legal – Can a B2 Visitor in the USA work for a UK company as a consultant, performing work for a US company

Jane and Alan live in the UK, they are engaged to be married, they are NOT married.

Alan receives a job offer in the US and is granted an o1 Visa.

Because they are not married, Jane is given a B2 visa so she may go with Alan.

Jane is employed by a UK company as a consultant. That UK company are hired by a US company and Jane is given that workload.

Jane is now living in the USA, consulting for a UK company, doing work for a US company.

Is this legal?

What are the necessary skills to become an SEM consultant?

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What are the necessary skills to become an SEM consultant?

Searching Marketing Consultant for Patreon Page

Looking for a consultant: history is preferred, but might consider otherwise to help with

I am very, very serious about this project, and it would be amazing to have someone who takes things off the ground, who knows what they are doing. You don't have to know anything about the battery, just the marketing.

Also, you don't need a title, necessarily; let me see what you know.

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Tai López – Digital Social Marketing Consultant


What can we learn from the digital social marketing consultant?
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How to become a digital marketing consultant

Due to extensive technological reforms in the business and industrial sector, the demand for specialists such as digital marketing specialists or digital marketing consultants has increased comprehensively. With this increasing demand, a huge supply is required to maintain a balance in this equation, therefore creating a wide range of opportunities in the world of digital marketing.

To learn digital marketing courses in Bangalore and get to know the 24 advanced modules, which helps to be an expert in digital marketing.



Before outlining the skills required to become a digital marketing consultant, here are a few points that briefly discuss how digital marketing consultants prove to be of paramount importance to companies:

They help the organization / company cope with constantly changing market trends and keep track of recent technological changes and patterns.

With a great knowledge of various digital marketing tools and their application in different situations, they allow the company to carry out marketing campaigns with great efficiency and effectiveness.

Finally, they help establish competitive strategies and tactics by closely examining the methods and plans of competitors in the market.

Essential skills required:

It has been established from the aforementioned points how digital marketing consultants improve the productivity of a company directly or indirectly, henceforth justifying its high demand. Here is a list that covers the essentials that make up a successful digital marketing consultant:

Formulation of strategies according to the target audience.

The initial skill is being able to find target customers through various sources. Then comes the step of identifying your prospects, and therefore creating marketing strategies to channel campaigns. It is of utmost importance to know how to lead a well-targeted and goal-oriented campaign to avoid cost leaks.

Using KPIs to develop tactics

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are quantifiable measures that determine the success rate of marketing campaigns. These help set measurable goals that prevent the business from incurring losses. To discover the KPIs of a new customer, interviews must be conducted and previous existing records must also be examined. These provide very important numbers like aggregate supply, total revenue, ROI, total sales etc.

Knowing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is the method of bringing customer websites to the top of Google's search rankings by generating high web traffic that further generates a high level of sales. Despite being a slow process, it has proven successful for numerous organizations in generating monumental profits. This is because a customer always starts their search with Google, regardless of other existing marketing platforms.

Online Advertising Core

With upcoming advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, it's essential to have a good understanding of the basics of online advertising. Extensive knowledge of creating high-conversion campaigns will help you achieve customer goals more effectively.

Make content go viral

An important skill to master is knowing social media from the inside out, that is, the knowledge of making ads that go viral on the web to reach larger masses. This is done taking into account the client's existing advertising content already published on the web.

With the aforementioned points, it is clear that a career in digital marketing consulting is powerful. Then learn digital marketing course in Bangalore and get to know all the advanced modules.

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Hello boys

I am looking for an Indian preferably or someone with knowledge of the Indian technical support industry,
specifically with knowledge on how to configure pop and pop under ads for technical support and antivirus campaigns,

more questions until the afternoon!

Company director, employee … and consultant ??

I was just wondering if anyone could offer any advice. As a director of a company that is employed by that company to work for them, can they also bill the company for work done outside the employment function?

For example, a person is a Director of a cleaning company, they are also employees of that company as cleaners, which means they receive a salary. Can that person also bill the company for strategic planning or marketing as a consultant? Work that is outside your role as an employee.

Is something like this legal? Is it allowed in terms of taxes and HMRC? Or is it risky and should it be avoided?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Who is a social media consultant?

Who is a social media consultant?

Who is the best business growth consultant in INDIA for tourism companies?

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Business Growth Consultant
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