spfx – Hide SharePoint sppkg from site contents

How do we hide all the solutions deployed in a site from site contents? I am structuring my solution to have separate project for each web part. So far I have 7 web parts each deployed with a dedicated sppkg file. I don’t want to deploy these projects to the whole tenant, but at the same time I don’t want to show all of these web parts in site contents since I will have even more web parts to be deployed.

How to update the table of contents in Google Docs

On a computer browser I can update a Google Docs table of contents by clicking on the icon in the top-left corner of the table:

Update table of contents

How can I do the same in the Google Docs Android app?

Are contents in the Google Drive indexed for searching?

I am applying for graduate admissions this year and one of my publication is in stage in publication with the journal.

I have uploaded the paper on Google Drive and I am planning to provide the link to the paper in my CV using the Google Drive option “Anyone with the link”.

Now, my question is, will my document/paper (which is in PDF) get indexed for searching?

If it does, then it might cause plagiarism issues with the process of publication.

Your opinion is highly appreciated!

root access – View contents of hidden folder

I have an app installed which is generating log files and puts them in /data/user/0/appname.appname

I can see them on a rooted device but not on a unrooted device.

The appname.appname folder isn’t visible on any file manager I’ve used.

Is there anyway to view this folder contents without root?

front end – Is there a way to disable the “Formatting Notebook Contents” panel?

Mathematica loves telling the user that it is “Formatting Notebook Contents” during DataModeler model searches. The problem is that, even though Mathematica is in the background, that panel pops up front & center and steals focus from the application actually being worked upon.

Needless to say, my users get ticked off at this intrusive behavior on the part of the front end.

In my opinion, there is a design flaw in the sense that WRI should not steal focus if it is a background app.

That said, is there a way to either suppress the message entirely or to not steal focus from the foreground app? Alternately, is there a way to detect that Mathematica is in the background to intelligently suppress front end graphics?


seo – Why is Google showing the outdated contents of www.google.com/amp/s/MYAMPURL?

Recently I updated the contents of 100,000+ AMP pages of my server. However, when I search on my mobile, the results which Google shows are on the following URL:

which are completely different from:

How can I tell Google to make users to visit my website (at ‘amp.mywebpage.com’), instead of showing the outdated contents of ‘www.google.com’?

drush – Migrating contents and config from drupal 8.7.1 to drupal 9.0.6

I need to migrate all the content and configs (entities and all of that stuff) from a drupal 8.7.1 site to a different drupal 9.0.6 site.

The point of making a new site is that I can’t update the old one to a newer version and it has been made in a… Not totally proper way. So, I need to transfer all the content to a different site that I’m making from 0, in order to replace the old one.

I’ve been investigating about it but I haven’t got any clear clue on how I should proceed or which method I could use. I don’t know even if it’s possible to make it using drush or something like that.

P.S: The old site is a multisite with 3 different sites. I suppose that’s important.

Thanks in advance 🙂

How to Stop Inappropriate Contents to Insert in Database (PHP)


Created a website for my client https://www.jeenmount.com/ and client need to see what people searching for on his site. So we are inserting each search in database or increase number of search if Key already exist there.

My issue is inappropriate search like below

place for destination wedding’A=0
pink city mall in jaipur” or (1,2)=(select*from(se
pink city mall in jaipur99999′ union select unhex(
heritage wedding resort hotel jaipur” and “x”=”y
heritage wedding resort hotel jaipur and 1>1

I think this types of search are doing by Bots or any other things.

What i am looking for is …… If search queries are with these types of strings or inappropriate characters then either clear code and adjust in proper format or avoid to insert in database.

Please help us that how can we do that.

Using already “mysql_real_escape_string” “htmlspecialchars” for security but unable to stop inappropriate contents to insert in database.

Hope for quick response.


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usability – What is better: to have a modal open instantly and then load its contents, or to load its contents and then open it?

The first option… but better.

You should have the modal appear immediately. This is important so that the user knows that their action has been successful (i.e. you don’t want them to keep clicking because they think nothing is happening).

However, having a blank modal is not good. Because the user will be confused as to why it is empty (even if this is a brief duration). What you should do is initially show some sort of loading/progress indicator. This is important so that the user knows the application is still working and to expect the results shortly (once they have loaded).

As the GET request is (usually) quite short, you don’t want to make this loading indicator too “in your face”. However, it should be clear enough that it is also suitable for those rare occasions where that GET request takes longer than expected.

Additional note, it might be worth making the loading indicator static if it’s only going to be visible for a short time. Perhaps even just a simple bit of text: “Loading…”. But have a play around and see what works best with your test data.