[ Politics ] Open Question : Valentina Sampaio becomes Sports Illustrated's first trans model, what do conservatives think?

She is no stranger to making history. In 2017 she became the first trans woman to appear on the cover of Vogue Paris. Two years later, she was the first openly transgender model to be hired by Victoria’s Secret. Now in 2020, 23-year-old Valentina Sampaio continues to break barriers in the modeling industry by becoming the first trans woman to be featured by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Why do Conservatives think gender and sex are real?

um no, sex is biological, its what you are assigned at birth. males have xy chromosome while females have xx chromosome

gender is societal roles constructed by how a specific sex should act. .mostly based on masculine or feminine traits. 

so gender is made up by society but sex is not  

that transwoman was born a male since she cannot give birth to a child, yet she identities as a woman. that is mostly attributed to gender identity 

you and your conservative relative  are both uneducated about this subject 

Why did conservatives decide in 2016 that electing an incompetent jackazz president was a good idea?

YOU.  You are why.  We put up people that you currently praise like McCain and Romney.  

You demonized them and called them Nazis.  You put your media whoredogs on them and constantly spread lies about them. 

We needed someone that would fight as dirty as you fight.  A reformed Democrat that understands the evil ways of Democrats and is willing to get in the mud with you disgusting swamp creatures. 

But go on and brag on Hillary. What a choice. LMFAO. 

Take one look at Pence. Mild mannered and mild spoken.  You know how many negative things he has said about Buttigieg? Try to find one. Indeed, find a quote where Pence demonizes homosexuals. Go on. Try.  Now look at Buttigieg’s attack of Pence. 

YOU are why trump is in office and the Republicans did not put up someone like Pence. 

Conservatives: why can’t you say black lives matter?

Who are you or anyone else to demand what other people are required to say, think or do? In any regard. 

Most of the people chanting that phrase, especially the young White, college kids in the streets, have zero clue of the issues concerning Blacks, their lives, or what BLM portends to stand for, and what they actually stand for. Nor do they care to find out. It’s just a vehicle to feel relevant and edgy. 

Since the black lives matter movement is a load of crap to you conservatives, what do you all think about blue lives matter??

All lives matter.

But the Black Lies Matter hate group will continue to kill Black People.

They only riot in Black Communities think of all the property damage done to Black business owners.

The Hypocrisy needs to end.

The Minnesota Riot was a fine example that the Black Lies Matter hate group really hates Black People they gunned down so many Blacks.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Conservatives keep trying to tell me they are the good guys. Sorry. I am gay and 45 years old. You are the Nazis not the good guys.  ?

If it were up to you, I would not be able to marry, there would be no gay soldiers, teachers, child care, and most of us would be on sex offender computer lists, in prison, or in insane asylums. You are are the BAD guys. Sorry. You are. Actions speak LOUDER than words. You ARE responsible for the people you VOTE for. 

[ Politics ] Open Question : Which is worse? Conservatives being indoctrinated by religion or liberals being indoctrinated by universities with a ideological agenda?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Which is worse? Conservatives being indoctrinated by religion or liberals being indoctrinated by universities with a ideological agenda?

Conservatives what would you say if trans call you cisgender?

“Cisgender” doesn’t exist. Please stop trying to include normal people in your mental illness.

I am not a male because I “identify” as one, as the term “cisgender” would suggest. I am a male because God made me that way. I was BORN that way. 

Trannies live in a fantasy world of their own making. Calling people who live in the real world “cisgender” is their attempt to write you into their script of insanity. Don’t let them.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why are conservatives interpreting "defunding the police" as "eliminating ALL funding for police"?

“Defunding the police” does not mean “eliminating ALL funding for police”. The police will still be funded. They just won’t be over funded.

Why do conservatives accuse people calling for unity of being divisive?

WOW are you a LIAR.

We on the right were saying that police brutality must be stopped and the police responsible for Floyd’s death need to be in prison. 

That is calling for unity. 

What YOU lefturds did, was justify rioting, looting and arson, while you talk about getting rid of the police. 

YOU are the divisive one, So you can take your stupid BS, wrap it around a pineapple and shove up your anus. 

Same with everything, with you lefturds. We agree to leveling the curve, you say lockdown forever. 

ANd now you think protests are OK, do you??? Because you were calling peaceful protesters, grandma-killers. 

So you want unity? Not even close. You want communism. Your entire goal is to divide.