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New SITE DOUBLER (crypto fire)
Release Date: 08-17-19
✅ Status: payment
Investment plan: + 200% for 24 hours.
Registration link:
Payment systems: BTC, DOGE, LTC and USD (Perfect Money and Payeer)
⚠The minimum deposit: $ 1 and 0.00005000 Satoshi for bitcoin, 0.01 for litecoin
Invest $ 1 = Get 2
Invest $ 10 = Get $ 20
Invest $ 50 = Get $ 100
Invest $ 100 = Get $ 200

Registration link:

LEGIT – CitizenMe Comments: SCAM or LEGIT? The |


Sponsored: – Earn $ 10 per day doing homework, test applications, complete surveys.

CitizenMe It is a site that deals with Paid Surveys with the use of its application, it is designed to store surveys in one's profile, through that; Simple surveys are being conducted that can earn up to 5-8p per question.

The survey gives you some comments and is basically short or short. For example, a survey can guide you or help you detect your excessive spending per week or month on services. Then, after downloading and installing the application, you will need to log in and, if the login is successful, you will see a series of tasks that will be completed and coded with 3 basic colors.

  1. Green; This is a paid task.
  2. Dark blue: this is for a vision that is very interesting for beginners.
  3. Light blue: it is designed for fun, which means it is just for play and does not attract payment.

Another feature is notifications that can be allowed or rejected. Then, when it is in allow; Once a payable survey is available, it will alert you.

Once you download the application successfully, you will be rewarded with Survey € 1 and the maximum point that can be earned on the second day is 15p.
The questions to answer are 2-4 questions with the rate mentioned above. These questions could be answered in 3 minutes, depending on the network or type of browser. Each question according to my calculations will make you win at least € 0.10. Very important to keep in mind that; The surveys are placed and have time to start.

Meanwhile, invade a payment problem because the payment is made only through PayPal and once a survey is completed, the payment is designed to drop directly to the PayPal account instantly, so if there is a problem like Not seeing the money instantly, you should send a complaint immediately and cite the survey to facilitate tracking and reimbursement. However, the PayPal account must be active.

The site is lucrative and reliable in all aspects and is a very stable site and keeps track of how much money you have raised.
The data collected in citizen me is not stored on your server, but on your smartphone or system, and you can modify your responses, it is assumed that all data must be hissing before sending it as a survey. And it cannot be ruled out as it happened in other places, since it is an application in an individual telephone.

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. (tagsToTranslate) seo (t) blog (t) comment (t) 40niche (t) seoexper Comments: SCAM or LEGITO?

I am not an administrator / owner!
Start: August 16, 2019


Investment plan:

150% – 300% After 1 day
30% per hour for 5 hours
150% after 2 hours

Deposit min / max: $ 10 / $ 10,000

Reference: 5%

Pay. systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer

Gold Encoder Script

SSL certificate

DDOS protection

Comments from SCAM or LEGITO?

⌚Days of operation: 0

Register here⤵⤵⤵

Minimum investment: $ 5

⌚10% daily for 20 days
⌚15% daily for 20 days
⌚20% daily for 20 days
⌚50% daily for 20 days

Payment Processor

api – Add comments to an order

So, when I search online, it seems super simple … Even the swagger documents show it's simple, but now I've tried 2 different magento sites (different versions) and the API just doesn't work …

Order ID: 1 (first order)

Magento Version 2.3.1

PUBLISH IN: index.php/rest/V1/orders/2/comments


  "statusHistory": {
    "comment": "TEST ORDER COMMENT",
    "entity_id": 1,
    "entity_name": "string",
    "is_customer_notified": 0,
    "is_visible_on_front": 0,
    "parent_id": 1,
    "status": "Waiting_on_Supplier",
    "extension_attributes": {}

All it seems to recover is the content … I can even see my personalized comments that I added, but it is not giving me a Boolean backup according to the documents …

Here is the answer I am returning:

    "items": (
            "comment": "test",
            "created_at": "2019-08-15 18:16:27",
            "entity_id": 1,
            "entity_name": "order",
            "is_customer_notified": 0,
            "is_visible_on_front": 0,
            "parent_id": 1,
            "status": "processing"
            "comment": "tes2",
            "created_at": "2019-08-15 18:49:03",
            "entity_id": 2,
            "entity_name": "order",
            "is_customer_notified": 0,
            "is_visible_on_front": 0,
            "parent_id": 1,
            "status": "processing"
    "search_criteria": {
        "filter_groups": (
                "filters": (
                        "field": "parent_id",
                        "value": "1",
                        "condition_type": "eq"
    "total_count": 2

I hope someone can shed some light! I'm very confused.

NEW – Comments on SCAM or LEGITO? The |

mixture of bitcik / satoshiqueen / cointoon (1) and brainbux (2).

1st. There is a minimum withdrawal that increases day by day, yes sometimes 2 times a day.
1 B. There is a maximum withdrawal limit (?) that is less than the minimum withdrawal limit. (i.e., min.10000 sats, max 2000./ so you can never withdraw your cumulative satoshis).
1 C. There is a withdrawal period limit. (that is, you can only withdraw once every 10 days)

2nd. You must first reach the click count.
2b Then you will need a count of references.

don't spend your time on those kinds of sites; companions

I think this and the others I mentioned earlier are a scam. Everyone is cheating our free time. I advise not to join, but it all depends on you.

cheers. Comments: Scam or Legend?

Since yesterday I cannot access the site, do any of the members have the same problem? I will be happy to receive any information on the site.


dnd 5e – Comments on a homemade PC Slimefolk race

And so on, I created a No. 4 draft of a Slimefolk race that I created.
Now, I will say that this is my first homemade beer, as well as my first post here, so please show mercy if I do something wrong here.

Now, basically, what the race is supposed to do is be a Slime humanoid race that can do most of the standard slime things, with variability between the options.

Now, the main concern is obviously the balance of all traits (and racial feats), although any comments would be welcome.

NEW – Comments from SCAM or LEGITO? The |

This site is a scam.
I invested a thousand dollars in this site and entered all the specifications with great precision.
But the next day, when I picked up, I saw that my wallet address had changed and that it was not possible to correct it.
And the corresponding field is disabled
When I registered, I repeatedly checked my wallet address and copied it correctly
And when I asked him why, they told me that he needs to invest another thousand dollars to re-enter his wallet address.
I am ready to upload all documents here.