Computer Architecture: How Fast Can 10 Integer Multiplications Run?

This is self-study, but not homework. I am reviewing some slides that I found online and I have come across the following question.


If the latency of the integer multiplication is $ 3 $ and the cycles / problem is $ 1 $ so

  1. How fast can 10 Independent int mults to be executed?
    $$ t_1 = a_1 * b_1 quad t_2 = a_2 * b_2 quad t_3 = a_3 * b_3 quad cdots quad t_ {10} = a_ {10} * b_ {10} $$
  2. How fast can $ 10 $ sequentially dependent int mults to be executed?
    $$ t_1 = a_1 * b_1 quad t_2 = t_1 * b_2 quad t_3 = t_2 * b_3 quad cdots quad t_ {10} = t_9 * b_ {10} $$


Obviously, the sequentially dependent case will take longer, because each multiplication must wait for the previous multiplication to finish. I'm not sure exactly how to interpret latency and cycles / problem in this context. My attempt.

  1. Every multiplication takes $ 3 $ cycles but we can start a new multiplication every cycle (can we?) so we need $ 3 + 10 – 1 = $ 12 cycles?
  2. Naively this would take $ 30 $ cycles if we wait for the previous one to end. However, it seems we could do better. For example

    • $ t_1 $ First
    • $ b_2 * b_3 $
    • wait a cycle
    • $ t_2 = t_1 * b_2 $
    • $ t_3 = t_1 * (b_2 * b_3) $

So the first $ 3 $ mutliplys can be done in $ 7 $ cycles instead of $ 9 $. I think I just need to see a problem solved and I will be able to resume what is happening.

Computer Architecture: Can anyone at Cyber ​​Security or IT help answer this basic question about changing malware today?

1.] Before, the most common types of malware were generally Trojans and various other types of viruses derived from your own email on a desktop. Given the time interval since those days, the game has changed. Today, the ways of violating a user's data have changed dramatically. What are the most frequent methods that an average person should know today?

Computational complexity: Would anyone be willing to help me figure out how to prove a new conjecture about computer theory?

I have invented a new theory of computing that I have called "The theory of self-reproducing machines" and have discovered a very interesting infinite family of self-reproducing machines, as well as a new set of mathematical laws that govern these types of systems, which extends Cellular Automata and John Conways "The Game of Life" using my new "computer virus techniques" methods to write common non-malicious computer programs. Since I'm an inventor, I have a lot of crazy ideas. This really is it and I follow it and I desperately need expert help, and this is the purpose of my question right now

very briefly here is my guess

Conjecture 1: The theory of Turing machines of self-reproduction or The theory of machines of self-reproduction is a complete theory of Turing computation that generalizes the previous theory of computation. It is possible to solve problems in the NP-Complete "complexity class" (a term that I will define in my next conjecture). This new theory of computation involves adding a new axiom to the theory of computation above that will result in a violation of the church-turing thesis and enable an algorithm that I have already written in JavaScript and tested in my debugging tool, to know, that Turing Machines have a magical axiomatic function where they can self-replicate.

Conjecture 2: According to my new theory of computation, the class (according to the class defined by class theory in the von neumann sense) of NP problems can be divided into different subsets that I have just called "complexity classes" of which NP-complete is the lowest level,
These complexity classes can be mapped 1-1 to other problems by a type of isomoprism that I call "complexity class homomorphisms" and we can understand the different types of exponential growth in Big-O complexity estimation by this type of operation.
Furthermore, the different types of Big-O efficiency notation in use must be expanded to include orders of infinity according to Cantors theory of infinite sets using a new Axiom stating that there is no infinite set with complexity class between integers and integers.
Furthermore, the relation of types of equity that I have just conjectured can be mapped 1-1 by a complexity class homomorphism to these orders of infinity that I have just described
Furthermore, the complexity class of the integer factorization problem is of the same order as the chess engine problem, in other words, what makes chess difficult is that its strategy involves the mathematical problem of prime factorization.

Observation 1: These conjectures are the result of 15 years of work on the theory of self-reproduction machines that John Von Neumann invented and that inspired 3 fields, computing, biology (through the discovery of DNA that Watson and Crick knew to look for because of the theory of the machines of own reproduction) and the theory of games. His method of inventing entirely new mathematical fields was to study nature, evolution, and the human nervous system. This is also the basis of my new discovery resulting from the analysis of energy in the work done by cells in the human body as a result of cellular self-replication in the human nervous system, which has tended to show that it is possible to make a game exponential in energy for computing purposes by understanding the computational power of the human nervous system from a theoretical physical perspective.

Observation 2: The purpose of my question is not an attempt to post any results, I will shortly do so on a new website that I own for this purpose, my question is that I need the help of an expert because I am getting over my head, so, what should I do?

Observation 3: I also invented the Math Inspector and I have a math education channel on youtube and it recently appeared on Mathologer.

Observation 4: If these types of questions are not appropriate, please let me know and I will stop on request. If you are on the topic please let me know and I will remove comment 4

computer architecture – Minecraft Computing

Basic computers have been created and optimized several times before in Minecraft. These were based on logical gates built from the block & # 39; red stone torch & # 39 ;. I (who knows little about computers) wondered if I could create one based on & # 39; shulker boxes & # 39; containing 27 slots that you can read, write, and move around a machine.

Urgent flag of TCP, computer networks

the Urgent Flag (URG) is set every time the sender Application layer wants to send some urgent data to the receiver. In this case, the Transport layer you do not expect enough data to reach the maximum segment size. Now my question is How do intermediate routers recognize that the packet needs to be forwarded urgently?(don't have the transport layer)?

File permissions: Indesign 2020 takes over my computer

Yesterday I was trying to install an update on an unrelated program. After struggling for days, he finally settled down. At that time, Creative Cloud decided to install some kind of update. I canceled the DC download. Later I opened a book file with about 106 documents; it opened in 2020, without my permission, even though the trial week was long gone. I left as soon as possible.

Now none of my design files created with cs6 will open when clicked on. They all lead to photshop cs6 or indesign 2020. So, I tried to use the open with function, hoping to tell it to open with indesign cs6. cs6 is not shown in the options. Even when I choose to search for more options, cs6 is not showing. Only indesign 2020 is displayed. All my design files are now tagged for 2020 or photoshop. It's like 2020 took over my entire computer. I wish I never decided to try it for a week. I tried to delete it and got a notice saying 2020 is not on my system. It also says that I don't have a creative cloud either. However, when I open cs6 from its desktop shortcut, it opens and I can open design files that way. I use Windows 10.

Should I reinstall CC and then try to remove indesign 2020? Would doing that remove any of my files?

How do I get my normal design files back to normal and end this nightmare? I am talking about many hundreds of files. I was told that a trial version of indesign 2020 would run alongside cs6 and would not cause problems. Incorrect. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Macintosh HD is missing after deleting MacBook computer

In the process of erasing my computer, I can no longer see Macintosh HD. I used the security option to do a full erase. When I try to reinstall the operating system, only the base OS X system appears. HELP

How do I transfer files in ClockworkMod between my tablet and my computer?

I have a question about ClockworkMod Recovery v5.8.3.1.
I have an old Samsung Tab 10.1 that has no Micro-SD slot. The tablet only starts in ClockworkMod and is not displayed as an external drive in Windows. I would like to use the tablet again and install a custom ROM on it. Now I have the question of how can I access the internal memory.

Greetings and thanks for an answer!

Computer vision: what is the best algorithm to detect the texture of a person's clothes in real time for a mobile robot?

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Need to get local computer name in MS Flow for Sharepoint

Short answer: you can't.
The flow will run on a cloud server with no knowledge or connection to local workstations, so there is no way to capture this.

You will have to find another way to start the flow, probably with something installed on each computer since a browser doesn't have access to this type of information anyway.