How much does it cost to organize remote work for a company |

How much does it cost to organize remote work for a company

The ability to work from any corner of the world as effectively as in the office is a strategic need for many companies. Cloud solutions from Tucha will help you solve this problem quickly and with the least investment of efforts and finance. We will explain how to set up remote work using clouds and give you exact calculations.

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Contest – $40 Design Contest – Transport Company

Hi All,

I am looking for a logo design for a company named ” Trigga Transport “

Design guide is something like a gun being shot out of the barrel of a gun to indicate fast delivery.

The logo is going to be on black clothing, so something that would work with that.

Feedback will be provided to all.

Winner will be paid $40 USD via paypal..

Thank you in advance.


bash script emails fine for SMS texts but not for MMS – MIME content seems to be boundary-isolated by cell phone company

I need my bash shell scripting to “sendmail” (ssmtp specifically) the jpg file of interest out to email clients and/or two Android “text” (MMS) clients. As long as I stay with non-MIME, non-HTML my bash scripting does get emails to email clients and SMS texts to Android clients, but we really need the MMS version so images will be rendered inline. Verizon is the carrier so we are trying the addressing with the shell script line of:

cat "$path"content|mail -s "$(cat "$path"subject.txt)" "$(cat "$path"recipients.txt)"

The sendmail program (“mail” in the above line) is actually ssmtp, in case there is some known issue about precisely which sendmail program can or cannot send to MMS correctly. This command line sends to SMS just fine, albeit to a different Verizon gateway from The size of the “content” file is about 19KB and looks like thus:

Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary=20200918111059657_LINE

This is a MIME encoded message. Decode it with mmunencode


Content-Type: multipart/alternative


Content-Type: Text/HTML; charset=US-ASCII
<img src="cid:192168011_01_20200918205038535_INTRUSION_DETECTION.jpg"/>


Content-ID: <192168011_01_20200918205038535_INTRUSION_DETECTION.jpg>
Content-Type: image/jpeg
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-Disposition: inline

.  (more lines of encoding like this are here)


Encoding into base64 is being done with mmencode.

Judging by what shows up on the cell phones, this is being enclosed in some higher level MIME content whose boundaries cordon off my own MIME content from being marked up, if you will.

Does anyone know of a solution where my content will remain as the controlling content so the images will be displayed? But since I’ve never been successful at MMS, could I be making some kind of mistake in the MIME content file I build as shown above? Or I’ve read that not all sendmail lookalikes produce suitable output, if that should be where to look? An experienced set of eyes would sure be appreciated here. Thank you for help!!!

I will do creative, simple & attractive Business card for you and your company for $5

I will do creative, simple & attractive Business card for you and your company

Hi there,

Are you looking for a business card???

If you are looking for a professional, creative, simple & any business card design for you and your company. I will do this work and provide this exceptionally. You are contact to work with me. I always design creative any business cards. You provide your necessary information.


  1. Any Business Card Design
  2. Any Logo Design
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  5. Quick and Unlimited Revisions until you satisfied
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  7. Friendly Communication

## I WILL PROVIDE this work :-

  1. 300 CMYK Color format
  2. Size of the business card will be 3.5″x2″ (with bleeds)
  3. Editable PSD or AI Source File
  4. Money Back Guarantee
  5. High-Resolution Guaranteed

*** Please contact me if you have any questions.

*** Thank you for your precious time.


Boost your company with niche-targeted 10,000 mail/leads for $1

Boost your company with niche-targeted 10,000 mail/leads

Boost your product with niche-targeted 10,000 mail/leadsBoost your service, product, web traffics, and much more things

Get Real traffics for your marketing (Cpa/Affiliate, Amazon), etc.

Before ordering I will send you 20 emails as a sample.

I’m here to give you 100% genuine, active, focused on the email list (individual or business email). This email rundown builds your business traffic, item deals, and others promoting purposes. I will physically gather the US based email list for you OR simply guarantee me what type area, catchphrases, or specialty related email show you required.


1. Active mail

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6. 100% right and dynamic mail.

7. Mail administrator details.

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13. 1000000% Real Email

14. I am different from others and do things in my own hands


Website for one company project management or support

As is. No revenue. No traffic.

I will design flyer, brochure, company profile, proposal, booklet for $6

I will design flyer, brochure, company profile, proposal, booklet

design flyer, brochure, company profile, proposal, bookletI will design a unique, eye-catching, creative, awesome Brochure design that showcases your company’s service in an impressive way. I also create a professional Company profile, Brochure, proposal & Booklet design for your company.Why you should purchase

  • I will design PSD, PDF, EPS, And Ai brochure templates
  • Infographic and all element 100% editable.
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  • Life Time support this design
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I will give you a unique design with unlimited revision until your satisfied. ★★ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! ★★ ★★ Free unlimited revisions ★★
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PayPal is the WORST company on INTERNET!!! |

I’ve been using PayPal for a number of years now and I’ve never had any problem to be honest. I was using it for daily transactions and after a couple of weeks, processing around $500 I was asked to verify my account and I did.

A few months later after the PayPal account had been used for a couple of thousands worth if dollars, I was asked to prove my identity by sending either a copy of my driving licence or passport which I duely did, and I’ve never had to do anything since.

I did once have a security issue but that was dealt with quickly and efficiently and what money lost, was quickly refunded by them, so I can’t complain at all.

❕NEWS – Malaysian company is developing blockchain base app for charity. |

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