dnd 5e – Is there a way for the character of an adventure league in the eighth season to acquire a heavy armor competition?

There are certain divine domains of clerics that provide the heavy armor domain as a class feature ("bonus domain"), which means that it does not need to appear in the multiclass competition table (PHB, page 164). See this question for more information about that.

Bonus skill
When you choose this domain in the first level, you gain ability with heavy armor.

Life Domain (PHB, page 60) is one of those examples of the PHB, but there are others (but whether or not you can have permission to choose some of them can depend on which books are allowed with your "PHB + 1"). Depending on the domain you choose, you could also master the martial weapon.

This also means that only a multiclass level will "cost" you to get that armor skill, with no need to spend any ASI on feats like Heavily Armored (unless you need to use the ASI to achieve certain skill scores, see below. .)

Note that, according to the multi-classification requirement in PHB, p. 163, you must have an Intelligence score of at least 13 (which I assume you will have as an assistant) for multiclass outside of assistant, and a Wisdom score of at least 13 to multiclass inside cleric…

Also keep in mind that your cleric spells would be based on Wisdom, not Intelligence, so, unless you have the same Intelligence and Wisdom scores (at the time of writing, you have not indicated your character's skill scores) , your cleric spells would probably be a little less powerful than your wizard spells (for example, with regard to how high your spell attack bonus and DC is to save spells). But a magician who is capable of healing is always good to have …

dnd 5e – Is there any way for the character of an adventure league in the eighth season to acquire a heavy armor competition?

There are certain divine domains of clerics that provide the heavy armor domain as a class feature ("bonus domain"), which means that it does not need to appear in the multiclass competition table (PHB, page 164).

Life Domain (PHB, page 60) is one of those examples of the PHB, but there are others (but some of them may depend on the books that are allowed with their "PHB + 1").

This also means that you will only "cost" a level multiclass to get that armor skill.

What is the analysis of the competition?

Hello friends,

I would like to know what is the analysis of the competition?

color – Calling attention to the primary button in competition towards the header

I'm looking for some help with our primary color. We are using blue as the primary color and we put it in the header to support the identity of the brand.

On the other hand, blue is also our main button color. The placement of our CTAs was easy, until today.

With our list view, I tend to place it directly under the heading. The problem: the focus is lost because the attention to the button is less effective through the immense use of the header.

Do you know how to replace the button or change the style to make it more attractive?

Placing it in the lower right should be the last solution because we reserved the lower right corner for a chat / support button.

Thanks together πŸ™‚

Example of the problem of the primary color.

dnd 5e – Obtaining competition in vehicles (water)

If your real goal is to be a pirate for a while …

… for your comment under the question …

Seriously? . . . I just want to be a pirate. We do not have time to take 250 days. In the old days (2e), many accepted that if he won 1000 xp using the ability, he could dominate. I have not seen any of that.

… then, all you need to do is hire an NPC that has competition with the Vehicles (Water) and have them drive the boat while the rest of you drive in a pirate way for as long as you want.

If you do not pretend to be doing piracy for at least 250 days of play, then you can do any number of things on the character with the ship.

  1. Promise to this NPC (as an incentive) that the ship is yours when you stop hacking. That is a great incentive to preserve the loyalty of this NPC.
  2. Sell ​​the ship at your last port of call. (See prices in the PHB, page 157)
  3. Trade / barter the ship for something valuable. (See prices in the PHB, page 157)
    Sailing boats go for 10,000 GP, Galleys for 30,000 GP, Longships for 10,000 GP).
  4. Use the ship as a decoy for a monster or an opposing force, and fire it in a final act of piracy / randomness / intelligence when you're done with piracy.
  5. Other things that you dream, for many that count.

Leave your options open

If, as the adventure runs its course, you end up being a pirate for more than 250 days (it's hard to predict how an adventure life develops once you become a pirate … you can come to love it and do it for more. time you currently imagine) so I suggest you work with your GM now, ahead of time, to accumulate that competition training until your hacking career finally ends.

About vehicles (sea)

Taking a long time to master watercraft is quite consistent with the way the Mariners Fund offers that skill (you spent your entire life navigating the sea) and offers a bit of plausibility with respect to what it takes to navigate effectively. . It's not like driving a car. (I learned to navigate a few decades ago, but it was a hobby that I could not afford …)

Built on a passion for competition and a sporty lifestyle.

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Security engineer against the competition of resistant hackers, who will be the first system compromised, why?

Just for the interest, based on skills and tactics, not necessarily involving speed, who will break the ball as first, if a battle took place?

find the keyword of least competition

find the keyword less competition | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. find the keyword of least competition

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