Change Apple ID for a user when the e-mail cannot be confirmed

Over time I’ve used different e-mail addresses for different things with Apple: Apple Store, Support, I-Tunes, Apple Developer and while I still have control of the addresses, I cannot confirm my Apple ID with any of them. I have now created a new ID with yet another e-mail address that I could confirm and for which I’ve activated 2FA. However, I don’t seem to be able to associate this id with my local user account and I can’t associate any of the other e-mail addresses with the new one, confirmed one. All Apple’s documentation seems to assume that it’s possible to login with the accounts and has no information about what to do when the confirmation doesn’t work (I receive e-mails with the confirmation code, but Apple doesn’t like them). Can I dissociate my local user from an Apple ID?

The transaction was confirmed but did not reach the recipient's wallet

Transaction 26e074dda878b78b122739b6dbe65d06472bb40ca3abd047a58910016cd5467a

Receiver wallet address: 3J4Vwkd8KBzf7Np69KWkkvzED6HyRTpL1e

Quantity: 0.04457308 BTC

transactions: Bitcoin sent and confirmed by me but not received

I sent 2 payments to a bitcoin address, verified the address many times and it was correct, I even had a second pair of eyes on it. However, payment was never received but was agreed to by me.
The transactions were small, one was −0.02814446 BTC and the other was −0.00154717 BTC. I have checked the blockchain explorer but cannot see my transactions anywhere. I am confused on what to do. The Bitcoin address I sent it to is below. Thank you

Transactions: Blockchain shows a confirmed order not yet "spent". How do I claim Bitcoin through Coinbase, so I can reorder?

I placed an order through Coinbase using Bitcoin at the address the provider provided at checkout, and the transaction was confirmed. However, now several days later, Blockchain shows Bitcoin "unspent". I never received the seller confirmation email. If the provider does not spend it, due to loss of order or wrong wallet address, will Coinbase refund my Bitcoin, so I can try to place my order again?

Is it possible to use Bitcoins from a confirmed old or modified address on the blockchain?

I sent and confirmed bitcoins from my Luno Wallet using the address of a binary miner. The next day, the binary miner said he received the Bitcoins BUT CANNOT use them to facilitate payment due to me due to
1] Network delay
2] The address was old and changed, so bitcoins are no longer active / unusable.

API to verify confirmed BTC transactions from one address to another

Is there an available api that can carry all transactions from one address to another? I want to know if btc has been received from an address using such api.

multibit: pending transaction is shown as confirmed in blockchain explorer

I am using a MultiBit wallet (version 0.5.1) and a transfer from Coinbase to the wallet has been shown as unconfirmed since March 18 (16 days). However, verifying the transaction in the general ledger shows that it has been committed and completed. I have restarted the wallet, my computer, clicked "repair" and still nothing. How can I try to finalize my transaction?

bitcoin core – Transaction status: 0 / not confirmed, not in mempool

The software Bitcoin Core is using?

Then you need to have your software forget about your unconfirmed transaction that is not in the mempool, so you can do it again at a higher fee.

When starting your Bitcoin Core, run it with -zapwallettxes. This will make your wallet forget about the unconfirmed transactions relevant to your wallet. You can learn how to add that on Andrew Chow's blog.

Then the balance in your wallet must be converted to the balance before making the payment.

I learned this from here, but the other two methods are not applicable as you need to change your transaction to increase the fee.

Why do people keep claiming that the death rate among confirmed cases is over 3 percent in the United States?

Haven't you been paying attention for the past three years?

The media, in cooperation with certain political factions, have actually been openly and quite deliberately spreading information and disinformation specifically designed to scare people into adapting to a political agenda without even bothering to try to hide or deny it.

And it's certainly no secret that DHS, in cooperation with the health department, CDC, certain classified committees in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and even the FCC branch and the Executive, have been studying certain potential scenarios and solving the whole issue of alternative options, contingencies and layoffs.

Witch, of course, would include, among others, withholding or manipulating certain types of information released to the public.

So how much did you like to see Prophets of sadness and doom from the media and certain political leaders?

I mean, actually, they've literally been screaming from the rooftops "PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE", "It's Armageddon" "It's the end of the world as we know it" ect ect ..blah blah blah!

And, the media and political factions don't even seem to consider giving it back a bit during a "global pandemic" for God's sake!

Therefore, it is quite impossible to watch the news and know for sure what is really going on in the US. USA, especially with Damned Media telling us all, Don't believe half of what the Government says!

So I don't know how things unfold at ground level in the US Homeland. USA

But since I'm currently riding things in a third world country here on the "ASIAN" side of the planet where things are getting damn close to Medieval and haven't even come to declare Martial Law … yet ,,

So if your government tells you not to bother stocking up on a year of TP supplies and just focus on food and soap and stay home, frankly I think it's probably okay to take them seriously.

But it's naive to expect them to be fully forthcoming about mortality statistics until they can also announce that the worst of the crisis is over, rather than risk having to respond to hysterical mobs raiding shops and hijacking supply trucks!

security – COVID-19 Testing at US airports. USA: What do you do if confirmed?

Travel companions, simple question:

Is there a known policy of what airport / US government employees will do? USA If someone is tested for COVID-19 and found positive?

Also, does this policy depend on the airport, state, country, etc.? That is to say. Isn't there a strict federal code 1?

Explain / link to sources if anyone has any information.

Thank you very much and stay safe friends.