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sharepoint online – List Item Validation With The Content Type Field

Is it possible to use a validation formula with the content type field?

Something along the lines of:

=IF((Content Type)="Project",Status="Closed",IF((Date Closed)=TODAY(),TRUE,FALSE),TRUE)

My list has more than one content type and the Date Closed field is not used in all of them.

List settings –> Validation settings

block editor – Copy content stored in meta to post content

Here’s an example of how to get the meta and set it as the post content. You would need to add all the meta keys to the $meta_fields array.

Obviously test this locally before running in production because it will overwrite whatever is currently in the post content.

function migrate_post_data() {   
    // Add all the meta keys you want to migrate to this array.
    $meta_fields = array(

    // Get all the posts.
    $args = array(
        'post_type'      => 'post', // You may need to change this.
        'posts_per_page' => 400,
    $posts = get_posts( $args );

    // Loop over each post.
    foreach ( $posts as $post )  {
        $meta_field_content = array();

        // Loop over each meta field and get their content, adding it to an array.
        foreach( $meta_fields as $meta_field ) {
            $content = get_post_meta( $post->ID, $meta_field, true );

            if ( ! empty( trim( $content ) ) ) {
                $meta_field_content() = $content;

        if ( empty( $meta_field_content ) ) {

        // Set the the post content as whatever the meta fields were.
        $post_args = array(
            'ID' => $post->ID,
            'post_content' => implode( ' ', $meta_field_content ),

        wp_update_post( $post_args );

What are some of the social media strategies for content marketing? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Strategies for content selling includes the use of social media and its different resources to get engagements as well as leads for a particular product or service.These include:

To find the main users with help of keywords and phrases
To find the most appropriate social media channel to go ahead
To join some community sites with proper classes
To create a social profile and different pages on different networks
To create articles and relevant content for web posts announcement and article publications.
To look out for success with social media tools such as Analytics etc.

Manage the content nav bar in drupal 8?

On my site I have just developed a fullscreen popup which contains 2 buttons depending on which button the user is going to click, I should display the link in my navbar. How can I get the value of my button back then display the right link in my navbar.

PS: the link must be present for the others pages until the user clicks on the other option.

usability – Is it right to use horizontal scroll to show information related to the same content in details page

I have a Mobile app for recipes, the user can click on recipe to see its details, in details page we have image, title, tags, ingredients, and steps for preparation.

So my question is, is it right to make ingredients as horizontal scroll instead of put it in vertical scroll?

This is an example for horizontal scroll
enter image description here

And this is another example for vertical scroll
enter image description here

in this case what is better to use, horizontally or vertically?

8 – Share private content via e-mail

I’d like to use my Drupal 8 website to share some big files to some authorized people (20-30) on a monthly basis.

These people change every time, so I wouldn’t register them as regular users with a role and permissions, as they should only download some files, probably once in their life.

I can create a node with some attached files, share its URL via e-mails and then let people download files just after filling a form with their pre-authorized e-mail address?

Or I could create a node, find a way to make its URL “private” and “temporary” and share it through e-mails? Maybe making it different by e-mail adding a parameter?

Is there already a contributed module to achieve this or something similar?

The alternative is WeTransfer Pro.

Thank you very much.

What creates “data-preserver-spaces” span tags in user-generated content?

I’ve noticed that some user-generated rich content on a site that I maintain has become littered with invisible span tags carrying data attributes:

<span data-preserver-spaces="true">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet </span><em><span
data-preserver-spaces="true">consequatur</span></em><span data-preserver-spaces="true">
explicabo soluta. Eos quam temporibus rerum ullam perferendis, architecto velit nulla.</span>

I assume this is injected by a browser extension or something on the user’s machine. Can anyone identify the source?

A web search just turned up more examples of the same phenomenon on other websites using a variety of CMSs.

Is there a way to bring content files into views with white space removed? Drupal 7!

I am certain I am missing something obvious here. I am trying to have the title in a view 2x, once as the first initial (A) and once as the full title (Alabama) and then have drupal group these fields.

so …




However, when someone enters content as ” Alabama” wit a space in front, I get ….





I have tried removing white space in the field settings for views, I tried using trim($output) on views templates. Any other suggestions?

Search Keyword Query to list all team sites on SharePoint Online Highlighted Content WebPart

I want to display all private Team-Sites on a Page in SharePoint Online

Can somebody help me to get the right custom query?

Kind regards from austria,