online sharepoint: how to compare between rows in the same column

I am working to have a validation on a SharePoint list. One of the requirements is in column A, it should does not contain serial number what are the numbers that in one way only +1 differ from each other.

For example in column A:




WS2228890618 years



In this example, the number in the top 4 rows only differs +1 and should return an error on validation.

I have found a way to separately extract the character number. But you still need help on how to compare the different rows to detect the different +1 and return the error.

I hope to have a help to form the community. Thanks in advance.

postgresql – Is there any possible way to get a progress estimate to ALTER TYPE OF COLUMN in Postgres?

I know there is currently no officially supported way, but I have almost two 100% CPU hours on a 15,000,000 row table changing an INTEGER to SMALLINT and I have no idea how long this will continue. Is there a file I can see grow on the file system? Do you rewrite the table instead or create a new file? Is there a way to pause this so that I can run a benchmark on the same machine with fewer rows, so I can get a row per second estimate for this operation?

google sheets: query a column based on current date

I am trying to query a column based on the current day.


If today is the first day of the month, I need = QUERY (table, "SELECT WHERE B CONTAINS & # 39; this text & # 39;")

If today is the 12th of the month, I need = QUERY (table, "SELECT A WHERE M CONTAINS & # 39; this text & # 39;")

If today is the 30th of the month, I need = QUERY (table, "SELECT A WHERE AE CONTAINS & # 39; this text & # 39;")

How can I do this?
I was thinking of adding +1 to the current day, converting it to its corresponding letter and using it in the query.
But I have no idea how to do it.

online sharepoint: column not visible in new library settings and library views

I have created a field defined site column containing Hidden equals true and added this site column to the content type of the document. Now I have created some content types that inherit the content type of the document and the content types used by libraries. Now I have a situation where I need to show that particular site column in library views.

So to accomplish this I get the document content type field and set it to false and update the field.

With this, I can add the column in the library views, but the problem is that when I create a new library, this column is not visible to add it to a view.

Field field = clientContext.Web.GetContentTypeByName(contentType).Fields.GetFieldByInternalName(siteColumn);
field.Hidden = false;
clientContext.ExecuteQueryRetry(ConfigHelper.ThrottleRetryCount, ConfigHelper.ThrottleDelay);

and i tried this too

Field field = clientContext.Site.RootWeb.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName(siteColumn);
field.Hidden = false;
clientContext.ExecuteQueryRetry(ConfigHelper.ThrottleRetryCount, ConfigHelper.ThrottleDelay);

dynamic: how to apply the size of a ClickPane inside a column

I would like to use an image like ClickPane, inside a column. I want the image to appear in its native size.

Outside of the column, this works:

size = 256;
image = ConstantImage(.5, {size, size});
 ClickPane(image, (Print(#)) &)

But when I put the ClickPane inside a column, it always shows as a small size, regardless of the value of Size.

size = 256;
image = ConstantImage(.5, {size, size});
    (pt = #) &), Dynamic@pt}, ItemSize -> Full)

I have tried different values ​​for ItemSize But nothing seems to have an effect.

How can I force the image to appear in its native size?

magento2 – How to insert data into custom column in sales_creditmemo_item table? magento 2

app design adminhtml Com override Magento_Sales templates order creditmemo create items.phtml

    getItem() ?>
    $order = $block->getOrder();
    $orderItem = $_item->getOrderItem();
    $orderItemData = $orderItemHelper->fetchOrderItemData($order, $orderItem);

    getColumnHtml($_item, 'name') ?>

So here I have created a checkbox that stores the order article number as value in / admin / sales / order_creditmemo / new /(Create new credit note). So every time this checkbox is checked and Refund button is clicked, you must save the value of the checkbox in article number column inside sales_creditmemo_item table. It would be really helpful for me to keep learning new magento 2 concepts if anyone can provide any suggestion or advice. Thanks and regards

google sheets – How to replace data from one column in one placeholder to another

Step 1: Create 3 column names like City, address, exit from A4 to C4

Step 2: fill in the city and address you want

Step 3: Choose D4 as the desired EXIT sample text with variable Data_City Y Data_Address

Step 4: use Substitute to replace variables


enter the image description here

mysql – Add constraint to an existing table column

I have a table that has no restrictions on them like this

   Id int NOT NULL,
   Type varchar(50),

insert into SomeTable values (12,'Exchange-Student');

Now I know what I can do alter inside add constraint and so check if the type is my desired value.
I just don't know how to implement it correctly.

For example, let's say I want it to be restricted to 3 types 'Exchange-Studen', 'Independent student' Y 'program Student'

How would you implement that?

google sheets: break down a column into multiple columns with TRUE / FALSE values

Here is a very small version of what I want to achieve but can't figure out what exactly to Google for:

Column A | Column B
Alice    |  Present
Bob      |  Absent

Should translate to –

          Present    Absent
Alice      True
Bob                   True

Basically, each unique value in column B must become a new column and the intersection of row and column must be True.

Additional extension
It is even more complicated, but is it achievable?

Convert this –

Column A |  HashTag 1 | HashTag 2 | HashTag 3
Alice    |   corona   | staySafe  | 
Bob      |   lucky    | corona    |  blessed  


          corona    staySafe   lucky   blessed 
Alice      True       True
Bob        True                 True    True

Here all HashTag columns have the same weight, but each tag is in a different column.

Thanks in advance.

SharePoint column cell background color based on cell value?

I have a sharepoint list. I have a column called action, which is a value derived from one calculator column from another

I want if yes, then it should be green or if not then red.

Is it possible through CSS code?

please help