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All my pages are unique, but even when I log into the search console it says that I have 11 pages that I need to add a conical label for them.

I checked them all and the content is unique in each of the pages, the only thing that could be duplicated is a line fragment in the main category, which also appears in the meta tag and in the text of the other page.

So if I change it, the problem will be solved?

Thank you!


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Posted by: Alinka94
Time of publication: April 23, 2019 at 02:30 p.m.

async – How to control the multiplicity of consoles from the java script?

I have a Java application. I try to realize multiplayer chat with
Protocol, but I have a problem.
I can not display all the messages I receive at the client level (Server level works perfectly), because I give an entry to the user and create a thread to read messages from TCP client, then

. next line ();

You are blocking an exit from my application. I can create by Oscillation, but I still have not understood it completely.

I have two options:

  1. Send all new messages from the queue after sending the message per user.
  2. Somehow separate input and output.

I think you do not need to explain that in the first option, if the user leaves for a long time, you should send a message before you receive all these new messages.

Only the second option remains. I need take off entrance and exit and I found that in some "interactive tasks" There are two consoles, used for the first time to entry, others – for exit. But can I do it in a Java? And if I can, how?