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Future of Fan Engagement

The world is now more connected than ever. But still, sports and entertainment fans are expected to collect the content they desire on multiple platforms, with communication expected to flow in only one direction: from the star to the fan.



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White label cryptocurrency exchange software – Cryptocurrencies Corner

  White label cryptocurrency exchange software is becoming the trend in the market because of its reliability, affordability, and optimum performance. To outsmart your rivals, look out for the below characteristics in the system.


 Some of the hallmark features of any White label crypto solution are


  • Automated KYC/AML verification 

  • Robust wallet supporting multiple currencies 

  • Strong trading engine powered by High Transactions per Second

  • API and SDK integration 

  • Adequate liquidity assured by multiple payment options

  • Integrated referral program with rich rewards

  • Top-notch security with firewall support


Try to hire professional specialists who will understand your business requirements and deliver customizable solutions at a competitive cost. Aim for client retention and improved brand visibility through consistent performance.


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Platinum Crypto Academy


An all-in-one tool developed in Switzerland, to offer an unequaled trading experience, selecting the best services and providers for a guarantee of excellence.

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If you need a high-performing White Label Futures Trading Software, then search no more. Blockchain App Factory offers a seamless experience for starters and seasoned traders through perfect customization and high accuracy. Get set for maximum returns at minimal costs for your exchange business.


[Video Contest] Phemex 🔷🔷🔷 1 Bitcoin (BTC) PRIZE AVAILABLE 🔷🔷🔷 – Cryptocurrencies Corner




ihXtaR6.gif       s8ajRwt.gif       YTczlEG.gif       wPQMz2W.gif


We are incredibly excited to announce a new Phemex Video Competition! 

The goal is for our users to create a video of any length about our products or services. 

There will be a total prize pool of up to 1 BTC or 10,000 USD. 

Duration of the competition is from 8th June 2020 to 10th August 2020.

Winners will be announced 7 days after the submission deadline finishes.



1. You must upload your video to

2. You must include “Phemex” somewhere in the title.

3. You must tweet your video or link @phemex_official and 3 other traders that you follow.

4. You must include #PhemexVideoContest in your tweet

5. If you have a referral link, please include it in the description of your video. If you do not, create an account on and retrieve your referral link.

Please make sure you follow every single one of these rules for your submission to be fully considered.



You can choose any of the following types of content to feature in your video:

1. Highlight a specific benefit of trading contracts on Phemex

2. Highlight a specific benefit of Zero-Fee Spot Trading on Phemex

3. Highlight the advantages of using Phemex when compared to other exchanges

4. Present any Phemex feature or service with a live tutorial

You can choose to make your video in any of the following languages: English, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, or Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese).

(Optional) In addition, you can also dedicate a portion of your video to introduce your personal crypto experience and background:

How did you get started, Best and worst trades, Where do you see the crypto industry in the next 10 years, A feature you would like to see in crypto exchanges. 

Be as creative as possible. Your video can include slides, animations, live-action, or anything else that you can think of to make it more interesting and informative.



In order to join the Contest, you need to do the following:

1. Write your Telegram username and Twitter profile link below (To this contest thread)

2. Upload your video to

3. Your video must include “Phemex” somewhere in the title.

4. Tweet your video or link with @phemex_official and 3 other traders that you follow 

5. Use #PhemexVideoContest hashtag in your tweet…

Visit for more details



As long as a video meets the requirements presented above, it will be reviewed and scored by at least three members of the Phemex Team. Judges will pay attention to the video’s originality, quality, and informativeness.

In the interest of fairness, the judges’ scores will only account for 50% of a video’s final score.

The remaining 50% will be determined based on a combination of the number of likes, retweets, and the overall engagement of the video.

Videos will then be ranked based on their final scores.



The total prize pool and the number of videos awarded will vary depending on the final number of submissions. In addition, if we receive more than 50 submissions, the max shared prize pool will either be $10,000 or 1 BTC depending on which is more valuable at the time.




By submitting a video following the requirements detailed above, you agree to give us permission to re-use or re-post your videos across any of our other platforms at any time.

Only one submission is allowed per participant. If we detect any cheating or multiple submissions, all your videos will be immediately disqualified.

Phemex reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of this campaign without prior notice.

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