Hardware connection and reconnection

How to connect and reconnect the hardware (if the hardware is disconnected), then try to reconnect the same hardware and also check your health every second using c #.

macos: the Docker process opens the TCP port, but the connection is rejected

How can I run a simple server listening on a port, inside a Docker container?

(In case it matters, this is a MacOS X 10.13.6 host).

When I run a simple HTTP server:

python3 -m http.server 8001

the process starts correctly and listens correctly on that port (confirmed with telnet localhost 8001).

When I run a Docker container, it also executes the process correctly, but now the connection is rejected.

web-api / Dockerfile:

FROM python: 3.7
CMD python3 -m http.server 8001


version: & # 39; 3 & # 39;
hostname: web-api
context: ./web-api/
dockerfile: Dockerfile
- "8001"
- "8001: 8001"
- api_network
api network
driver: bridge

When I start the container (s), it is running the HTTP server:

$ docker-compose up --detach --build
Building web-api

$ docker ps
1db4cd1daaa4 ipsum_web-api "/ bin / sh -c & # 39; python3 ..." 8 minutes ago Up to 8 minutes>8001/tcp ipsum_web-api_1

$ docker-machine ssh lorem

docker @ lorem: ~ $ ps -ef | grep http.server
Root 12883 12829 0 04:40? 00:00:00 python3 -m http.server 8001

docker @ lorem: ~ $ telnet localhost 8001
[connects successfully]
^ D

docker @ lorem: ~ $ exit

$ telnet localhost 8001
Trying: 1 ...
telnet: connect to address :: 1: connection rejected
Trying ...
telnet: connect to address connection rejected
telnet: can not connect to the remote host

What is configured incorrectly here, such that the server works inside the Docker container; but I have connection rejected on port 8001 when I connect outside The container in its port exposed?

Connection problems: the Samsung A5 2016 phone does not pick up any network (Vodacom) and, therefore, can not connect to my data.

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Network connection: the local SSH connection using the IP address of the private network does not work

I tried to ssh connect to the local machine as

ssh me @ host -p 2222 

You will be asked for a password to log in

However, if I try with

                $ ssh me@ -p 2222
ssh: connect to host port 2222: there is no route to the host

the ip address:

$ ssh me@ -p 2222
ssh: connect to host port 2222: there is no route to the host

the localhost jobs

$ ssh me@ -p 2222
The authenticity of the host & # 39;[]: 2222 ([]: 2222) & # 39; can not be established.
The fingerprint of the ECDSA key is SHA256: rWQnXUO8mSlXRgNN4Jp1HMNqIO6K7WBO3EAihzvc3Es.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes / no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added & # 39;[]: 2222 & # 39; (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
********************************************** * ************************

What is the problem?

sharepoint enterprise: How can I isolate data by dragging a field to an InfoPath form from a data connection in the user's information list?

I managed to create a data connection in InfoPath with the hope of retrieving the information of the current user, the name to be displayed, etc.
However, whenever you drag the desired field to the InfoPath form, a Repeating Section is created that includes all the entries for that field.
How can I isolate the information so that it is only for the current user?

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networks – using a 4G LTE Internet connection with an access point

I have a really interesting problem in my home network these days. Due to the DSL speed limitations of our ISP in my area, I upgraded to the 4G network with approximately 3 times the speed I get from my previous DSL provider.

I bought a 4G modem router (https://www.asus.com/Networking/4G-AC53U/), inserted my activated SIM card and plugged it into the switch in my house.

The 4G modem is placed in my attic, the real Wi-Fi connection to access the network is in my apartment. It is an Asus Router configured to be in access point mode.

Everything seemed to work well. The speed and stability of the connection was great.

However, two days later, my girlfriend told me that I could no longer access a specific website. I tried it using my laptop and smartphone and I was able to reproduce it. Some parts were loaded as the title of the page (the one in the browser tab), but the real site never appeared. Also, I could no longer connect to Amazon Prime Video on my TV (Netflix still works).

Then I tried to directly connect my laptop to the Wi-Fi on the 4G Router and everything worked as expected.

So it seems that most websites and services can be uploaded, but some connections seem to fail. I have network wait time after a while. When using a traceroute I can see those connections that leave my home network, but after a while there is a waiting time.

I already changed the access point to act again as a router, with a different IP range, but the behavior is exactly the same.

I also tried to change the 4G modem to a different one with no luck.

Do you have any idea what might cause these problems? I'm a software engineer with some network knowledge, so it's not like I do not have any idea of ​​those things. But this problem really baffles me.

If necessary, I can provide any network configuration, logs and traces needed to debug that.

USB connection: WWAN USB in host mode

With Android 9 running on a Quectel SOC with 1 USB port, I want to share the Internet connection of Android SOCs via Ethernet via USB with another system (integrated Linux), but also allow USB host functions such as communication with USB storage, etc. through a USB hub interface Is this fundamentally possible (even if some modification of AOSP is required on my part)?

From what I understand, native support is offered for the Android SOC to provide Ethernet via USB as a USB device. What I want to achieve is to provide Ethernet via USB (and provide internet connection to peripherals) as a USB host. Is this support provided natively?

What is the cloaking link?

Result of the image for What is the concealment of links?

The protection of the connection is the way to the masking of the subsidiary connection URL, provided by a member program, to confuse its affiliate ID and make the connection shorter. This ensures their associated payments by making the identification of the subsidiary less obvious and makes the connection even more open to the guests.