wi fi – some apps can’t connect wifi without vpn

My phone (xiaomi redmi 6 miui 11) suddenly can’t connect to some apps without VPN. I can use chrome and other google apps, whatsapp, instagram, twitter with or without VPN. But I can’t connect to internet without using VPN to these apps: games, discord, line and webtoon.
My computer and other phones are just working fine with the wifi.

I have tried “reset network settings” and “factory reset”. But the problem is still there.
The wifi that I connected to has this settings: (Proxy: none), (IP settings: DHCP)

What should I do?
Is this maybe because my phone got port blocking?

android – Smack Connect Delay

I have a connection delay that I cannot find explanations. Basically the connection to the local machine takes almost 1min in the Emulator and 20+ on the physical device. I have tried everything I know and ended up with the code below. The time on device is now around 15s, but it is still a lot for just connecting.

Am not doing anything yet, just connecting.

Anyone with idea what I can do to optimize the delay?

class XMPPConnectionManager {
    companion object  {
        const val JABBER_DOMAIN = "localhost"
        const val JABBER_URL = ""
        const val JABBER_RESOURCE = "Resource"
        const val JABBER_PORT = 5222
        const val CONNECTION_TIMEOUT = 300
        const val REPLY_TIMEOUT = 30000L

    private val conn: XMPPTCPConnection by lazy {
        val builder = XMPPTCPConnectionConfiguration.builder()
            .setHostAddress(InetSocketAddress(JABBER_URL, JABBER_PORT).address)
            .setSecurityMode(ConnectionConfiguration.SecurityMode.disabled) //TODO: Enable it

        val connection = XMPPTCPConnection(builder.build())
        connection.replyTimeout = REPLY_TIMEOUT

        //auto reconnection
        val reconnectionManager = ReconnectionManager.getInstanceFor(connection)


        return@lazy connection

    fun login(username: String?, password: String?): Boolean {
        try {
            if (!conn.isConnected) {

                conn.login(username, password)
                //Setup OX-IM and other listeners

        } catch (e: Exception) {
            return false
        return true

Why is XRDP not working? Ive followed numerous tutorials and I still cant connect. (New to Ubuntu)

When trying to connect to my Ubuntu 20.04 system from my windows 10 laptop, it says it cannot connect. Ive tried using xfce4 and others but it says the same thing. I have allowed 3389 through the firewall and it still doesnt allow me to connect. How can I fix it?

javascript – How can I connect a discord bot to my website?

I am trying to make my discord bot (javascript) to be able to edit a website text (that I own ofcourse).
I am not sure how to connect all that or what I need…

For example:
Command:$websiteupdate Old Text – this updates the websites text into “Old Text”

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions that I can try, please let me know

Can’t connect my AirPods via bluetooth

Hi so I’ve uninstalled all the drivers and reinstalled them. I’ve gone to /etc/bluetooth/main.conf and changed settings around, still no change. Airpods are stuck on “not set up”, can’t connect them. Also tried to reset the AirPods, made sure they work on all my devices (they do). Only doesn’t work on my laptop. Not sure what to really do 🙁

ejabberd – ejabberdctl cannot connect to server

# ejabberdctl
Failed RPC connection to the node 'ejabberd@chat.***.com.au': nodedown

It might appear that the configuration is pointing to the wrong server, but that all looks correct, since I can start the server with

# ejabberdctl start

If the server is already running, ejabberdctl detects this:

ERROR: The ejabberd node 'ejabberd@chat.ish.com.au' is already running.

I’m guessing that ejabberdctl needs some RPC ports/permissions, but I can’t find documentation about what it needs. XML-RPC?

Is there a way to connect an external microphone to android, while using internal speakers and charging the phone?

I want to improve the microphone sound quality while using internal speakers. I also want to be able to charge phone while on the call. Is there a way to do it?

So far I only saw solutions that would require headphones to also be connected to the device.

networking – Connect from OVH SSH server in sftp

I have a website hosted with OVH. I want to use the ssh server to connect to an other server to send a file in SFTP.
But when I do the sftp command the answer is:

ssh: connect to host b2b-sftp.clip.engie.com port 22: Connection refused
Couldn’t read packet: Connection reset by peer

And when I try a simple curl command: curl ifconfig.me I have the answer:

curl: (7) Failed to connect to ifconfig.me port 80: Connection refused

14.04 – Can’t connect to Vsftpd Server – Passive reply with unroutable address

I have installed Vsftpd Server listening on port 21 in ubuntu server. I’ve forwarded a port in my router to forward external port 8500 to internal port 21 where my vsftpd server is listening on. However, when I try to connect using ftp client, I’m seeing the following message in filezilla,

“Server sent passive reply with unroutable address. Using server address instead”

I’ve read that this has to do with being behind a router. But I never had any issues with other routers.
Any reason why I am able to access ftp from the outside when using one router but not the other?

bitcoin core – bitcoincore connect

I have a problem with bitcoin node is that when I want to get out of the full node bitcoin server
I run this method does not work
curl –user myusername –data-binary ‘{“jsonrpc”: “1.0”, “id”: “curltest”, “method”: “getnewaddress”, “params”: []]’ -H ‘content-type : text / plain; ‘ http: // ip server for node: 8332 /