help, I'm not sure what to do, I've sent it from Pax, I've done bitcoins like I've done many times and it shows up as confirmed, but I still do not see it at all.

Can someone help me recover this? or is it gone forever?

demon of the ray network – open channel pending, opening transaction never confirmed

I am running LND 0.6.1-beta on top of Bitcoind 0.18.0 and I have a channel that has been pending its opening for more than a month.

The txid in the channel_point can not be found through the block analyzers, so I must conclude that the transaction was never confirmed, even though the commitment commission was significant and the mempool has been empty several times in the last 30 days .

In 1ml, I found the remote_node_pub is from a node that is online and has channels, but not mine, even in the closed channels tab.

"confirmation_height": 0,

"commit_fee": "11232",

"commit_weight": "600",

"fee_per_kw": "15515"

Is there any way to make LND realize that this channel does not exist and give me back control of the scale?

wallet – Is there a banner or a specific message in a bitcoin pcap to show us if our bitcoin transaction is confirmed or not?

Suppose I send a specific value from a source wallet to a destination wallet and simultaneously capture incoming and outgoing traffic with Wireshark.

I can extract the exit address and its value from the traffic captured, but how can I detect (from traffic packets) that my transaction has been confirmed by the miners?

In other words, when I check bitcoin traffic, I see that the specific value I sent (and its exit address) exists in some packages with different IP addresses, which I do not know which is a miner. Is there a flag or a specific message sent to me that helps me understand that my transaction is confirmed?

altcoin – Transaction show not confirmed alternately – Litecoin fork

I have a litecoin fork. I just set up a miner for the transaction in my altcoin network. Then I try to send some currency from one node to another node, the transaction is being confirmed alternately. That is the first transaction status as shown Status: 2 / not confirmed and the second state is 0 / unconfirmed, in memory pool. This process is to continue alternately. I also mention that I have established the highest rate for each transaction. I wait a long time and extract more blocks to confirm the second transaction. But there is no result. Do you have any suggestions or solutions to solve this king of problems. Any help is appreciative.

Thank you

iOS 13: Dark mode not confirmed? [on hold]

Am I correct that the dark mode in iOS 13 has do not been publicly confirmed?

Thank you!

Payment confirmed, but not received

I have made two payments to the same deposit address, one of them has passed and the other has been blocked for days. Can someone help me with this? It is saying that it has been confirmed but it has not been shown in the wallet.

Tx ID 0a55600e329e042546a372bcd6ead845a82ed643e37193b2b587b8744d664901

Thank you

transactions – Bitcoin sent, confirmed in my final – never received at the other end

They sent me a link that took me to a coinbase processor. I got the address of the wallet and sent the money from my Electrum wallet. I have 157 confirmations, Electrum shows that it is there and complete, but the receiver says he never received it.

One of the three things has happened:

  • The receiver's wallet is not properly synchronized with the network and has not seen your transaction
  • The receiver lies about not receiving the transaction
  • Somehow, it sent Bitcoin to the wrong address (for example, the malware injected a malicious address into its copy / paste clipboard)

Someone told me that if btc is not claimed within 30 days, it automatically returns to its place of origin.

This is incorrect. Perhaps there are escrow services that work this way, but if you send a real Bitcoin transaction and it is confirmed in the blockchain, then the probability of it being reversed is basically zero.

So, where could the money be if they say they no longer use Bitcoin? Is not he still in that wallet? They just have to do it right?

If you can link an address you sent, or a transaction ID, someone could take a look at the chain of blocks to see where the Bitcoin ended, but in general:

If you sent to a coinbase payment page, then the payment was sent to a Bitcoin address controlled by Coinbase. Coinbase may You have forwarded this payment to the person who was paying, or you may still be in that person's base currency account. He would have to contact Coinbase and / or his counterpart to solve the problem. There is nothing more anyone can do to help you remedy the situation.

I sent Bitcoin to my e-wallet address without hitting the application first now it says it is confirmed and I have no money after requesting it

I sent Bitcoin to my e-wallet address without hitting the application first now it says it is confirmed and I have no money after requesting it after Isent. Can I receive my currency?

Bitcoin Core – Transaction confirmed but not used

enter the description of the image here

Hello, I have a serious problem since this transaction is successful, but the recipient insists that it is not in your wallet or received any confirmation of the transaction, I have been trying to understand what went wrong and why I continue to see this transaction as & # 39; not worn & # 39; How can I solve this please?

Mueller confirmed that Seth Rich did not steal Hillary's emails. Why Sean Hannity or Julian Assange will not apologize for spreading lies?

Like Trump they do not care if they lie.

Rich, 27, was an employee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and his murder spawned several right-wing conspiracy theories,[3] including the false claim that Rich had been involved with the leaked emails of DNC in 2016, contradicted by the police authorities who investigated the murder.

Data verification websites such as PolitiFact.com,[5][8] Snopes.com,[9] and FactCheck.org stated that these theories were false and unfounded.[4] The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post wrote that the promotion of these conspiracy theories was an example of false news.[10][11][12]

These conspiracy theories were promoted by Mike Cernovich, Sean Hannity, Geraldo Rivera, Kim Dotcom, Paul Joseph Watson, Newt Gingrich, Jack Posobiec and others.[81][82][83]

The same places that fostered the false theory of the Pizzagate conspiracy helped to enact the conspiracy theories of Seth Rich's murder,[11][84][85] and each one shares similar characteristics.[86][87][88] Both were promoted by individuals who subscribed to the politics of the extreme right,[89] and by campaign officials and individuals appointed to high-level national security positions by Donald Trump.[90][91][92] After the previous coordination in Facebook, each theory was spread on Twitter using automated robots using a brand hashtag, with the aim of becoming a trend topic.[84] Both the Pizzagate conspiracy theory and Seth Rich's murder plot conspired in the subreddit / r / The Donald forum.[93] In both conspiracy theories, the promoters tried to change the burden of proof, asking others to try to refute their claims, without citing justified evidence.[94]