life. Growing up, our family never had any money to go anywhere, and sadly, it has not changed in adult age so far. Still, even though I’m not actively looking to go on such a vacation, it would be very interesting for me to know a very rough estimate for such a trip.

I don’t mean just the plane ticket to go there and back in the cheapest and quickest possible manner. I couldn’t stand stopping at a location and switching airplanes, so I guess I would have to pay more. And while I’m not expecting to live at a luxury hotel, or stay there for months and months, I wouldn’t want to sleep at some wooden bench in a hut for one night either, or just exit the “big metal bird” and walk around for a couple of hours before I need to go back to the airport and prepare for the trip back home.

The entire process of traveling to/from airports, dealing with whatever is done at an airport, and the flying, is perhaps an even bigger problem to me than the purely financial issue. I wish I could skip all of that and just teleport from my chair to a tropical beach. People who claim that “the trip is the destination” must be crazy. Perhaps it was true back in the day when this world wasn’t over-analyzed beyond the sub-atomic level and optimized and streamlined for a person quite different from the “pioneering adventurers of times past”. Even modern cruise ships seem more frightening than inviting to me, although they do appear to be much safer… I’ll give them that.

I basically wish to know in extremely rough terms how much money in total I would have to spend for such a trip, perhaps for one or a couple of weeks.

I’m very well aware that it will vary a lot depending on a lot of factors. I’m just wondering if it can be done (without pinching pennies) for something like USD $1,000, or if we’re talking more like USD $10,000. Perhaps even more? And again, I’m not the kind of person who takes some kind of pride in finding the absolute cheapest of everything just to be able to brag about how little money I spent. Obviously, I also don’t enjoy (nor have the financial means) to just “burn money” mindlessly.

I somehow suspect that it would be close to ten grand than one grand. That $1,000 likely would just pay for the plane ticket and possibly a basic “survival-tier” hotel/food, if even that. Even if things can be cheap, there’s a high probability that my circumstances cause such an “price-optimized” vacation to be a practical impossibility. That’s why I’d like to know more of an “average” total price rather than the best (or worst) possible configuration.

Also, please don’t fixate on Thailand. It’s just an example which is far away from me in Europe. I don’t really have much desire to go there in particular. I just don’t really have any clue what a “proper vacation” costs, having always assumed that it was out of my reach based on the flight prices which alone cost a ton but are just one part of the overall cost.

How much does it cost to replace a DSLR shutter?

This is the biggest problem of the fast shutter speed cameras
Canon says the shutter lasts up till 100K, but the good news is you might be lucky enough to use your shutter till 200K or even 400K, but in any case, you can replace it for roughly 300 USD if it fails early

However, note that you should never replace your shutter if the repair price exceeds 30% the price of the whole camera, so in order to get a better solution, sell it when it reaches 70K — and dont forget to honestly inform the buyer about the shutter count — and get yourself newer model so you will always be updated by the latest models without involving yourself in the hassle of repairs. Hopefully, you will be changing the camera body without the lenses and don’t need to change the lenses as long as you protect them well by UV filters and seal them well in your antishock camera bag.

blockchain – What is the approximate Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Cost?

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