Remember when conservatives laughed at the Coronavirus and called it an exaggeration by the liberal media just a few weeks ago?

Fox News, Limbaugh, Trump and most of the Cons here at Yahoo Answers were laughing at the liberals for saying that we should take this seriously. Hospitals are flooded with patients in various cities. New York is

building a temporary mass grave because the morgues are supported.

The United States is already close to 2,000 deaths per day and is expected to increase in the coming days.

Why are conservatives so opposed to the kind of socialized health care countries like Italy and Spain?

While tragic, it is to be hoped that this crisis will show that a single payer system like Spain and Italy is much better prepared. Retirees may be denied care, but they are old and no longer contribute to the economy. When they die, the inheritance tax on their wealth helps maintain the system.

[ Politics ] Open-ended question: Why are conservatives so adamant about calling the coronavirus the "Chinese virus"?

Yes, it originated in China (as far as we know), but the cons and their liar Trump who say this are encouraging the ignorant to attack random Asian people. There have been attacks against Asians as a result of the Coronavirus.

Why do conservatives believe that the recent Coronavirus justifies having border controls?

You can prove that it was not so.

The United States has borders with only 2 countries, Canada and Mexico. The first cases near any of the borders were in the state of Washington and California. And they tracked those cases down to travelers who returned to the US. USA From cruises (by boat) or from Italy (by plane) or from China (by plane), not through Canada or Mexico.

Why do Liberals and Democrats seem to care more about making the world a better place than Republicans / Conservatives?

Republicans only care about themselves and their own image. Trump is a self promoter. He used the stock market as a primary indicator to promote himself and we are now close to election time and the stock market is collapsing due to a global crisis. Trump, who only cared about himself, tried to save his main rallying cry for his Presidency, rather than the American people, all based on a hunch that this would all fade away.

It is quite poetic, his own narcissistic tendencies will be his biggest downfall.

When the bodies begin to accumulate due to Republican incompetence, will the Conservatives claim that they are all actors employed by George Soros?

I remember when leftists expected the bodies of American soldiers to accumulate in Iraq in order to win the 2004 election.

The theme remains constant: Waiting for a disaster to happen in the United States and the Americans in order to take political power.

Very ugly of you. And despicable.

Is it strange that liberals depend entirely on conservatives, but conservatives don't need anything from liberals?

This is simply false. I guess you are talking economically. The main way in which liberals depend on conservatives is through agriculture. The country's agricultural regions are generally more conservative, even within states that are largely liberal, such as California or New York. On the other hand, conservatives depend on liberals for almost everything else. All the economic engines of a country are concentrated in the liberal areas. In addition, conservative states tend to be net when it comes to public assistance, and liberal states tend to be net losers. What this means is that liberal states are much more likely to get less money from the federal government than they send it, while conservative states are much more likely to get more money from the federal government than they send it.

[ Politics ] Open question: Why are conservatives so curious?

They try to regulate what two people of the same sex do in their rooms, how someone chooses to identify their gender and what a woman chooses to do with their own body. Authoritarianism, much?

[ Politics ] Open question: Why kneeling before the national anthem causes so many conservatives?

[Politics] Open question: Why kneeling before the national anthem causes so many conservatives?

[ Politics ] Open question: Literally, zero experts agree with Trump's statements about yesterday's coronavirus. Does that bother conservatives? Hannity and …?

… Miller really the people we want to lead this answer? And the Trump-appointed CDC chief who thinks that HIV is God's judgment for being gay? / 02/26 / trumps-coronavirus-credibility-voters-investors-117743