Windows: is it possible to replace conhost.exe with a later version (or ConPty) for W10?

I have a lot of machines that run on W8.1, which obviously are out of date, but for various reasons I can not update these machines for a while, but I would like to take advantage of the new Console Pseudo Terminal (ConPty) with 24-bit color and many other graphic capabilities, now available in Windows-10.

From the MSDN blog site:

  • conhost.exe – is the UX of the Windows console in user mode and the plumbing of the command line
  • condrv.sys – is a Windows kernel driver that provides communication
    Infrastructure between Conhost and one or more command lines.
    shells / tools / applications

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Can I take a Windows-10 conhost.exe (or ConPty.exe) and put it on a Win 8.1 system?

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