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WordPress doesn’t send a notification email when submitting a comment using REST API

When I submit a comment on the WordPress website, it sends me a notification email.
but when I submit a comment through REST API, WordPress doesn’t send me a notification email.
What should I do to make WordPress send a notification email when I submit a comment with REST API?

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php – Run if comment date more (+ 1hour) current time


Server date and time 04.05.2021 9:00

If comment date and time 04.05.2021 9:58 – NOT run

If comment date and time 04.05.2021 10:02 – RUN

$now = current_time( 'mysql' ); 
    $datacomm = strtotime( get_comment_date( 'Y-m-d h:i:s', $comment ));
    $later = strtotime( date( 'Y-m-d H:i:s', strtotime( $now ) + 7200 )); //3600 seconds = 1 hour
    if( $datacomm > $later ) {
    // run this

My code not work 🙁
Sorry for my English

How to organize common android UI components such as comment section?

I’m developing a social media app. One of the common components is the comment section. I’m wondering how I can organize my code better to reduce redundancy, because I think it doesn’t make sense if I created the same XML file for every screen that uses the comment section and all the logics needed. But if I make a reusable component will there be any drawbacks, in terms of flexibility and maintainability? I wanted to know what’s the best approach on this.

dns – Will ISP know the location of public comment on Facebook via query link?

Let say that a person has made a comment on a Facebook group and in the browser address bar it will have a link with the following format. If someone clicked on this link, it will jump straight to the public comment (this is just a sample link):

I have read that ISP can see the person’s IP address visited the domain but will ISP got the full link of the comment link above?

I ask this question because I’m doubt whether I should use VPN to prevent this information leaked to ISP.

Need 2K ref domain for each site – wiki, web 2.0, article, comment types only

I need wiki, web 2.0, article, comment types only.

Need 2K ref domain for each site, not backlinks. backlink maybe one from one ref domain.

Is this possible to achieve with GSA ranker?

comment box still appear under post

Hi guys, not sure why my post , still have comment box despite I already disable it under discussion settings uncheck it