Canon: will an adapter with an EMF AF Confirm chip work with my vintage lens?

Yes. The EMF chip, when properly positioned and glued to an adapter ring, will perform auto focus confirmation and communicate EXIF ​​lens information (focal length, maximum aperture, and even the aperture setting used)Yes follow the right steps while shooting) on ​​a Canon EOS digital body (I've used them on an XT, 50D, and 5DMkII). The adapter ring and the lens to which it is connected do not really affect this function. The quality / fit of the adapter ring, however, is independent of the chip. The chip is sold separately from the rings, and can be pasted by anyone.

You can also refer to the EMF chip manual.

However, in my experience, AF confirmation is not as useful for pinning focus with a very thin DoF on a fast lens like Canon's "matte precision" focusing displays (if your camera body allows use one), or live view at 10x magnification or maximum focus and Magic Zoom to the Magic Lantern.

errors: confirm to the user that the message was forwarded after it failed in the customer service chat

I am designing live chat agent support in UX app. In the event that a message has not been sent to the agent, there will be a micro error message below the chat bubble with the forward option.

my question is, after the user forwards the message and it is sent successfully, there should be a micro message to confirm that it was sent. Another reason I'm asking this is that my current requirement doesn't need to have a micro message for every message sent. So wouldn't it be too much information to add this confirmation in this case?

enter the image description here

USB connection mode – LG (Android 8.0.0) without notice to confirm the fingerprint when connecting to the computer (security issue)

I tried the web search but it gives problems with the unlocking of the human fingerprint device. I recently acquired the LG phone (Android 8) and noticed that when I connected it to the PC, it asked me to choose the connection options and chose the data transfer. No pop-up window of computer fingerprint. And, in fact, on another laptop with a USB connection, the computer opened the contents of the phone without warning.

I have been using Sony Android 5 and 6 and they always showed fingerprints of the new PC to which they were connected and allowed automatic data connection only for already enabled computers.

I see a security issue with my new phone. Maybe there are some settings to enable the use of PC fingerprints?

How to confirm or enable LDAP / SSL for Azure AD Connect?

Microsoft has a notice that states that they will prepare LDAP / SSL (LDAPS).

Is there a way to verify if Azure AD Connect already uses LDAP / SSL?

bitcoin core – How to confirm that my node is in the network?


bitcoin-cli getconnectioncount

How many connections do you have? Are you sure your port 8333 is open?

The Bitnodes API returns a DOWN state for your node.

curl -H "Accept: application/json; indent=4"

    "hostname": "",
    "address": "2001:0:9d38:6abd:18e2:3f37:8f79:532e",
    "status": "DOWN",
    "data": null,
    "bitcoin_address": "",
    "url": "",
    "verified": false,
    "mbps": null }

SharePoint 2010 approval workflow: Get a Confirm button instead of an Approve button

Any idea why the "Approve" button in an approval workflow is changed to the "Confirm" button? Instead of the usual Approve and Reject buttons, I get the Confirm and Reject buttons for this particular workflow. This is an approval task. I am not sure why you are changing to Confirm. There are no custom InfoPath rules or custom scripts. This is a fairly basic workflow, but I don't want to have to recreate it.

Thank you.

Google Scripts: Confirm if the values ​​are in a column and move to a new sheet

In Google Sheets, I need to check column F if there are certain values ​​present. If the values ​​that I have specified are in column F, it will copy the entire row and paste it into a new sheet.

The code works when the specified values ​​are in column F, but it is broken when the values ​​do not exist. I am not sure how to fix the error if the specified values ​​do not exist in column F.

Any help is appreciated, thanks! Code below:

function copyrange() {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  var sheet = ss.getSheetByName('Data'); //source sheet
  var testrange = sheet.getRange('F:F'); //range to check
  var testvalue = (testrange.getValues());
  var csh = ss.getSheetByName('To_Remove'); //destination sheet
  var data = ();
  var j =();

  //Condition check in H:H; If true copy the same row to data array
for (i=0; i

Magento 2: Confirm Form Forwarding Error in Controller

I receive this error in the controller while I return to the browser.


No errors were found in the logs and console.

I'm getting next in headings on the Network tab.


Can anyone tell me why this error is coming? and suggest me a solution.

dnd 5e – How to confirm that the group member has not been replaced or delighted?

How can my PC confirm that the other PCs have not been replaced by a shape changer, such as an incubus or doppelganger, and that they have not been enchanted / controlled in any way to go against the party?

One idea is to have a password / code to verify if there are shape changers, but that only goes as far as if a PC is controlled but not replaced, they would know the code.

Ideally, the answers would be methods that a bard could use.

Snack bar or confirm pop-up. What comments are best when users delete your message?

When users delete their message on the chat screen, such as a loose message chain, what comments are best between bars and confirm the pop-up window?

When I delete an email from Gmail, a snack bar is provided with a button that allows you to cancel the deletion of an email.

But is the snack bar also useful on the chat screen?