Is it possible to develop themes and plugins locally and at the same time allow content to be updated directly in the admin panel?

Any similar questions I encountered were specifically asked about locale settings and / or version control settings. They never ask if it's possible to have a development workflow for themes and plug-ins and at the same time allow non-technical users to modify content directly on a web server using the admin panel.

I am new to WordPress … is it possible to deploy only the files needed to update themes and plugins and not overwrite new content on server?

I feel like these big companies using WordPress must have found a way to enable both launch management processes and quick content updates using the admin panel.

Thanks for any guidance!

information visualization – visualize a simple workflow – content visualization

Consider using a Sankey Diagram to help visualize the workflow.

viewing a security incident workflow

I've seen hierarchy charts used to represent the workflow, but I always thought they were missing something: nodes that can have two parents, for example. A Sankey diagram solves that problem, Y it provides a trivial way to introduce the concept of how much volume moves between "nodes". Also, by definition, a flowchart is "a type of diagram that represents a workflow or process." The Sankey diagram seems to flow much more than a hierarchy graph.

For more information, check out David Pallmann's compelling case for using Sankey diagrams to visualize the workflow.

I was able to create this visualization of the workflow in 10 minutes by forking the Sankey demo of Highcharts and customizing the series data to the following:

    data: [
        ['Event Submission', 'Event Submission Close', 250],
        ['Event Submission', 'Create Incident', 750],
        ['Event Submission Close', 'Approve', 240],
        ['Event Submission Close', 'Reject', 10],
        ['Approve', 'After Action Review', 640],
        ['Create Incident', 'Contained', 400],
        ['Create Incident', 'Provide Analysis', 150],
        ['Create Incident', 'Incident Close', 125],
        ['Contained', 'Containment Approval', 370],
        ['Contained', 'Containment Rejection', 30],
        ['Incident Close', 'Approve', 110],
        ['Incident Close', 'Reject', 15],
        ['Containment Approval', 'Eradicated', 320],
        ['Containment Approval', 'Provide Analysis', 50],
        ['Eradicated', 'Eradication Approval', 315],
        ['Eradicated', 'Eradication Rejection', 5],
        ['Eradication Approval', 'Recovered', 315],
        ['Eradication Approval', 'Provide Analysis', 5],
        ['Recovered', 'Approve', 310],
        ['Recovered', 'Reject', 5]

18.04 – Is it possible to create a virtual television to transmit content from a phone?

I can use Smart View to stream content (don't stream my screen! I already use scrcpy for that) from my phone to my Samsung TV. Would it be possible to create a "virtual Samsung TV" within Ubuntu and stream content to it?

I want to play a slide show from my gallery to virtual TV and still be able to use my phone while the slide show is playing in the background just like normal TV.

web access – URLDownload (and URLSave, Import) "Error processing content encoding"

I am downloading a file exactly 1000K in size ( with URLDownload(URLSave, URLRead, Import will produce the same situation). But one or two of the following messages:

URLRead::invhttp: Error while processing content unencoding: invalid code lengths set.
URLRead::invhttp: Error while processing content unencoding: invalid distance too far back.
URLRead::invhttp: Error while processing content unencoding: invalid stored block lengths.
URLRead::invhttp: Error while processing content unencoding: invalid block type.

will be generated

Downloading it with Chrome will be fine. The downloaded file with URLDownload is approximately 1020000 bytes. The previous 1020000 bytes are identical to those downloaded by Chrome.

maybe URLDownload is outdated of any protocol?

"HTTP/1.1 200 OK

date: Tue, 31 Mar 2020 05:26:02 GMT

content-type: text/plain

transfer-encoding: chunked

connection: keep-alive

keep-alive: timeout=60

server: nginx

x-xss-protection: 1; mode=block

x-content-type-options: nosniff

x-ua-compatible: chrome=1

expires: Sun, 1 Jan 2000 01:00:00 GMT

pragma: must-revalidate, no-cache, private

etag: W/"81a7a3370ebada47949a3e644518da29"

content-disposition: inline; filename="MXNetResources-WIN64-12.0.37.paclet.601"

content-transfer-encoding: binary

cache-control: no-cache

set-cookie: oschina_new_user=false; path=/; expires=Sat, 31 Mar 2040 05:26:02 -0000

x-request-id: ee128f06-9ea5-4daa-b9e7-2ec2af51ed7d

x-runtime: 0.107804

content-encoding: gzip"

25 awesome Quora responses with great content and funky language and backlinks for $ 10

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formatting: how to publish or copy rich content from web page (with design) in

Part of the Telegram messaging app is, a site for publishing textual content. It seems to be something like

However, sometimes I see a full article that includes a rich layout in, which appears to be a copy of & # 39; Reader view & # 39; of an article on some external website.

Is it possible to copy or export HTML content from another web page, as a full article including design, and post it to somehow?

And I mean in a pseudo-automatic way, i.e. don't copy / paste all the text and manually re-create the whole design.

gps: What is the content of the ee file for Nikon update in AGPS?

I just found out about the ee update file for AGPS, so I understood that I needed faster GPS sync, it only lasted a week.

In fact, I wonder what kind of information is contained in this file, and if it would be readable in any way on a PC.

Also, I'm surprised by the fact that expires. What is the reasoning behind that?

Thanks in advance!

Media: Cannot add images to "Image field required" content

When developing a new site with Drupal 8, I was trying to add an image to a custom block. In the editor, I clicked on the image icon and got a dialog to load an image. After specifying a file (making sure it was within the size of the upload file), I received a strange "Image field is required" error

I took the error message literally and created a new custom block type, adding a field of type "image" to the block. So now in the form, I have a body and an image field. If I try to load using the "image" field below the body, I get the same "image field required" error.

Error message when trying to insert an image

I tried again to use the Content / Media tab to add an image file and get the same error:

Media loading error

(I also notice that there is a "Subtitle" check box but there is no field to enter a subtitle. I guess I will have a text field once the image loads.)

Drupal 8.8, all current.

WordPress: SEO advantages of having content on a subpage?

I am creating a WordPress website for a massage parlor. The website is in German (I am from Switzerland).

I decided not to have a central page for "services", but to have the two main "categories" of services directly as main pages in the main menu:

In Massage I have services on a subpage. For example, reflexology massage, so the URL looks like this:

domain. com / massages / reflexology-massage /
domain. com / massages / othermassageservice /

I would like to add a page for vouchers (seems to be frequently searched in my area "voucher for massage"). I suppose it could be beneficial in terms of SEO if I put the coupons as a subpage also under massages (as it is related to massages).

Or would it be a bad idea since a coupon is not exactly a massage service like the others? Also, I think (I'm not sure) should I avoid including the word "massage" in the URL twice? (../massages/massage-voucher/). The other "problem" with using the voucher as a (sub) page URL is that I can use this only once. I can't use it lower ../foot-care/voucher/ since WordPress only allows it once. You would have to use a slightly different name in the URL.

domain. com / massages / reflexology-massage /
domain. com / massages / othermassageservice /
domain. com / massages / coupon /

So what would you recommend? Is it better to have it as a subpage as in the example above (in the H1 and title, of course it would have the keyword "massage coupon" written in it, only in the url it is divided due to page and subpage) or would you prefer

domain. com / massage voucher /

as a completely new page (and then also ../footcare-voucher/ etc.)?

Thanks in advance for your help / advice and stay safe!

Find the content term of a generator function

First see the question at the following link.

Calculate the constant term of a generator function

I wonder how to deal with $$ (x ^ ty ^ tz ^ t) frac {z ^ 2} {(1-yz) (1-y) (1-z) ^ 2 (1-xz) (y-z)} $$ in the process of calculating $ const frac {1} {(1-xz) (1-xy) (1-yz) (1-x) (1-y) (1-z) x ^ ty ^ tz ^ t} $