❕NEWS – French insurance company AXA starts accepting Bitcoin in Switzerland | Proxies123.com

With a decision taken by AXA, Swiss customers have the opportunity to pay their insurance premiums in Bitcoin. According to the official statement made by AXA Company, customers in this country will be able to pay all their premiums in Bitcoin, except for life insurance.
What do you think of AXA Company’s initiative?

alternatives – Not able to get hold of the Bitcoin company

We lost our father in February due to Covid and he had money invested in Bitcoin (2 accounts), we were able to access these accounts due to information he left for us and were able to transfer these funds into a folder which we automatically thought it meant this would be transferred to his bank account. The money did not transfer and we have written emails and made phone calls to the company to ask what information we need to provide to get this money to add into his estate. They have not responded now and we have been trying for over 2 months now. Anyone on here have any advice before we use our solicitor?

Thank you in advance.

if the hardware wallet company ledger goes out of business, what will happen to my crypto asset / private keys in ledger?

if the hardware wallet company ledger goes out of business, what will happen to my crypto asset / private keys in ledger? I heard that the hardware wallet ledger is not open-source, so will the company get access to my private key? Will I be able to transfer my crypto elsewhere?

Server Management Company – Best in Optimizations

Looking for a server management company for a cpanel/apache Centos 7x server.

Currently we are not facing any issues, and everything is w… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1842991&goto=newpost

migration – How can there be so much “business logic” for a company that they cannot drop their old COBOL/mainframe code?

Something which has always confused me is this. I keep hearing about how these big, old corporations which were around in the 1950s (for example) and early on started using COBOL-coded business logic on IBM mainframes, which are apparently unable to “migrate to something modern”, even though they want to and it’s expensive to maintain COBOL programs for various reasons.

First of all, I, probably more than anyone, like the idea of old, big computers chugging away decade after decade. It makes me feel cozy somehow. But this is not about me having a fascinating of old computers and stable software, but simply me wondering about the business need to keep running them even if they have established that it’s financially problematic, and the company doesn’t have a CEO who happens to have a fondness of old computers.

Basically, how can a company have so much “business logic” that they cannot simply hire well-paid experts to re-implement it all as PHP CLI scripts, for example? (No, that’s not a joke. I’d like to hear one single valid argument as to why PHP would be unfit to process all the business logic of a major corporation.) But let’s not get hung up on PHP, even though I’d be using it. Any “modern” solution that they can maintain for a fraction of the COBOL/mainframe price would do.

Is the answer simply that there is no such thing? All modern software/hardware is unreliable, ever-changing, ever-breaking garbage? Or do they have such extreme amounts of special rules and weird things happening in their “business logic”, spanning millions of lines of code, that the sheer amount of work to translate this over to a modern system simply costs too much? Are they worried that there will be mistakes made? Can’t they do this while keeping the old system and run both at the same time for a long time and compare the output/result, only replacing the old one when they have established that the new one works identically for years and years?

I don’t understand why they would insist on COBOL/mainframes. I must be grossly underestimating the kind of “code” that exists in a big, old company.

Do they really have zillions of special rules such as:

If employee #5325 received a bonus of over $53 before the date 1973-05-06, then also update employee #4722's salary by a percentage determined by their performance score in the last month counting from the last paycheck of employee #532

? I almost can’t believe that such fancy, intricate rules could exist. I must be missing something.

search engine indexing – Is it safe to run 2 website in parrallel on different domains for the same company?

A few months ago, we started a new version of our website. We also changed our domain name to be more in context with our company.

The website was updated during last weekend and the old version was shutdown. Unfortunately we found out that no redirections had been made whatsoever. So we were completely invisible to the internet. All links pointing to us was showing a DNS error in the client browser. Speaking with the company that was handling the situation, they decided to bring back the old website online.

The new domain that we are using had been penalized by google 7 years ago because someone bought fake traffic leading to it.

The company is now advising us to run both website and buy ads for both for a certain amount of time. According to them, this should help us spot if the new domain is still penalized. Although the new domain is already indexed on Google and shows up as a 3rd result for our keywords. I find it hard to believe that it is still penalized.

I’m looking for second toughts as to know if what is being suggested to us is safe and good practice, if not, should we just move the website with all the redirections or does anyone have other recommendations?

Thank you.

After i changed my phone, i lost my admin privilege to my company Telegram group

I have been an admin of the company telegram group for about a year( The only admin). It is a public group. When i changed my phone with a similar phone number I suddenly don’t have access to my admin status.

Tried to contact Telegram but i haven’t received a response so far.

Any information will be helpful

How Can I Open My Company?

QUOTE(swipka777 @ Apr 5 2021, 06:20 PM) *

How can I open my company?

If you want to open a company in Singapore, I can advise you one tip. As for me, I was using incorporate singapore company which helped me to maintain my business really fast, to open anything that I need within a short period of time.

financial services company SBI Holding adds XRP to its interest system

Cryptocurrency platform SBI VC Trade, a subsidiary of Japan-based financial services company SBI Holdings, announced today that it will allow its customers to earn interest on their XRP. it is reported that only 0.1 percent annual return will be given.
Do you think such a decision could be considered as a boost to XRP, as the earnings are almost nonexistent?

legal – Which security standard or compliance bans admin privileges across all the company systems

Someone in my company wants to be granted admin privileges in every single application, infrastructure and network component, just because he is a big IT manager. I don’t have a security background, but it sounds wrong practice. My team is not comfortable with that, because we are responsible of our application and we don’t want someone external to the team being able to change the system and impact our users. Even if we can set controls on the admin account, it is not very reassuring.

My team has expressed this concern with the top level managers. Those people, that have a non-technical background, ask us if we can provide some precise articles from state laws, security standards or compliance requirements that explicitly says that no one should get admin access everywhere.

Where should I look? Could you please point me to some lines/paragraphs about it in security standards, laws, compliance documents, auditors materials?