How to add a new type of product that extends the configurable product?

I tried to copy the main file to my / etc module and change the & # 39; composableTypes> name & # 39 ;.

I refer to this file:

In fact, it worked to have a custom product, but I still can't see configurable options for it.

Any suggestions please?

magento2 – About importing configurable products by csv in Magento 2

I want to import configurable product by csv in Magento 2.

My csv likes this.


When the import is executed, magento shows OK, but it is not displayed on the product, type that the product does not change from simple to configurable. How to import it? Please help. Thank you all.

Magento2.1 configurable price

I have a custom theme, in configurable products when I choose the variation price does not change. What files should I cancel?

How to import configurable products in Magento 2 using a custom CSV file

I want to import a configurable product into Magento 2 using a custom CSV file. My csv file like this


How to import it with this file? please help


I can import through this csv but it is not shown in the Settings tab.

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magento2.3: configurable prices show 0 on the category page when MSI is enabled + magento 2

Configurable product price that shows 0 instead of showing minimum price on the category page When MSI is enabled. As I found that it is happening due to the configuration of values, that is. Yes out of stock display setting set to do not Then the price is displayed correctly. But I need to show the product out of stock.

When I start the reindexing process, there is a lot of talk with MSI enabled. And interestingly, min_price Y max_price of configurable products is 0.

I've been through this link but I haven't had any luck:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Magento 2 How to display samples on a configurable product even if the product is out of stock

I want to display a configurable product sample, even if the product is sold out with the deactivation function.

The Magento 2.2 configurable products do not show the shipping address in the box

when configuring the purchase of the secondary child product at the time the shipping address is missing in the box

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side of my database catalog_product_entity table

enter the description of the image here
when I execute the rendex command, after 2 or 3 days it works well after the same problem

magento2 – Add configurable products to the cart from the category page

There is a default behavior to allow you to do this

Within the sample data there is an attribute of color and size.

See in luma theme how they can be displayed on the category product listing page

You see how you can select the size and color and you can add it to the basket.

I recommend you investigate the topic of luma and sample data.

Add configurable products to the cart from the categories page.

Is there any way we can add configurable products to the cart from the category page with its attributes, such as color, size, etc.? Right now, when I add any configurable product to the cart, it redirects me to the product page.

Object-oriented: C ++ pattern for configurable compile-time functionality

Due to resource constraints (embedded), I want to make some functionalities that a class provides optional. The decision to include this optional functionality must be made at compile time.

For example, I have a memory allocator based on a simple group, which has optional statistics support. The statistics support must be available for the x86 and ARM debug compilations, but not for the ARM release builds.

The following code is an extract of the current implementation, based on C, that shows the type of interaction between the group itself and a conditionally included statistic member structure:

structure fmpool {
// ...
fmpool_statistics stats;
#determinate if
// ...

int fmpool_alloc (fmpool * pool, void ** alloc_block, size_t alloc_size)

// make the assignment

selected_pool-> stats.blocks_used ++;
if (selected_pool-> stats.blocks_used> selected_pool-> stats.blocks_used_peak)
selected_pool-> stats.blocks_used_peak = selected_pool-> stats.blocks_used;
debug_log_pool_info (selected_pool);
#determinate if

// ...

I am not sure which pattern best fits this use case, but I would like to clear the code of the allocator by removing the statistics code from the allocator itself.

Also, the code is terribly full of #ifdefs, so it is desirable to reduce the interaction between the dispatcher code and the allocator statistics code as much as possible.