e commerce – Selecting products for product comparison: Mobile UX?

Here is an example from Walgreens. You could expand this approach and offer an expandable drawer for users to see the items they have currently added to the comparison list, before opening the comparison page.

An additional consideration for mobile is the treatment of the comparison table in limited screen real estate. There are a few articles regarding this, here is one.

enter image description here

How can I accurately determine when a customer is on the “Review” step in Commerce?

I’ve created a custom checkout pane by extending Drupalcommerce_checkoutPluginCommerceCheckoutPaneCheckoutPaneBase and added it to the “Order information” step in a checkout flow. This accepts customer data.

The customer then progresses to the “Review” stage to confirm everything is correct. The customer can “Edit” their information if required, going back to the “Order information” step.

Within the custom pane I’m wanting to determine whether it’s being displayed in the “Order information” step or the “Review” step.

getStepId() always returns what’s in the config for the pane. In this case, “Order information”.

$this->order->checkout_step seems to always return “Review”, or maybe it’s just reporting the highest step reached in the order thus far.

Is there a Commerce native way of determining the exact step being viewed? Or will I need to check the URL directly?

views – Drupal7 Commerce – Multiple Custom Line Items with single add to cart button

I am working on a system that pulls in available dates and booking references from a third party API – we then need to add these pieces of extra information to a line_item that is added to cart.

I have the custom line item setup by way of


What I would really like to see now is several products (Adult, Child, Concession) – all being available within one form – and a single add to bag button. With the caveat of needing to submit the custom line_item attributes at the same time (these values will be copied over using Javascript after being selected in the UI).

I have made use of commerce_add_to_cart_extras – which provides a view of the products – with a single add to bag – but no notion of being able to add the line_item attributes to the form. Indeed – I’m not even sure that the form processing of this module caters for custom line_item – even if my form_alter code managed to get the syntax of the extra fields correct:

$form_state('rebuild') = TRUE;
        $form('line_item_fields')('#tree') = TRUE;
        foreach(element_children($form('add_to_cart_quantity')) as $key) {
          //  echo ("here: ".print_r($form('add_to_cart_quantity')($key)));                                    
                '#product_id' => $form('add_to_cart_quantity')($key)('#product_id'),
                '#tree' => TRUE

Has anybody got a solution to how this can be done? We only have one product type – and one custom line item type to consider – and they have a 1:1 mapping.

Hope someone can help here!

commerce – How do I sell tickets?

I’m using Commerce 2.x to sell tickets to an event that requires registration info. I currently have things setup so that one can go and add, for example 3 tickets. I’d like to be able to have them add those tickets, go to the cart, begin the order process, and be given a form to enter, e.g., 3 persons’ worth of registration info.

How can I achieve this?

Content versus electronic commerce

I'm at a kind of crossroads. I currently operate 4 online stores that sell a range of products that I must obtain, pack and ship from the UK to the USA. USA It's slow, expensive to run, and apparently I never get a break from email and customers who want to know where their stuff is.

I also have some content sites running AdSense, Chitika, or a combination of both. I make enough money to pay my salary just from the content.

I am very upset with the execution of e-commerce …

Content versus electronic commerce

An unregistered user's cart item is displayed with a different unregistered user in Drupal Commerce

Using Commerce 2 in Drupal 8.8 I have the problem that if an unregistered user places something in their cart (and does not check it), another unregistered user sees these items in their block "cart" (provided by the view (order) ). They are not displayed on the users' page / cart.

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Sale – Virtual assistant – Electronic commerce

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commerce – Restrict a maximum of 1 product in the cart with

I want to restrict the quantity of products allowed in the cart to 1. I discovered that it could be possible with Events. I added this function below in public_html / modules / commerce / modules / cart / src / Event / CartEntityAddEvent.php, but nothing has changed.

public function onProductAdded(CartEntityAddEvent $event) {
  // We only want 1 quantity.
  $cart = $event->getCart();
  $added_order_item = $event->getOrderItem();
  $cart_items = $cart->getItems();
  foreach ($cart_items as $cart_item) {
    if ($cart_item->id() != $added_order_item->id()) {

  $quantity = $cart_items(0)->getQuantity();
  if ($quantity > 1) {


I'm totally new to PHP and Drupal 8, then the alternative with implementing hands it didn't work so well