sql server – Control points in the secondary replica AlwaysOn AG


3-node Alwayson cluster: 1 synchronization and 1 asynchronous secondary replica – SQL Server 2012


We are witnessing the PageIOLatches when we read from the asynchronous secondary replica. This is mainly due to the performance of the SAN that has been limited. The hosting partner told us that this limitation can not be alleviated immediately due to hardware restrictions.
The main replica and the synchronous replica use other SANs with a higher performance. Although this situation is far from ideal, it is a temporary situation that will be resolved soon and is not the subject of my question.

When we investigate the I / O waits, we note that these occur simultaneously with an increase in the number of control pages / sec.

enter the description of the image here

I had the impression that checkpoints do not occur in the secondary replicas in an AG, as explained here.

To verify this behavior, I have configured an extended event to monitor the checkpoint events in the asynchronous replica. As expected, no control points were captured for this database, nor have I found any checkpoints from other databases that match the pattern.

Next, I created the same extended event in the main replica and started a perfmon to verify if we could witness the same behavior. Here we were able to capture the control points (automatic), they occur approximately. once per minute These control points occur simultaneously with the increase of control point pages / sec. In our secondary (and primary) replica. It seems that control points are being generated in the primary and remade in the secondary replicas. This would mean that the control points occur implicitly in the secondary replicas in an AG.


I suppose it is correct that in an AG control point they are generated in the primary replica and are repeated in all the secondary replicas?
And so, if the database TARGET_RECOVERY_TIME is not established, the recovery interval the configuration of the primary replica will dictate the control points in all secondary replicas for these databases.

kafka – Can I control which terraformo instances are discarded by reducing the count?

By having multiple provisioning that needs to be reduced, can I control which of the existing resources will be removed?

I have a Kafka cluster with variable load, so I would like to provide broker clients with a list of brokers that are currently working, and for that list I would like to know which one will be discarded if I reduce the terraforming count.

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Google CDN ignores cache control headers

  1. I have a GCP HTTPS Load Balancer (certificates managed by Google) with CDN enabled.
  2. The LB has ssl on port 443 and 80 for http (which I redirected to 443 on my own servers).
  3. Set up a cube to serve SOME images in the cube by using cache control headers.
  4. The cube starts as NO public.
  5. TEST: Add header to an image file: Cache-Control upgrade-insecure-orders
  6. TEST: Add header to an image file: Private Cache-Control, no-store
  7. Make the cube public.

Two (2) MAIN problems:

  1. Google CDN ignores the cache control header and caches the file making it public, even though it is aimed at NOT caching the file.
  2. Google ignores the update header still serves the file via http. I can not count on users typing https, so this is a serious problem.

Thoughts? I would love to use GCP CDN, but it does not look good.

Hosting control panel with Apache Jail / Chroot?


I'm looking for the Hosting control panel with Incorporated Feature "Apache Chroot" per user.

I saw that Plesk has this function, but I do not want to use panels owned by oakly / Cpanel.

Is there any other panel available with the built-in Apache Chroot function?

Mods: It seems that I published it in the wrong section. If yes, move it to the hosting control panel section.

Thank you.

Mac App – Chaos Control 1.5.2 macOS | NulledTeam UnderGround

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: OS X 10.11 or later 64 bits


Bluetooth – External keyboard help – Key combination (Control + Z) – Remote control

I bought a small remote control for my smartphone and installed External Keyboard Helper Pro.
Here you can see my remote control.

While I was able to re-assign the keys of my remote control, I could not figure out how to make key combinations.
If I had a Bluetooth keyboard, I could just connect it to my smartphone, press the key combination (Ctrl + Z in my case) and External Keyboard Helper would convert it into code automatically, which I could then copy and paste.
Maybe someone with a Bluetooth keyboard can try it, tell me the code …
Or maybe someone knows how to combine key codes because I think I discovered the Control code and Z. According to the following table, it should be 0x0011 Y 0x007A.

c – What are the ascii numbers for change and control?

To obtain the status of the change and control buttons in GTK, you must apply AND at the bit level to the event state.

if (event-> status and GDK_SHIFT_MASK)
printf ("the Shift key was pressed");
else if (event-> status & GDK_CONTROL_MASK)
printf ("control key was pressed");

Alternatively, you can use macros (or their values, but please not to do) defined in gdkkeysyms.h

#define GDK_KEY_Shift_L 0xffe1

#define GDK_KEY_Shift_R 0xffe2

#define GDK_KEY_Control_L 0xffe3

#define GDK_KEY_Control_R 0xffe4

switch (event-> keyval) {
case GDK_KEY_Shift_L:
printf ("The left scroll key was pressed");
case GDK_KEY_Shift_R:
printf ("The shift key was pressed to the right");
case GDK_KEY_Control_L:
printf ("The left control key was pressed");
GDK_KEY_Control_R case:
printf ("The right control key was pressed");

The remote control for Ubuntu does not work in Windows

How to take the remote Ubuntu system in the Windows operating system?

[WTS] Solid and decent kvchosting.net with quality support.

This is a discussion about Solid and decent kvchosting.net with quality support. within Webmaster Marketplace forums, part of the business category; KVC Hosting started in 2010 with the sole purpose of creating a host company that would be affordable for everyone. …