c++ – Comparison of Cmake, vscode build system and others

I have just started on properly developing big/professional projects in c++. This could mean potential cross platform and large applications. I would like to focus on a particular way to build files and from what i understand in VScode(text editor), the build configuration and editor configuration is kind of decoupled. So ideally, i would want to work with VScode as i personally find it useful but i was wondering if i could replace the task.json with a better way to build my projects (eg Cmake). What are the different pros and cons of using these different methods?

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Comparison of two monodromies

Let us consider a smooth projective curve $Sigma_b$ of genus $b$, and assume that there is a surjective group homomorphism $$varphi colon pi_1 (Sigma_b times Sigma_b – Delta) to G,$$ where $Delta subset Sigma_b times Sigma_b $ is the diagonal and $G$ is a finite group. Assume moreover that the homomorphisms $$psi_i colon pi_1(Sigma_b-{p }) to G, qquad i=1,, 2,$$ induced by the inclusion of the two factors, are surjective.

Then, by Grauert-Remmert Extension Theorem, there exist a holomorphic $G$-cover $X to Sigma_b times Sigma_b$, branched over the diagonal, that, after composing with the first (or the second) projection, yields a Kodaira fibration, namely, a non-isotrivial holomorphic fibration $f colon X to Sigma_b$ with smooth and connected fibres. In fact, everything turns out to be algebraic.

Calling $g$ the fibre genus of $f$, the fundamental group $pi_1(X)$ sits into a split exact sequence $$1 to pi_1(Sigma_g) to pi_1(X) to pi_1(Sigma_b) to 1,$$
that gives, by conjugation, monodromy representations $$rho colon pi_1(Sigma_b) to operatorname{Out} , pi_1(Sigma_g), quad bar{rho} colon pi_1(Sigma_b) to operatorname{Aut} , H_1(Sigma_g, , mathbb{Q}).$$

On the other hand, the homomorphism $psi_1$ (or $psi_2$) realizes the fibre $Sigma_g$ of $f$ as a $G$-cover $Sigma_g to Sigma_b$, branched over exactly one point, and so there is a short exact sequence $$1 to pi_1(Sigma_g) to pi_1(Sigma_b-{p})^{operatorname{orb}} to G to 1.$$ Here the group in the middle is the quotient of $pi_1(Sigma_b-{p})$ by the normal closure of the subgroup $langle gamma^s rangle$, where $gamma$ is a generator that loops around $p$ and $s$ is the order of $psi_1(gamma) in G$. This sequence gives, by conjugation, two monodromy representations $$rho_G colon G to operatorname{Out} , pi_1(Sigma_g), quad bar{rho}_G colon G to operatorname{Aut} , H_1(Sigma_g, , mathbb{Q}).$$

Question. How are $bar{rho}$ and $bar{rho}_G$ related? In particular, is it true that their invariant subspaces in
$H_1(Sigma_g, , mathbb{Q})$ are equal (or, at least, that they have the same

is wordpress good for multi product price comparison website like pricerunner and idealo?

I am not a developer and I am planning to start a price/product comparison website. I don’t have that much budget. is it possible to add all the features that pricerunner.com has? How will be the performance if I build it in WordPress? Some tech guru recommend building it in PHP language( I know WordPress is in PHP language)

pr.probability – Comparison of the distribution of uniform r.v.s with $mathcal{N}(0, 1)$

$ ​Given :\
1. X_1, X_2, X_3, … are independent random variables \ X_n sim Uniform(-n , 3n) where n = 1, 2, ..\
2. S_N = frac{1}{sqrt{N}}sum_{n=1}^{N} frac{X_n}{n} where N = 1, 2, ..\
3. F_N be the distribution function of S_N.\
4. phi sim mathcal{N}(0, 1)\\$

How to prove the following:\
a. lim_{N to infty} F_N(0) leq phi(0) \
b. lim_{N to infty} F_N(1) leq phi(1)

https – How can you set up certificates for clients to use in to log into a webpage in comparison to a username and password?

I’ve relatively new here and in the website world. I recently saw that some webpages (eg. some banks) use certificates for logging in. An example of what I’m looking for is here – http://poczta.ingbank.pl/ – this is a bank’s webmail page where staff (from what I can see) use certificates to log in. This would eliminate clients from having to log in with a username and password.

Any chance anyone would be able to explain to me what this is and how to do this (in simple/newbie terms) please? Your help would be much appreciated.

Thank you 🙂

differential equations – Compile::argcompten: The comparison, Less, is invalid for tensor arguments

I am trying to define a simple “Compile function” in MMA 12.2, which takes the form

comcheck = 
  Compile({{mp0, _Real, 
     4}, {deps0, _Real}, {stressN0, _Real}, {alphaN0, _Real}, {epN0, 
_Real}}, Module({mp = mp0, deps = deps0, stressN = stressN0, 
     alphaN = alphaN0, epN = epN0, Emod, beta, Hmod, Y0, stress, 
     alpha, ep, ftol, stresstr, etatr, fyld, dep, mm1, mm2}, 
    Emod = mp((3));(*dep=0.0;*)beta = mp((2)); Hmod = mp((1)); 
    Y0 = mp((2)); ftol = Y0*10;
    mm2 = 0;
    stresstr = stressN + Emod*deps; etatr = stresstr - alphaN; 
    fyld = Abs(etatr) - (Y0 + beta*Hmod);
    If(fyld - ftol < 0, mm2 = 3, mm2 = 4);
    {mm2}), Parallelization -> True, CompilationTarget -> "C");

These code cannot be used due to this error:

Compile::argcompten: The comparison, Less, is invalid for tensor

What does “The comparison, Less, is invalid for tensor arguments” mean? and how to remove this error?

Thanks in advance!

Design and Analysis of algorithm – d-ary heap and fibonacci heap comparison for Dijkstra

For what asymptotic growth rates of m, with respect to n, can we choose d so that a d-heap
yields better performance, asymptotically than Fibonacci heap, or which heap data structure performs asymptotically better than other.

We can consider a scenario where d-heaps are as good as Fibonacci heaps (with less bookkeeping).

sharepoint enterprise – Xml file comparison

Good afternoon All,

I want to compare XML file stored in SharePoint Online with its previous version and show the difference between them.

Could you please suggest any feature in SharePoint Online or custom solution to achieve it?

Thank you very much for your support.

Maple Leaf

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