upload – Convert uploaded songs to shareable version in YouTube Music

Due to Google Play Music being sunset, I had to move all of my uploaded music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. One nice feature about YouTube Music is the ability to share playlists with others. However, I realized that shared playlists do not show uploaded music in them when shared with others. They only show to the creator of the playlist.

Is there a way to automatically convert uploaded songs to a public version of the song that is visible to others? All of my music is properly titled with the correct artists. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any sort of functionality like this built into YouTube Music. A third party solution is acceptable.

How to convert /export 360 mono to 180 mono using FFMPEG

my question is about creating 180 monoscopic versions of some 360 monoscopic videos. Nothing special with the final video format (4k H.264) and know i have to orientate so the 180 frame is the frame in want but its the code to create the 180 I’m looking for help with if anyone can help…

private key – Is there a CUDA binary to convert a brainwallet string to a BTC address?

I am looking for a CUDA program which will take a single argument, a brainwallet password, and output a BTC address. After reading through several threads on how to convert passwords to public keys, and public keys to addresses, I figured there must already be something that does this.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks.

How to convert this “PROMPT” code to take input from an “IFRAME/POPUP” instead?

How to convert this “PROMPT” code to take input from an “IFRAME/POPUP” instead?

This is the js code:

u= prompt(" Enter a http:// image path ");
if( u.substring(0,3)=="htt" ){
text= "(image)" + u.trim() + "(/image)";
//update main webpage here using "text"

Code (markup):

Instead of asking user to type a URL of image, I was thinking of showing them a webpage, either in iframe or in popup, where they can select an image from a dropbox.
That will be much easier than typing URL…
I’ll make the webpage, no problem there.

Problem is how to hault the javascript code until the iframe or popup returns the selected image?
Until an “ok” button is pressed in the iframe or popup window, the “if” block in above code is not executed.

In above code, the javascript execution is stopped automatically till “ok” button is clicked in the “prompt” box.


Platform Sharepoint 2010 Designer workflows needs to convert the platform Sharepoint 2013

We have like 50+ SharePoint designer workflows and migrated to sharepoint online. When i open the workflows in designer 2013 it shows the platform type as sharepoint platform 2010.

Now as newly announced the from Nov 1st onward there is no workflow run of platform 2010.

So can anyone suggest me the good way how to change the workflows from Sharepoint platform 2010 to Sharepoint platform 2013. I know the architecture is different. but still tried the below scenarios

I tried exporting the visio and importing still it shows 2010
I tried copy the actions from 2010 to 2013 still didn’t worked.

Please suggest me the best, easy and quick conversion of these workflows.

Appreciated for your help…!!!


siem – Convert log into QRADAR format and automatic log import

I state that I do not have a solid background in security. I am a software developer and I am writing here to start to reasoning about a new task (somehow related to security) that I have to implement and maybe someone of you can help me to clarify the situation.

Basically I have to implement the following thing: an application produces logs (standard output text files) and I have to bring these logs into QRADAR SIEM.

So my doubts are:

  1. From what I know (absolutly not sure of this assertion): first of all I have to convert these log files into CEF format (Common Event Format) and I can give this format to QRADAR. It make sense for you?

  2. What about the automatic import of this converted CEF format? QRADAR provides an API that I can call passing it the events or something similar?

file conversion – Is there anyway to have macOS Photos bulk convert all of my past JPEG images to HEIC format?

I’ve seen lots of tutorials online explaining how to convert iOS HEIC files to JPEGs but I can’t seem to find any easy way to bulk convert existing JPEG photos to HEIC?

The reason being is I really like HEIC as a storage format: It easily makes image file sizes 5x to 10x smaller than JPEG equivalents which not only saves space but makes syncing the library to other devices quicker as well.

So I would like to convert all past images in my macOS Photo library to HEIC two take advantage of these benefits. Do any such tools exist? I would like to avoid a bulk export, conversion via non-Photos tools and then reimport because that seems messy.

encoding scheme – Is there a way to store an arbitrarily big BigInt in a bit sequence, only later to convert it into a standard BigInt structure?

I am trying to imagine a way of encoding a BigInt into a bit stream, so that it is literally just a sequence of bits. Then upon decoding this bit stream, you would generate the standard BigInt sort of data structure (array of small integers with a sign). How could you encode the BigInt as a sequence of bits, and how would you decode it? I don’t see how to properly perform the bitwise manipulations or how to encode an arbitrary number in bits larger than 32 or 64. If a language is required then I would be doing this in JavaScript.

For instance, this takes bytes and converts it into a single bit stream:

function arrayOfBytesTo32Int(map) {
  return map(0) << 24
    | map(1) << 16
    | map(2) << 8
    | map(3)

How would you do that same sort of thing for arbitrarily long bit sequences?

how to convert android 10 phone to a software access point

I have an android 10 device which I would like to use use as software access point. I have broadband connection landline in my home. There are some corners where signals dont reach. So I want to use my spare android phone to convert it to a software access point. If this is some how possible then please let me know. I want my phone to be connected to the exisiting wifi network at a location in which signal is comming and at the same time want to convert the phone to work as an AP.
The phone is already connected to Wifi network in my ADSL router.