Weird variable _sp in the Google search console

When Google indexes my site, does it still find the home page with? _Sp =[some random characters] in the end. I never use this variable, so I do not know how Google keeps finding it. It is automatically reported as a double page, so it does not really bother me, but nevertheless it's weird …
Does anyone know what this variable is used for?

seo – woocommerce Products – Google Search Console Error Missing product ID, missing brand and missing availability

I am looking for a solution to repair the Google search console Missing the product ID, the name of the missing brand and the problem of lack of availability.

I visited the discussion and found a solution

At this time, our site also has some user reviews that are displayed as aggregates in Google Rich snippets. My question is: will the previous code also eliminate the search console ratings? If so, how can I avoid this?

The woocomerce version I'm using is 3.5.7 and wordpress 5.1.1

Or simply update to new woocommerce to fix this?

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Changed the geographic destination of my blog in the Google Search Console. How long will it take to see the results?

I changed the geographical orientation of my non-listing blog to my country about a month ago, but so far I have not seen any results, I have not seen any effect of the change. How long will it take to see the effects of the change?

Google Search Console: domain / subdomain addition and site map for each

I have a WP website and created a new subdomain with content and separate URLs and I need to register both sites in the Google Search Console now. The idea is that both sites are visible in Google and SEO is optimized for different content they have. What is the best way to do this:

1) Add a new property type (Domain) from (without http and www), and then just send both sitemaps ( and http: // subdomain. testexample). com / sitemap.xml)

2) Add a new property type (URL prefix) for both sites ( and and a separate XML file for both sites in the correct property to which they belong

3) Or in some other way?


What is the equivalent of the "clicks" of the search console in Google Analytics?

I am investigating some reports in Google Analytics, however, I have been drawn to the fact that I can not find approximate numbers between the Google search console and the Google Analytics traffic numbers, for the same period of time, for the same domain.

I compared the same period of time (April 13 to April 13) in the search console "clicks" with "sessions" in Google Analytics traffic acquisition for source / medium = "google / organic". As seen in the screenshots below, the numbers in GA are 25% HIGHER (not lower) than those in the Search Console.

Click on the search console

Google Analytics sessions

The domain runs HSTS, so all requests are HTTPS and must be counted in both places.

  • Is it the correct metric that I am comparing?
  • Why are they different in the way that the GA number is higher? I would understand why the "sessions" would be smaller, but not the other way around
  • In which of the numbers should I trust?

seo – Google Search Console – Coverage seems very poor

In the Google Search Console: coverage for one of my sites, it says:

Error 0
Valid with warnings 22.
Valid 10
Excluded 11.1k 

Excluded expansion, it is 6,000 for redirected pages and 3,400 with a soft 404

The examples in the redirection are HTTP URLs that have been redirected to HTTPS with a 301, this was done 9 months ago. The XML site map was also updated.

While moving to SSL, I also did one of the 2 canonical domains, see the previous post:

Move to SSL and have 2 x domains, do one canonical or not?

Why do I see so few valid pages and why does Google still have an HTTP URL after so long?

Edition: SITE: results

site: About 1,720 results
site: Approximately 6,050 results
site: About 1,540 results
site: Approximately 5,710 results 

This is the .htaccess

RewriteCond% {HTTPS} disabled
RewriteRule ^ https: // {REQUEST_URI} [NE,R=301,L] 

RewriteCond% {HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
RewriteRule ^ https: // {REQUEST_URI} [NE,R=301,L] 

Google Search Console – Duplicate without canon selected by the user – ANOTHER version?

In the Google Search Console report. "Duplicate without canon selected by the user", How to find the duplicate URL of a particular URL? Going to "Inspect URL" does not seem to identify the location of the other file (duplicate). I can find the duplicate only when "canonical selected by Google" selects the other URL, but that does not always happen.

Error Report 404 – Google Search Console

I found the report from the Google Search Console that lists all 404 errors not found on the site. But when I click on each URL, it does not tell me WHERE the links are found on the website. How can I know where these links are on the site?