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Looking for comments on the student project of an international marketing expert


I am an Australian student studying my first semester of international business. I am looking for comments from professionals in the field of international marketing, as part of the rubric of my evaluation. The comments I seek refer to the preliminary versions of the action plans that I have developed as part of a marketing report I have written about the Blackmores exhibition at the CIIE 2019 trade show in Shanghai.

I have outlined two separate action plans. One is in the form of a Gantt chart, the other is a schedule. The summary, as quoted by my rubric, is:

Action Plan 1: The first action plan required is to schedule what activities should be carried out before the fair. This should be done using a Gantt chart to include deadlines and costs that are realistic and consistent with budget resources.

Action Plan 2: The second action plan will be developed for any promotional activity during the fair. This must include cultural aspects.

Link to plans:

Any constructive comments about additions, subtractions, configurations or changes of structure / presentation in drafts would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards.

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