7 – How to configure a message after a particular page redirection using the page manager?

After certain fields have been configured in the node editing form and saved, I do not want the node author to change them further and, therefore, I have created a new variant with a response code "301 permanent redirection"in the Page Manager.

My redirect destination is set to %node:url?destination=no-edit-permission
And redirects the author to the desired node view (node_view in the Page Manager).
But the reason I set this up is to be able to display a message at the top of that redirected page that says "You can no longer edit this page".
So how do I configure a message of this type based on the destination in the URL?

Why risk your Linux server when you have SSH remote staff? Configure the SSH Jump server and comply with PCI

How Ezeelogin Improve the security of your servers when ssh staff remotely and therefore protect your business? How does it help you manage multiple Linux servers?

How does Ezeelogin help you meet various requirements such as PCI DSS 3.2, HIPPA,
SOX, SOC2, FFIEC, NERC CIP, ISO 27001, GDPR when staff log in to your server via ssh remotely?

What is Ezeelogin?
It is a secure SSH Gateway software, also known as Linux jump server software, that would help you easily manage and manage multiple Linux cpanel / WHM servers with greater security. It would also allow you to manage your employees' SSH access to Linux servers. It would allow you to provide your customers with faster and superior customer service. Ezeelogin would save any company thousands of dollars a year when it has multiple Linux servers and has multiple employees to manage them. Set up your SSH Jump box today.

Is Ezeelogin a hosted solution?
No, it is not a hosted solution. The software must be installed on your Linux servers. This gives you better control and security.

  • No more Excel sheets or Google or Dropbox documents or shared documents to share your server details.
  • Don't worry about resetting the root password on all your servers when an employee leaves.
  • Don't worry anymore about removing ssh keys on all your servers when an employee leaves.
  • Record SSH sessions of your staff. This feature records all SSH sessions, including inputs and outputs in SSH. The details of time and date of access are also recorded. Subsequently, you can search the history of your company's critical systems.
  • Provide root SSH access to your servers without giving root passwords of your Linux servers.
  • Provide privileged access Grant access in such a way that your staff log in to the server as a & # 39; user without privileges & # 39; specific and not like & # 39; root & # 39;

  • Provide WHM or other access to Control Panel to your servers without revealing your root password. This can be done not only for cpanel / whm but for almost any other control panel such as plesk ensim webmin and much more.
  • SSH user access control allows you to easily grant or deny users, ssh access to the servers you select.
  • Two factor authentication Like Yubikey, DUO security, Google 2fA are supported.
  • Automated User Change (su) Login that would improve security without the hassle of remembering passwords.
  • Automatic root password reset in all or group of servers with the click of a mouse. This can be configured for automatic periodic restart, as it is good to continue changing your root passwords regularly.
  • Automatic ssh key reset With the click of a mouse.
  • Automatic ssh key reset With the click of a mouse.
  • Command line filter It helps prevent accidental execution of commands such as rm -rf / etc. Filter any command with regular expression
  • SSH using your browser for quick and easy access to your remote Linux server.
  • RDP using your browser for quick and easy access to your remote Windows servers.
  • Record RDP sessions

Ezeelogin automations to manage and manage multiple Linux servers

The world's first parallel shell integrated into the ssh gateway so that commands can be executed on all or groups of servers easily. This is a really cool ssh trick and we tip it as one of the ingenious features of ezeelogin.

The world's first clustered ssh gateway for redundancy so you have access to your server at all times.

The world's first ssh gateway That allows you to monitor both the input and output of all commands executed through ssh by your system administrators. All actions are fully registered and you can see what your technology and systems administrator are doing on the servers also in real time.

The world's first auto switch user login (su) That would improve security without the hassle of remembering passwords.

The world's first ssh user access control system integrated into the ssh gateway that would allow you to grant / deny ssh access to servers, thereby improving security.

The world's first command line filter Gives you control over the commands that a technician / administrator can execute on the servers. Accidentally prevent rm -rf / or any command you may think with full regexp support.

Access to control panel without password(almost all control panels you can think of) with just 1 click.

Data center portal without password access with just 1 click.

Locate and ssh easily on your servers with less time Check out interesting searches based on hostname, ip, description, etc.

Automatic root password reset It saves you the trouble of having to reset your root password on the server regularly to improve security.

Automated login in virtual containers using vzctl enter veid.

Automated ssh key reset of users on all servers.

Automatic root password generation
through servers.

and much more … check it out. and let us know if you still need some crucial functions and we will add them.

THE Ezeelogin Five Star Comments *****

"Our team manages hundreds of clustered systems in different data centers. We require a product that could securely manage our infrastructure servers in a PCI-compatible manner with console-based remote logging capabilities. The other two requirements involved a method to securely manage our SSH keys and allow us to issue remote commands on large groups of systems. Ezeelogin has saved us countless hours in administration and has simplified our processes by combining so many functions into a single product. Our technicians no longer have to switch between two or three different interfaces to obtain critical information. Our support and guard personnel can put the administration of the system and our customers first while allowing Ezeelogin to do all the heavy lifting. We highly recommend Admod's Ezeelogin product for any size environment. It is the most stable and affordable product available in this market that provides robust scalability that seems to adapt infinitely to the constantly changing IT environment."
Kevin Hatfield (CEO), serverorigin.com *****

"We really like Ezeelogin software and we believe it has great potential, no hosting company with multiple servers should run out of it. It certainly does what was announced. I love!!!"
Patrick Sanders
, www.040hosting.eu *****

"I'm so glad I found Ezeelogin. I own a small hosting company with more than 70 servers. Ezeelogin is incredibly useful and has reduced our response time in handling server problems and has allowed our employees to be more productive. It would be hard to imagine life without ezeelogin! "
Todd Reagor
CEO URLJet.com *****

"With the increasing number of servers, it was increasingly difficult to manage our servers. With Ezeelogin we find a perfect solution to reduce the time we need to manage our servers. Thanks to the incredible support, we were able to configure and configure ezeelogin in a very short time."
Michael Brunner
CTO NovaTrend Services GmbH *****

"Ezeelogin is really great software. We secure all our servers with a centralized interface. It's something we were already working on but we didn't have to do it, since it's much more profitable. The support is also very fast and responsive, they are very knowledgeable about what they do."
Richard K, KodoHost.com *****

"Ezeelogin is a great software and it is working very well for us, it saves a lot of time and the increased security is brilliant"
Toby Hewett
, Technical director, EtherClear Managed Hosting Limited, *****

"In the first weeks of using Ezeelogin we could see what a powerful system it is. Ezeelogin has saved us a great deal of time when managing servers, it is great to be able to log in to all our servers through 1 portal, instead of having to manually search for the relevant server details when a client has a problem. If you need a fast and secure way to manage multiple servers, I recommend Ezeelogin."
Dan thompson
director D9 Solutions Ltd *****

the ezeelogin user information

the Ezeelogin Promise

We guarantee that ezeelogin will save you time and money every time you add a server or staff and help you make the most of your current human and hardware resources.

Go ahead and experience the change in the way multiple servers are managed. Get the best out of your existing technical support and system administrator by empowering them with this essential tool.

Check out
30 days free trial!

Ezeelogin trial @ EZEELOGIN: administration and administration of multiple servers, simplified and start saving money and time today.

c # – How to configure a User Control component to accept another User Control component

How do I configure a component created from a user control to accept another component also created from a user control as a parameter or child?

Example: Dropdown.ascx

Ex: DropdownItem.ascx

Example: Dropdown.ascx and DropdownItem.ascx


knowing that they are registered in web.config in this way.


php – how can I load, use, configure, the gRPC extension on my host by cPanel?

It turns out that I just loaded my project to cpanel and I skip the following errorenter image description here

I could not find where to load the extension or configure it. In cpanel I only get these options.
enter image description here

and nowhere can I find or install the gRPC extension that I need: /

bitcoin core – How to configure rpcallowip with rpcbind – version 0.17.0

I am trying to understand the difference between rpcallowip and rpcbind.
I run bitcoind v0.17.0

In bitcoin.conf, I have:


which should allow all connections from any ip.

In the records, I have:

Binding RPC on address port 8332 failed.

What is rpcbind and what should I put in bitcoin.conf?
I tried the IP of my computer from which I want to connect
but I have the same error

Finally, what should I do with rpcbind if I want to upgrade to version 0.18 or later?

Is it possible, with bitcoin-core or btcd, to manually configure the scriptSig field in a coinbase transaction?

I'm talking when I use regtest or simnet modes.

By context, it is so that you can create coinbase transactions with reproducible txids.

file systems: using autotools ./configure in a shared source tree

I am working on the construction of a large and complex autotools-based source tree ./configure on a shared supercomputer (called OpenModelica https://github.com/OpenModelica/OpenModelica/blob/master/README.md). Because it is a large compilation, we would like to log in and use the same source tree while we are working on the compilation problems, although we have different user accounts (but group ownership & # 39; chgrp & # 39 ; is a group in which we are both members of).

When executing ./configure, we have several problems, for example ./configure tries and does not change the ownership of the file & # 39; config.guess & # 39 ;. And there are several other files that are created with proprietary settings that seem to prevent sharing of the source code tree.

I feel there should be a simple configuration of property & # 39; chmod & # 39; or & # 39; chown & # 39; For this source tree I would overcome this problem, but I couldn't solve it. Any suggestions?

bash – How to configure cpumask on boot with systemd?

I have the following service:




Y bar.sh:

echo 1 > /sys/bus/workqueue/devices/writeback/cpumask
cat /sys/bus/workqueue/devices/writeback/cpumask > /tmp/writeback

Then, after restarting, cat /tmp/writeback looks good:

But /sys/bus/workqueue/devices/writeback/cpumask was overwritten to the default value:



linux – how to configure `DISPLAY` in acpid scripts

I have several users connected and I use acpid to listen sleep key to turn off screen usage xset dpms force off I send.

I can't turn off the screen because acpid runs and runs scripts as root. and I know how to configure correctly DISPLAY. because each connected user has their own screen, and I don't know which one is currently displayed. maybe GNOME He knows, but I don't know how to find out.

java – How to configure GarbageCollector on a 128GB RAM server running Tomcat9 on Debian10 (Java11)

We have a RAM of 128 GB with Tomcat9 (install through the tomcat9 package) and 32 CPU threads.
The Tomcat server has + – 100 contexts (.wars) running

Every two minutes, it currently stops for approximately 7.5 seconds, presumably to make a blocking garbage collection.

How can we configure it for the GC to run in parallel or in much smaller time increments?
Thank you