c # – Ruby code converter in .Net Core code

Could I help me to convert or code Ruby abaixo, em code c #?

WrongNumberOfPlayersError class <StandardError; finish
class NoSuchStrategyError <StandardError; finish

def compare_game? (game)
return (game[0][1]    + game[1][1]) = ~ / rs | sp | pr | rr | ss | pp / i

def rps_game_winner (game)
strategy =["r","p","s"]
  increase WrongNumberOfPlayersError unless game.length == 2
if strategy.include? (game[0][1].downcase) && strategy.include? (game[1][1].Discharged)
if compare_game? (game)
raise NoSuchStrategyError


def rps_tournament_winner (game)
if I play[0][1].class == string
rps_game_winner (game)
else # 迭代
a1 = rps_tournament_winner (game[0])
a2 = rps_tournament_winner (game[1])
rps_tournament_winner ([a1,a2])

p rps_tournament_winner ([[[["Armando", "P"], ["Dave", "S"]], [["Richard", "R"], ["Michael", "S"]]], [[["Allen", "S"], ["Omer", "P"]], [["David E.", "R"], ["Richard X.", "P"]]]])

p rps_game_winner ([ [ "Armando", "P" ], [ "Dave", "S" ] ])

Multi Core – Multicore.biz – HYIPs

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How to make all users fill out a People Selector Control using PnP JS Core (SharePoint Online / SharePoint 2016)

To fill out a custom drop-down (which you are calling as a people selection field), first obtain the users of the site using the following code snippet:

    $ pnp.sp.web.siteUsers.get (). then (function (data) {
users var = "";
for (var i = 0; i <data.length; i ++) {
users + = data[i].Id + "-" + data[i].Title + "
"; } document.getElementById ("sample"). innerHTML = users; });

Now fill in the drop down menu with previous users, see this

Bitcoin Core – How to recover from "error with a non-mandatory indicator of script verification (the script was evaluated without error but ended with a false / empty top stack item)"?

I'm getting: 2019-06-14T01: 16: 35Z ERROR: ConnectBlock (): CheckInputs in c2de0a7014853898bde9319cb347225d4ee6cef9025dc56773b0b57010060d48 failed with non-mandatory error-scripts-Verify-flag (Script evaluated without any specification / analog / non-exempt effects. 64)

  • Before that, the node was progressing. The chain was synchronizing with the normal. UpdateTip
  • then, constant faults 2019-06-14T01: 16: 54Z ERROR: AcceptBlockHeader: block 0000000000000000000104e5800f4ea259c5ab92a18e15320d8879d6c9e09e5b is marked as invalid. Do not UpdateTip Events per days.

bitcoind --version Bitcoin Core Daemon version v0.18.99.0-257f750cd

bitcoin core – RPCPORT and –rpcport do not work in the latest version: 0.18.0

We are using bitcoin Core RPC Endpoint to transmit transactions through the network. It worked perfectly until version 0.17.0, but in the latest version 0.18.0 RPCPORT and –rpcport does not work.

Let us know if there is any way to start the RPC port in version 0.18.0

Address – Bitcoin Core does not produce a wallet at all

I am reading tutorials on how to work with the bitcoin kernel in this way:

Both suggest that the use of bitcoin core should produce a wallet address of some kind automatically. Specifically, the second says:

The Bitcoin core automatically generates its first Bitcoin address for
You, but you can create as many new ones as you want.

It seems I can not get a wallet address to start.

Where there is supposed to be a wallet address there is none, and they ask me to enter one, but how do I get one in the first place?

This is what I see:

enter the description of the image here

There is no address, and I can not just guess one: anything you write in the Address box says it is not valid.

Bitcoin Core: what does it mean if TXID and WTXID are equal?

I find it hard to understand what exactly WTXID is and what it means when WTXID and TXID are the same (and vice versa).

What I understand is that WTXID includes the data of the witnesses. Since non-segwitted transactions do not have the segregated token, their WTXID must be the same as the TXID. Is that correct?

Bitcoin Core – Need help to understand this script file

They sent me this code with a price of $ 12.

You, or anyone, can download that code for free from https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin

No fee or price, it's free, $ 0

I have no idea what it is used for.

As Pieter said, it is the source code of a computer program, a Bitcoin wallet called "Bitcoin kernel". Use the source code with a program called compiler C to create a program that you can then use. But you can only download the already compiled program from the appropriate website. The source code and compiled bitcoin-core program are not really suitable for any new person in Bitcoin. The compiled program is a "wallet" that provides a way to control a quantity of Bitcoin that you have obtained by buying in a stock market or by selling something for bitcoin.

It does not generate money.

I had asked someone to help get something out of bitcoin

If you already have something from Bitcoin, you probably already have the means to get it out (convert it to another currency, use it to buy something). You would have a wallet or an account with a change or something similar.

If this does not make much sense to you, it is very possible that you have been cheated and do not have Bitcoin to go out.

Obtain the multiplication of two values ​​in a variable in asp.net core mvc 2.0

I have a table where I have two values, the quantity of a product and the price, and I want to obtain the total of the multiplication of those two values ​​that is equal to (total = quantity * price), I have seen that it can be done of the following way in the class of the Models folder at the time of creating the table by means of migration:

            public class Invoice
    public decimal Quantity {get; set; }
    public decimal Price {get; set; }

    public decimal Total ()
        return Amount * Price;


Searching the internet I saw that it can be done that way, but when I do the migration and I create the driver, I do not get the total, I must do some action or consult the controller to get the result or what I should do, if there is another way to do what? I need your help!! Please!!

bitcoin core – Import the private key from coldstorage wallet.dat to hotwallet wallet.dat?

What is the recommended procedure for making cold storage coins accessible? Suppose the last pair of keys wallet.dat v18 and prv1 / pub1 (as shown in dumpwallet).
Now I have a hotwallet and I would like ONLY this pair to be accessible. Do dumpprvkey pub1 and then importprvkey prv1 in hotw? Does the security / privacy of cold storage affect?

Secondly, is it safe to back up that pair of keys to make it quickly accessible (again, without affecting Coldw)?