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8 – How to add a comment to a poll’s vote?

I have installed the Poll module in my Drupal 8 site and after a bit of struggling, it works as expected.
I understood that, using /admin/config/content/poll, I can add custom fields to a poll (e.g. a text field to describe the object of the poll).

I’d like each voter to be able to detail his answer adding a comment with a text field.
Is it possible with UI? How?
If not, how can I do that programmatically?

facebook – Comment vs Reply in a social feed

There is no “ideal phrase” for “it”.
They are both different terms that mean different things.


a note explaining, illustrating, or criticizing the meaning of a
writing Comments on the passage were printed in the margin.

an observation or remark expressing an opinion or attitude critical
comments constructive comments

a judgment expressed indirectly sees the film as a comment on modern


say something in response to something someone has said.

a verbal or written answer.

The explanation of the word that fits the use-case of your application better will be the “ideal”.

8 – View only displays nodes that has comments when adding comment count field

On drupal 8 I am facing an issue with views.
I created a view listing all nodes of a certain content type.
I added basic fields, Title, Date content was created, and a read more link.
The view works fine with these fields, but when i add Comment Statistics: Comment count, all nodes that don’t have any comment don’t show up in the view.
It only lists nodes that received comments.

Any idea on how to fix this ? Am I doing something wrong ?


100 FP cash per comment on my blog! | Forum Promotion

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theming – twig template suggestion for comment reply form

there is no template suggestion for a comment reply form in Drupal 8, how can i create one?
i am not talking about the reply form displayed in the node for which Drupal suggest a template :


I’am talking about the form in the redirection page after we click “reply” in a comment. there is no template suggestion, only this template is suggested


Can you please tell me how can i create a specific template in my .theme file of my theme.

I will provide 20 EDU/GOV backlinks and 65 blog comment for $3

I will provide 20 EDU/GOV backlinks and 65 blog comment

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How to change the display text of a link in Youtube comment?

I want the following link to appear like this: w3schools tutorial

enter image description here

beginner – Please comment on my first c program

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <cs50.h>

int main(void){

     long long card;
     int i;
     int otherdigs;
     int multiply;
     int sum = 0;
     int sumofothers = 0;
     int finaladd;
     int length;                      
     int card_length;                 
     long long get_card;

     get_card = get_long_long(" Enter credit card: ");
     card = get_card;

     for (i = 0; i < 16; i++)

       sumofothers += card % 10;

       card /= 10;
       otherdigs = card % 10;
       card /= 10;

       if (otherdigs*2 < 10)
         multiply = otherdigs * 2;
         sum += multiply;

          otherdigs = otherdigs*2-9;
          sum += otherdigs;


      finaladd = sum + sumofothers;

      if (finaladd % 10 == 0)
        for (length = 0; length < 14; length++)
            get_card /= 10;

        if ( get_card >= 51 && get_card < 56 ) {


        else if ( get_card >= 3 && get_card < 4)

        else if ( get_card < 0 || (get_card/10 >= 4 && get_card/10 < 5) )

        else {

            printf(" Sorry, We Don't Support This Payment Companyn");

        printf("This credit card is not valid n");

      return 0;


I recently took cs50 online course and this is my solution to pset1 ( Credit )
This is my very first program that I actually thought through and did it all myself.
The goal is to get the card number from user and check if it’s valid ( Luhn’s Algorithm )

I know the style is awful and the code is very messy too, but your opinion is very important to me… I spent maybe 5,6 hours for this. The question is do you think I can code? Become a programmer ? I mean do I have the right mind for it ? ( since this is my first without guide code )
BTW, I have no prior programming experience (only read some pages of k&R 2 years ago),

I even don’t know half of c syntax yet. I know talent is a myth and all, but based on this code, do you think i’m any good at this?

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