Can db corruption due to power loss occur even with battery-backed write cache?

Power outage in the data center and we are waiting to restore it. Our database server has battery-backed write cache. Does that completely eliminate the chances of DB corruption from the loss of primary energy?

Why are liberals so protective of the Clintons and so willing to overlook their corruption?

Anonymous above said it best ………..

have you been investigating the Clintons since WHEN ???????? Do you remember Hillary's days in the WATERGATE investigation ……… hell, why don't you mention her elementary school transcripts while you're at it?

You've been investigating the Clintons for at least 46 years … damn about half a century!

Watergate, White Water, Filegate, Vince Foster Gate and another 300 "doors" you invented ……. and not ONE load. Not one. You investigated BILL for 8 years in a row ……… and you didn't even get a parking ticket … until *** GIVEN YOU ** ** Monica Lewinsky on a silver tray.

Then he spent 40 MILLION dollars researching a BJ …….. and stained dresses …… and finally nailed it for the definition of "is" –

WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then you investigated HILLARY up and down and sideways …….. CLAIMS of lesbian lovers and brain tumors, and Pizza-gate, and BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI !!! BENGHAZI !!!!!!!!!!! …….


He accuses them of murdering everyone they know … with hashtags like #Clinton Body count, and #Clinton Body bags ………… again, all without a single test SHRED …. …… but thousands of BLOGS, full of theories and claims of BS.

It is likely that they are the two most investigated people on the PLANET …….. and all you got, in any of them, was that BILL received a BJ from the inmate's side hit by the star.


But you can't fix as much as a parking ticket on these guys, and still claim they are as corrupt as hell?

Well, if that were TRUE, as you say … then that means two things ……..

They are the two MOST INTELLIGENT criminals that have existed ………. and you must be the MOST OUTSTANDING Republicans that have ever existed, who can never PROVE a damn accusation.

So I guess they probably fooled everyone, huh?


bitcoind – `Fatal LevelDB error: Corruption: truncated block read & # 39; with txindex

I am running Bitcoind 0.18.0 with txindex. The indexes are stored in an SSD, and the raw block data is stored on an external hard drive. Out of nowhere he crashed with a LevelDB fatal error: Corruption: truncated block reading error message shortly after receiving a block at height 585160. Now, every time I try to start it, it loads the status of the chain, checks the last 6 blocks and then locks up when loading the txindex and the following message appears:

EXCEPTION: 15dbwrapper_error
LevelDB fatal error: Corruption: truncated block reading: /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/indexes/txindex/156611.ldb
bitcoin in the planner

end call after launching an instance of & # 39; dbwrapper_error & # 39;
what (): LevelDB fatal error: corruption: truncated block reading: /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/indexes/txindex/156611.ldb

Is anyone familiar with this problem that can help? I guess I can try a full reindexing, but I know it will take a long time and I would like to avoid it if possible. Is there a faster way to recreate only the txindex? Does anyone know why this could have happened or how could I avoid it?

kubernetes – Compaction error: Corruption: unequal checksum block: expected 862584094, obtained 1969278739

Currently I try to handle this right in my weekend of 3 commemorative days: D

  • Ceph 13.2.4 (Filestore)
  • Tower 0.9
  • Kubernetes 1.14.1

My configuration is a Kubernetes user with the address of the Ceph tower. When using 13.2.4, I have this problem with one of my OSDs always restarting. This happened recently. No power failure occurred or nothing occurred at the node.

The only thing I could find to help was, but this one seems to be a year old. I'm not sure where to start with this. Any clue or point to the documentation to follow, or a solution if you have one, would be of great help. I see some tools for Bluestore, but I do not know how they are applicable and I want to be very careful given the situation.

In the worst case, I have backups. Willing to try things within reason.

Failed to deallocate Matrix – double free or corruption C

Hi, I'm having a problem trying to free in an assigned array, I'm doing a program to rotate an array, after assigning I execute a function and then the free does not work, returning the double free error or corruption

cop = malloc (x * sizeof (long int *));
(int k = 0, k <x, k ++)
cop[k] = malloc (and * sizeof (long int *));

transfected (mat, COP, Lin, et al, theta variables);

(int i = 0; i <x; i ++)
free (COP[i]);
free (COP);

The function used is the following:

empty transferase (long mat ** int, long int ** policeman, long lin int, long, int col, Int theta much, much int var)
long int value;
// x * sin (theta * PI / 180) + and * cos (theta * PI / 180);
// x * cos (theta * PI / 180) - and * sin (theta * PI / 180);
(int i = 0; i <lin; i ++)
(int k = 0; k) < col; k++)
            long int a = k*cos(theta*PI/180) - i*sin(theta*PI/180);
            long int b = k*sin(theta*PI/180) + i*cos(theta*PI/180);
            a += var;
            cop[b][a] = mat[i][k];
            if (a > 0)
cop[b][a-1]    = mat[i][k];

This function relates the lin / col of one matrix and rotates to b / a of another (in the case, the matrix cop), x and y is the size of the matrix necessary for the image to be broken.
Theta = 90ยบ as an example

Corruption of notebook files – Mathematica Stack Exchange

During the past few years, the start of Mathematica's notebook files on my computers has been frequently corrupted (Mathematica 11.x on Windows). If I open them with Windows Notepad, the first line is more or less meaningless. Usually, the first text that is not corrupted on the CIDID line. There may also be more corrupt lines in the notebook. When I open these notebook files with Mathematica, the message box titled "Why the beep?" Appears, which says "There seems to be an error in the file names below. You should close it without saving and then verify the & # 39; Analyze and load & # 39; in the Notebook Options dialog box Name / address of the file ". Any idea what could be causing this? Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

7.0 nougat – Micro SD partition strategy for Android (context of attrition leveling and data corruption)?

The main problem is related to bad blocks / groups And it happens to be the Android platform.
This is a 128 gb Sandisk (leave this link, it is not an announcement.) The specific card indicates other parameters, such as memory channels, writing speed, etc., card that I am using in a Nougat from Android device.

This is the second time that the card had corruption problems. The first one I bought has Write Locked. Replacement present was provided
The card has a lot of bad groups. 2 things made me smell this:

  • Whatsapp directory (which had a link to Whatsapp dir on internal): the image directory can no longer be written to
  • The phone restarts randomly and next time. exFat partition is not mounted (I used app2sd and parted the card to ext4 10gb to link my applications and rest if exfat )

ran a Chkdksk in Windows 7 and it would automatically stop at the initial execution and persist in the execution it gave me the repeated message "# cluster moved by the file "(can not remember the exact verbiage.) It could never be completed, but it was canceled with the message." corruption found on the card "


  • Given this situation, is there any SO utility or third-party tool that can complete the execution of the card and mark defective blocks and those defective blocks are not available to write? If I ran Chkdsk with / r / x options and that was when he vomited with all these errors and did not run until the end. I tried pulled apart for android that runs fsck (exFat sub) and the report was normalized to <1 min, which tells me that it did not invoke bad blocks routine

  • From what I read due to & # 39; leveling wear & # 39; the dynamics change so bad sectors it can not be permanently marked and the only temporary solution would be to make a low-level format. The question is – is it so, pl. confirms my understanding?

  • So if the above is correct. I wanted to think of ways in which I can reduce data corruption and have control of the above. What I'm thinking is, after erasing the data – instead of exFat. I'm going to create several Ext4 partitions
    one ext4 for the hidden partition of app2sd (as is currently the case)
    other ext4 Pat # 2 for most RO data
    ext4 Pat # 3 for mostly moderate RW data (like camera photos)
    ext4 Pat # 4 for RW mostly high (as What application media)

    – Is this going to help make life better than before?

    -like I do auto mount ext4 (The default external storage for Android is exFat or Fat32 ) and that also more than 1 divide ? what files are equivalent to fstab files in android ( this is nougat ) I add my custom assembly order to?

    – Any other solution that you can think of?

file systems: ZFS protection against bit corruption and silent corruption without RAID

I've never encountered a disk failure in my entire life, but I had a dozen bit corruption and silent corruption. The "normal" RAID hardware and file systems can do absolutely nothing about it. I have been using parity redundancy at the application level to protect my most important data, but apparently it is not entirely effective.

I know that ZFS stores the checksum of the fragments in the software RAID, which offers protection against bit corruption and silent corruption. The problem is that I do not want RAID and that is off the table.

So, is it possible to use parity at the file system level without RAID or multiple disk systems? For example, allocating part of the disk space to store the parity of the "fragments" instead of storing the parity of disks of equal size on another disk as in RAID5.

[ Politics ] Open question: Republican = really evil people who use bribes, lobbying, incessant corruption and nepotism?

[ Politics ] Open question: Republican = really evil people who use bribes, lobbying, incessant corruption and nepotism? .

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