Android application for communication through the router ONLY

Could you suggest the best Android app for communication only through the router?
the best means rich in reliable functions like messages, audio messages, voice calls, video calls, etc.

Microservices: communication between client and two services.

I need to make my microservices communicate with each other. One of my services needs some data from another to return the appropriate data to the client. How should I handle it?

Suppose we have Service A and Service B.

Service B needs data from Service A to function.

Solution 1:

My client calls each microservice to provide data from Service A to Service B.

Solution 1

Solution 2:

My client calls Service B first, which calls Service A to get the appropriate data.

enter the image description here

Communication between JavascriptInterface and Android, Failure

I have a couple of functions in Android that I consume from a webview. I have the following method that sends a couple of variables to my web application and I can manipulate them.

    public String getFromAndroid() {
        String idParent = IndexActivity.idParent;
        String idPersonal = IndexActivity.idPersonal;
        String DataPersonal = idParent+","+idPersonal;
        return DataPersonal;

I consume and / or use this way on my website

var myVar = null;
        myVar = Android.getFromAndroid();

In this way it reaches my website and I can do whatever I want with those variables,
the problem I have is that I cannot execute a java method in the same way; for example:

public void test(){
  Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(),"esto es una prueba",Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

if I want to consume it this way

function test(){

Is it my java syntax or am I wrong to invoke the methods?

architecture – How to make an asynchronous communication almost in real time?

Based on my learning, communication between the client (or the api gateway) and the first microservice should be synchronous, but the communication between microservices should always be asynchronous. How can I make sure that if I am updating the price of a product in a microservice, the other services that are subscribing to this product price update event get this price update in near real time?

architecture: synchronous communication versus caching in microservices

I am trying to build a distributed system and have been researching the best way to manage dependencies between services. The common example in the tutorials is an ordering system; Let's say I have a Catalog, Order and Account service.

The ordering service must accept an order containing multiple items, calculate the total value, do a credit check against the account, and complete the order, assuming everything is fine.

This unique action requires data from the other two services synchronously (for example, we must find the cost of each item in the catalog since we cannot trust that the user has not manipulated it, and we must validate that the user has sufficient credit) , and I've experimented with ways to deal with this:

  1. Maintain a persistent cache of required data in the ordering service that is kept in sync by messages (eg events in RabbitMQ, Kafka like itemCreated or accountUpdated.). The ordering service contains a list of accounts with only the information you require (for example, current credit) and a list of items (again, with a price and quantity in stock) to allow you to work autonomously. I have seen this referred to as a & # 39; data bomb & # 39; architecture.
  2. Synchronous calls (for example, REST / RPC) from the ordering service to the Catalog and Account services to verify the information.
  3. Another service (I think it's sometimes called the aggregation service) sits above these three services and aggregates the data from the Catalog and Account services in a format that the Order service can accept without performing the query itself.

Each method has problems and I have difficulty deciding which one is correct:

  1. A large amount of data will end up in cache. In the future, an order may depend on a new discount service: do I also cache all this? My real domain model will already depend on more than 8 microservices and is in its infancy. Would this new discount service also need to cache catalog items?
  2. This seems to run counter to some major use cases for standalone and standalone microservices: I simply took a monolithic application and exchanged fast in-process calls for slower http calls. If I change one service, you probably need to update another. If the catalog or account services are disconnected, the ordering service cannot accept orders.
  3. This technique simply moves many of the problems with 2. another layer.

I like the first approach because of its simplicity and resilience: if some other service goes offline, I can still place an Order. However, I'm not sure I can justify the amount of 'duplication' data (I realize this is not strictly a duplication) – is all of that information being stored for validation (and possibly many times for different services) as an acceptable practice? I can foresee that the catalog is cached in many different services, for example.

Thanks in advance!

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Online Sharepoint: How can I create a design for the communication site with a custom design for the home page?

I know I can create scripts and designs for types of sites (communication or team site). I can set default themes, create lists, etc.

However, I did not find a way to configure the home page layout automatically. I see that when they choose to create a communication site they have a different home page layout for each layout, so I imagine this is possible, but I couldn't find a way to do it.

enter the image description here

enter the image description here

Someone like capable of doing that?

Algorithm for selecting Wi-Fi standards for wireless communication

How do the endpoints select the Wifi standard?

Assuming an 802.11 access point compatible with 2.4 Ghz b / g / n and a client compatible with these three technologies, 2.4 Ghz b / g / n.

How does the customer select the standard for communication?

Is there any standard update / degradation during a session regarding some conditions (deterioration, environmental disturbances, etc.)?

Finally, on the Linux or Windows host, is there any way to find out what standard the NIC currently uses?

python – asynchronous communication – stack overflow

I intend to implement a private asynchronous communication (in python) in order to test some cryptographic algorithms. The goal would be to have a sender that sends the encrypted message and have a receiver that receives that message and decrypts it. At this point, I have doubts about whether I should use Socket or just a Pipe … What will be the best option?

Administration – Can I save a list as a template using the PnP script inside my modern communication site?

The best recommended approach is to use the PnP provisioning template.

  • Download the PnP provisioning template using PnP

  • Filter the downloaded template (xml) because there is no way to generate only the specific list template, by default it will download all the lists / libraries of the specific site.

  • Then, create a new list using the filtered PnP template.

Sample code to obtain a specific SharePoint Online list for the PnP provisioning template:

$listName = "List Title for which want to generate template";
$outputTemplateFileName = "C:TempPnPSPListPnPProvisioningListTemplateDownloaded.xml";
$templates = Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate -OutputInstance -Handlers Lists
$singleListTemplate = $templates.Lists | Where-Object { $_.Title -eq $listName }
Save-PnPProvisioningTemplate -InputInstance $templates -Out $outputTemplateFileName;

Write-host "Successfully PnP list template has been customized for a single list."

How to create a new list on the destination site using the downloaded PnP template:

$userName = ""
$passWord = "YourSPOPassword"
$encPassWord = convertto-securestring -String $passWord -AsPlainText -Force
$cred = new-object -typename System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -argumentlist $userName, $encPassWord

Connect-PnPOnline -Url "" -Credentials $cred

Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate -Path "C:TempPnPSPListPnPProvisioningListTemplate.xml"

Write-host "Successfully a list has been created in SharePoint online."

Demo example:

Create list using PnP provisioning template

Read the following article where, step by step, explains how to do it with the video demonstration:

Create an online SharePoint list with the PnP provisioning template

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