Most Effective Web Design And Seo Company In Madurai

As everybody knows, the internet is the most effective tool to begin any business. Whatever, you need a professional website to sell your products to others. At the moment, you have to choose the 3P WEB Designing and SEO Company in Madurai. They do not only help to make your website otherwise they know how to bring your product keywords on google’s first page.

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What can I do to protect the financial and personal data that I gave a company that I no longer want them to have?

Last year due to a complicated tax scenario (for my skills), I used an online tax website recommended by a friend to do my taxes. They were efficient in their job and I wanted to use their services again this year to save time. I had forgotten my password so tried to reset it. Turns out, they stored my password in plain text. Apparently that was to enable their staff to update any information that I provided in case it was incorrect.

I am worried about the financial data that I have already provided to them. I think as a user I have to consider it compromised. But I am a bit optimist so wondering if I can do anything to protect my data.

They don’t seem to be GDPR compliant so I don’t think they will simply delete my data but I definitely am going to request for it.

migration – Migrating from Medium to blog on company website / “Customize Canonical Link” in Medium

Hello and thank you for the question. This is very interesting indeed. But before we get into the nitty gritty details of canoniclization you must first ask yourself or whoever is responsible for content marketing at your company; must you re-publish your content elsewhere? If you publish your content on your blog and then republish that same content on Medium or other platforms, what are you gaining?

I’m also glad that you brought up “duplicate content” and the common, however misguided perception of getting “dinged” for it. Google does not penalize for duplicate content, so you need not worry about it. The most likely issue that you will face however with regards to duplicate content is confusing Google as to which version they should show in their index, which page is the “original”?

Canonical tags can certainly help with this, and Medium, praise for this, have done an excellent job of adding a feature that allows you to canonicalize your posts. However, keep in mind that canonical tags are “hints” not “directives” and Google sometimes ignores them altogether. So even if you set a canonical link inside Medium, Google may ignore it and not rank your original content, especially considering the fact that Medium is probably a much stronger domain with regards to SEO.

So what i would suggest is to simply avoid syndicating your content to third party platforms. But if you must, you could add more hints to Google. For example you can add a sentence inside your post, at the top or bottom, stating that this post originally appeared on website with a link to the original post.

You should also make sure that Google has “indexed” your original content before syndicating that content elsewhere.

I hope this helps. Good luck on your journey!

Does using anbox legal or not to Android company?

Hi my computer is not from Android company, and my operating system is linux mint. Anbox is an open

web development company in Canada

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