WordPress user registration vs email provider contacts

I am a WordPress beginner and am trying to understand the options for user management. My site will initially be a simple website where I will collect emails – essentially a newsletter-type/email subscription site. However, I plan to expand the functionality of the website to eventually include a message board integration like bbPress or perhaps even other advanced user functionality that may include membership levels (although that would be far in the future).

I am torn between using an email service provider like sendinblue to save simple contact information (just the email) versus using the built-in WordPress user registration capabilities using some user/membership plugin. I appreciate the simplicity an email service like sendinblue gives me. Moreover, it gives my newsletter subscribers an easy way to register for emails by only submitting their email address. However, I am concerned with the following:

  • What happens if I add bbPress or even other advanced functionality in the future that requires WordPress user registration? Would it be difficult to create user accounts based on contacts I have in an email service such as sendinblue?
  • Even if I’m able to export contacts from my email provider into WordPress to create user accounts, wouldn’t those subscribers still need to create username/passwords for their user accounts? How would that occur?

Initially taking the user registration option rather than using an email service to collect contacts seems to be the more complex option. Which user/membership plugin would you recommend – is that the type of plugin I should be using? I still definitely want to use the email provider to send the actual emails instead of using the native WordPress email service. However, would there be sync issues between WordPress and the email provider?

I would also prefer to store user information on my WordPress site/database as I would “own” the email addresses rather than the email provider.

What are my options and do you have recommendations for my scenario?

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How can we find friends or import contacts in Twitter (2020)?

At the moment, my Twitter account only has 24 followers. I plan to increase that by finding and inviting my friends/connections in Gmail or other social networks. It is a very common approach in other social networks such as LinkedIn.

I have searched a lot on the internet, but the instructions seem outdated.

Does anyone know how to do this in the new Twitter UI?


I also asked @TwitterSupport, but they did not answer.

Here is my question in Quora, but nobody answered.

exchange 2016 – How is the age for public folder calendar, task and contacts determined?

We are running Exchange 2016 on premise and the upper management wants to set an age limits for public folders. We have a lot of public folders with task, contacts and calendar items. How is the age limits (retention age) determined for these type of public folder items? There is a lot of information how retention age is calculated for mailboxes but not for public folders.

Move contacts between 2 accounts

On my Samsung Phone with Andorid 11 and OneUI Core 3.1
I have 2 google accounts. Lets call them ACC1 (private) and ACC2 (corporate).

By default when I add new contacts, phone add them to google ACC2.

Very often I change the destination account in time when I create new contact, but also very often forget to change them.

I do not see possibilty to change account after the creation process is done.

As I have them both (google accounts) configured on my Phone I want to ask:

How to easily move specific contact from google ACC2 to ACC1 ?

linkedin – Unable to use Contacts API

I have been trying to use Contacts API based on this doc. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/linkedin/shared/integrations/people/contacts-api

But I am always getting the error
“message”: “Not enough permissions to access: POST /contactExporterTasks”,

I have added the scope “r_1st_connections_size” and I am not able to use this enpoint neither
https://api.linkedin.com/v2/connections?q=viewer&start=0&count=50 I also get response.
“message”: “Not enough permissions to access: GET-viewer /connections”

What am I missing? I have added the product Marketing Developer Platform already and my application has been approved.

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